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Philadelphia Story VS High Society...


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So all you TCM fans out there, I thought it would be interesting to see which version you guys thought was better. In my opinion I liked both, but would opt for the original...I mean, Sinatra's great, and Grace Kelly is wonderful, but I'd take Cary Grant over Bing Crosby for the role of Dexter any day!


What do you think? Was Hepburn better than Kelly? Stewart better than Sinatra?

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Rio - like you, I also like both films. But to me "The Philadelphia Story," is a better film. And not really because it was the original, but because the casting was better. I definitely think Hepburn is much better as Tracy Lord than Kelly was. The role was written for Hepburn, and after playing it on Broadway for so long, she was able to perfect it. And I agree that Cary was a better C.K. Dexter Haven - Crosby is great, but to me a little too old for the role in 1956. And the supporting cast was better in the original as well - I've always enjoyed Ruth Hussey - she had that Eve Arden kind of sarcasm that I get a kick out of. And I like Virginia Weidler as the younger sister, and "Topper" himself, Roland Young, as the uncle - he was perfect in that role. But for the character of Mike, Stewart and Sinatra were both great in the role.

Like I said before, "Society" is a great movie musical, but "Story," is just one of those perfect movies, like "Casablanca," and "Grand Hotel," - everything comes together so well to create a film that becomes ageless, a work of art.

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Kind of a neat/cool topic! But there is just no comparison in my viewpoint anyway! & although *"THE CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD-SINATRA!" Is my #2nd IDOL EVER! & know for a fact that nice-guy that just below here & I shoulda' known you could not miss this 1 huh? To rio142!

By the way, don't forget PLEASE to check out that *SINATRA-jazz I sent to ya' YOU ARE GONNA LOVE-IT & IT'S ONLY THE INCEPTION OF THE MYRIAD OF MATERIAL ON THE SUPREME: Greatest Musical Artist Ever! I always say Steve McQueen is the "King of Cinema Cool!" But *SINATRA is "All-around King of Cool!" Anyway "High Society" (***-good though!) But the forementioned classic, is just pure perfection-(NOTE & It's kinda trivia? The beautiful glistening B & W film stock they used for say: "P. Story," & sooo-many other(s) back-then. Mostly Pre-WW2 & during as well. Well it was a nitrate type of film stock, that was so-overwhelmingly dangerous. Most studios dumped so-many/so much I should say of this film into the pacific ocean. Because tons of fires were started back then, mostly due to that film! & the giants like: L.B. Mayer/ Jack L. Warner,etc. never thought tv would last back-then. (TO QUOTE: Walter Winchell-(1897-1972) he was very adament, that people would kid out the tv screens & change 'em back into radio!?) & just imagine how many of what studios really dumped out, were newsreels,etc. & we see how marvelous they are on TCM all the time. Imagine how many still lay off Santa Monica Pier? But nxt. time you see the wonderful gistening/glimmer/shine in "Philadelphia Story?" It was orig. film on that dangerous-stock/now since transformed over. Other classics notable of that look: *"REBECCA"/ "Random Harvest" & *SPENCE'S 1st of 2 consecutive OSCARS "Captains Courageous"-(More of the M-G-M pictures had that look to the film) Se ya pally: rio142

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