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Premiere Magazine's 50 Greatest Comedy films

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In Premiere Magazine's July/August issue they have compiled a list of the 50 greatest comedy films ever made:


Safety Last ('25)

The Gold Rush ('25)

The General ('27)

Duck Soup ('33)

It Happened One Night ('34)

A Night at the Opera ('35)

My Man Godfrey ('36)

The Awful Truth ('37)

Bringing Up Baby ('38)

His Girl Friday ('40)

A Chump at Oxford ('40)

The Bank Dick ('40)

To Be Or Not To Be ('42)

Road to Morocco ('42)

The Miracle of Morgan's Creek ('44)

The Ladykillers ('55)

Big Deal On Madonna Street ('58)

Some Like It Hot ('59)

The Apartment ('60)

Dr. Strangelove ('64)

A Shot In the Dark ('64)

The Producers ('68)

M*A*S*H ('70)

Sleeper ('73)

Blazing Saddles ('74)

Young Frankenstein ('74)

Monty Python and the Holy Grail ('75)

The Sunshine Boys ('75)

Annie Hall ('77)

National Lampoon's Animal House ('78)

Heaven Can Wait ('78)

The In-Laws ('79)

The Jerk ('79)

Airplane! ('80)

Caddyshack ('80)

Private Benjamin ('80)

My Favorite Year ('82)

Trading Places ('83)

National Lampoon's Vacation ('83)

This Is Spinal Tap ('84)

A Fish Called Wanda ('88)

Groundhog Day ('93)

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery ('97)

The Big Lebowski ('98)

There's Something About Mary ('98)

Rushmore ('98)

Best in Show (2000)

Zoolander ('01)

Wedding Crashers ('05)

The 40-Year-Old Virgin ('05)

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The Apartment is a comedy? It has some funny moments, but I never thought of it as a comedy. I'd like to ask Premiere to remove that one and add The Philadelphia Story...


And while I'm at it, what's The In-Laws? Would it be appropriate for me to dream of removing that one, and putting in The Major and the Minor?

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This list is an ugly joke! It seems to me as if, Chaplin, Lloyd, and Keaton, were only included as an afterthought, or out of courtesy?


While The GENERAL, and THE GOLD RUSH, certainly have the reputation, I am reluctant to describe either as Buster or Charlie's best work? THE GENERAL in particular just isn't very funny! Especially, when compared with other Keaton pictures such as THE NAVIGATOR, SEVEN CHANCES, or GO WEST!


Where Harold Lloyd is concerned, They didn't even get the year right for SAFETY LAST! It was released in 1923, not 1925? THE FRESHMAN was released in 1925, and in all sincerity would have probably been a better choice overall to represent Harold! Or Maybe even GIRL SHY (1924), should have been selected?


As far as I'm concerned all 11 of Lloyd's Silent features belong on the list! Probably about 5 or more, of Keaton's too! Chaplin's films are not well represented either! What no CITY LIGHTS, or MODERN TIMES? I'm sorry, but That?s just plain absurd!

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They didn't even get the 30's or 40's right. No Bringing up Baby, Philadelphia Story, and, the list's biggest glaring omission, NO GREAT DICTATOR??? I guess they had to leave them out to make room for all those newer flicks. No foreign films either; did Premiere at least state that they limited the list to English-language films?

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I like about 10 films on the list and I'm pleasantly surprised that the hilarious "The Sunshine Boys" made it.

When we had the thread about which film we would choose if we were stuck on a desert island, I chose "The Sunshine Boys". In such a situation, ya gotta laugh.

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The original In-Laws with Peter Falk is hilarious ("Serpentine! Serpentine!!) - the garbage remake with Michael Douglas stinks to high heaven. I'm not saying In-Laws does or does not belong on the list, but I had to defend it ...

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Where is the Philadelphia Story? Some of those movies aren't even COMEDIES!!! Was the point to get good comedies? Or good movies with a bit of comedy in them? Or just plain bad movies?! AHH!!! Who is in charge of these things?! And I'm sorry to put on a more modern vote, but where is ferris bueller's day off? Hilarious! How did they compile this list? What is the world coming to?

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They choose "The Miracle Of Morgan's Creek" over of "The Lady Eve"? Not on your life - if only for the line "I need him like the axe needs the turkey."


Substitution #2 - "Sons of the Desert" for "A Chump at Oxford". ("That's our story and were stuck with it!")


I also have to note that "Tootsie" isn't even on the list!


And after the past few days of TCM viewing, I'd even put a Zasu Pitts film on the list over "Private Benjamin" (preferably "Ruggles Of Red Gap" tho that hasn't been shown on TCM.)


Kyle In Hollywood

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Obviously "what's funny" is as individualized as "who's beautiful" AND, as I've said before, these lists often include too many newer films relative to the classics because of how they were compiled - there is no accounting for the ignorance of today's average moviegoer (e.g. if one hasn't seen any/many older films because they're B&W, one's not likely to include them on their ballot).


Still, I do find some value in lists such as these because, inexplicably, they sometimes include classics I've not seen. For instance, I've just added A Chump at Oxford (1940), Big Deal on Madonna's Street (1958), & The In-Laws (1979) to my "to-see" list. I'm not, however, likely to add the 1990's and later movies to said list (even though I've only seen four of the nine listed) - there just isn't enough time because life's too short;-)

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> The original In-Laws with Peter Falk is hilarious

> ("Serpentine! Serpentine!!) - the garbage remake

> with Michael Douglas stinks to high heaven. I'm not

> saying In-Laws does or does not belong on the list,

> but I had to defend it ...


Peter Falk IS hilarious. The In-Laws is funnier than several of the "comedy films" that are listed. Now I have that "Serpentine" image stuck in my head.

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It all depends on who is the magazine's audience. On a flight to Denver a few months ago I read a magazine (I don't remember the name) that was listing it's 25 funniest movies. They didn't qualify anything as to a particular time frame. The only movie older than "Blazing Saddles" was "Some Like It Hot." That was only mid-pack in the rankings. (I don't recall what was first except "There's Something About Mary" was pretty close.)


I felt an Edgar Kennedy-like slow burn coming on. The least the morons from that magazine could do is a little homework. At least Premiere noted there were films made before 1959. It still doesn't mean they got it right.

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I can live with this. DUCK SOUP is the funniest movie I know. ANNIE HALL Woody's best. And I do consider THE APARTMENT a comedy. A drama as well. But the wry wit and dark humor qualify. I like THE BANK DICK. But IT'S A GIFT is just as good. Somebody noted the omission of CITY LIGHTS and MODERN TIMES. I agree. By far Chaplin's best. They've included Howard Hawks best. And I like that they went with A SHOT IN THE DARK over PINK PANTHER. Sure, there are some things I'd change. A few I haven't even seen. But, altogether, I'm good.

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I really don't mind Caddyshack being on the list since they are including films from all decades because I did think it was one of the funnier films of the 1980's. However, I just watched Wedding Crashers a few days ago and after the first 15 minutes (when they were actually crashing weddings) it just wasn't very funny. The other 3 from the 00's are really pretty funny. I realize that humor is subjective so there are at least 10 on the list that I don't find funny at all. I've seen most of them and I would definitely have not included Bringing up Baby (Kate gets on my last nerve), The Miracle of Morgan's Creek (I thought Rock-a-bye Baby, Jerry Lewis' remake, funnier), M*A*S*H (loved it as a teenager but it hasn't held up well), Annie Hall (to me, not as funny as some of Woody's other films), Private Benjamin (while some of it's funny it's not really a laugh riot), The Apartment (again, not as laugh out loud funny as most of the films on the list), and The Big Lebowski (couldn't sit through it--Raising Arizona is the Cohn brothers funniest film, by far.)

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