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TCM fans PLEASE HELP & VOTE for your all-timer list/POLL?


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(*-ACADEMY AWARD winning film or individual) They way I posted this POLL! Which is exactly what I want to do here & with you gals & guys on TCM! Given that you are thee most film history knowledable crowd & eacxh on-liner votes for his all-time: Favorite Movie/ Motion Picture Actor & Actress & top finalyze it #1 favorite filmmaker/director ever! As I have said on numerous times I first of all have tons of paper files/& some of which I will take from & write,post on here or sayt an OSCAR-site,etc. Since AFI-I think I have told people that read my stuff? I am a card-carrying AFI member. However even though I voted in these now way, way too, too, many "100 Years," specials-(NOTE: You 1st of all get a list of say "400" comedies & vote for top "100," in your own opinion, then metaphorically to this much smaller TCM-Poll here. Each of the votes are tabulated & broken down to the "100 Years...100 Laughs" as an example. The 1st (2) specials though are kind of similiar, but far more tedious then this TCM-fans poll. I wanted you fans to vote on? Yup, 1st was 1998's "AFI's 100 years...Movies" & In which: "Kane" ruled!/99's is my personal pick/favorite because a person/individuals fav. movie star ever,etc. Says a lot about the individuality of said person. EXAMPLE: HEROES, HEROINES, ROLE MODELS or even GANGSTERS,etc. Like John Dillinger's fav. actress, don't know about actor! But he loved movies & in particular: Myrna Loy-(1905-93) Of whom never even won (1) single ACADEMY nom.? & "Bugsy" Siegel, really had his heart set on becoming a cinema star like his life-long pal: George Raft-(1895-1980) Real-hoods even imitated *CAGNEY or Edward G. So in a comparison with American Film Institute-(AFI) or the other of several all-timer polls I have stocked-away. "FOGA-Films of Golden Age/Classic Images mag. You can find both posts on here still if you want? & then there is thee single (1) that gave: "Kane" & It's reputation as best ever: "Sight & Sound Survey" Every 10yrs. they vote & It's been 1st since '62. I even have "EW"-poll/& My home pg. hollywood.com had a terrific, albeit strange poll. So if each fan, can just as I will below/no matter when, whom or whatever your candidates are? (NOTE: If you cannot decide on just (1) then list both are even up to (3):

My Personal Candidate as my favorite motion picture of all-time:

"Citizen Kane" (1941) (RKO Radio) (Directed by: Orson Welles)

*"THE GODFATHER; TRILOGY" (1901-90) (Paramount) (D-Francis Ford Coppola)-(NOTE: non-theatrical realese; Home Video only)


My personal Candidae as my all-time fav. motion picture actor:

*"The Great: SPENCER TRACY"-(1900-67)-(He's Churse!)

*JAMES CAGNEY-(1899-1986)


My personal candicates for my all-time favorite movie


Natalie Wood-(1938-81)-(NOTE: A personal thing; I know she's no:

Greta Garbo-(1905-90)-(NOTE: The Silver-Screen's ultimate face!!! Part of her legendary mystique in my humble opinion is that she both quit early! & was only ever filmed in B & W!)


My Personal candidate as the greatest director in motion picture history:

*JOHN "Pappy" FORD-(1895-1973)


Well, dats, dat! & to my pally boy. Charlie! No just a little "Rat Pack" lingo. rio142 I know you'll notice: *SINATRA is missing from actors? Well, as I said he's my #2 all-time Idol/but a bit more for his "massive" amount of six, count 'em folks (6) decades of music!!! & the whole attitude thing as well & to other "cool/swingin' TCM folks, the likes of mongo, alix1929 & antarcticexile & anyone, I wanted to see how this comes out in the end?

Especially now that AMC has turned into "moronic heaven,"

Thank You to all & if anyone wants to e-mail me. (spencer64@ij.net) & (spencer1964@hotmail.com) as well will do the trick! If you want to see Mr. TCM Robert 0sborne's all-timers, he sent them a couple yrs. ago & of course I typed & filed 'em away, with the likes of Leonard Maltin & a really cool girl (www.reelclassics.com by Elizabeth.) She's just 26, but just loves Hollywoods Dream Factory era! & (meredy@meredy.com)>Probably the single largest of all classic cinema sites! But you can find & see what Mr. 0sborne picks, even stars,etc. On these forums. Though I did not start that topic, just submitted his favs. I think it's in hot topics/I'm sure it's not in GD. sec. here (Informaton please! May be it?) Thank You all




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Movie: *"Ship of Fools" (I love just about any shipboard movie)

Actor: *Humphrey Bogart

Actress: A certain Austrian beauty who shall remain nameless

Director: *Cecil B. DeMille



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Favorite movie: Citizen Kane

(but I also rate Godfather I & II near the top, and am admittedly one of those strange cult fans of Terry Gilliam's Brazil and Blade Runner)

Favorite actor: Lon Chaney Sr.

Favorite actress: Bette Davis (also admired Garbo and Stanwyck)

Favorite director: Orson Welles

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To a "cool" onliner antarcticexile! Did you know that they are making another: "Ship of Fools" (Fox Searchlight) I don't know if it's same theme or not? But I think I read that it basically was! Absolutely no originality left. I could name from my B.O. charts of upcoming releases soo-many re-makes or sequels it's just "Disgusting!" That is why when somethin' as orig. as *"AMERICAN BEAUTY" came along, it was like a breath of fresh air! But it used (1) tactic previously used: "Sunset Blvd." With the dead character narrating a bit! & I thought 2000's "Cider House Rules" was like great old-fashioned storytelling!

By the way: "Ship of Fools," nominated for tons of OSCARS only took home B & W CINEMATOGRAPHY & B/W ART-DIRECTION! & you probably know it was: *V.LEIGH'S final. & *SPENCER being such pallies by then with: Stanley Kramer the wanted him for Oscar Werner role! I have ohotos of him on set-Looking very-ill. 2yrs. before his death. He looked more like & easily so, 75. Then 65. He had sev. roles that his doctor, wife * KATE nagged-him not to do. But the poor man was bored-stiff! 2 Edward G. roles. 1964's "Cheyenne Autumn"-(*FORD again, whom he started with!) & thee one I personally wish *TRACY had gotten most: "The Cincinnati Kid" (1965) & Edward G. Robinson-(1893-1973) was exceptional & deserved a supporting OSCAR! But imagine how *SPENCE woulda' played: Lancy Howard??? Of course Robinson & Joan Blondell in that, were also great. Both never (1) nod.? The winner that yr. *MARTIN BALSAM-(1919-96) "A Thousand Clowns" I see you cited *BOGEY as AFI did! "100 yrs...100 Stars" (REAL LIFE TRIVIA: Shortly before *BOGEY'S death. He used one of those things to ride to stairwell/case. He was as I noted about 85lbs. But as *TRACY & *HEPBURN were on the way out, *SPENCE leaned over to the ailing legend & just said, "We're on our Way.") Thought more of you TCM-fans would have voted here to date??? Surprised actually.

Is the Austrian beauty: Hedy??? You can easily find books on her! 1st check-out (www.reelclassics.com) & Elizabeth has a sec. on just about every heavyweight! & she includes "links" to books. I recall a similar poll on here, about 2yrs ago & what amazed me was how many cited: John Garfield? I think Garfield was/is terrific! It's just that he's not known like a *BOGART or a *GABLE,etc. The latter being Mr. 0sborne's fav. Come on fans>VOTE/ VOTE VOTE!!!

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Movie: Gone With the Wind (close second is Pride & Predijuce)

Actor: Warren William

Actress: Jean Harlow (Norma Shearer is a close second)

Director: William Wyler



It's been fun to read everyone's choices. Making movie lovers choose only one in each category is like cruel and unusual punishment.

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Movie: Midnight Cowboy (I'm a sucker for movies that portray the seedy side of NY)


Actor: Classic Era- John Gilbert, Modern Era-Dustin Hoffman


Actress: Joan Crawford


Director: Michael Curtiz (nobody has more hits)

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I have to agree with Alix1929, and Antarticexile - this is REALLY TOUGH.


MOVIE : "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World"


ACTRESS : Norma Shearer


ACTOR : Cary Grant


DIRECTOR : Frank Capra


All of my choices are personal favorites, not chosen as the GREATEST of all time. That's a whole other topic.

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Well, just got finished moving MAN!!! What a drag!

Only about 15 miles, but still....BOY'O 'da boxes!

I was just logging on to reply to some of fans pix. Pretty original/surprising & cool!? & to the fella' I apologize I forgot name? I probably know whom you are. I think it's moviejoe? Or someone said it's not the best, it's just they're favs. Well, to you it's the best & thats all that should matter, you know? Warren William biggest surprise??? "Gower Columbia Gulch" originally wanted William Powell-(1892-1984) for the lead in "Lady for a Day." But something happened, likely had to do with Harry Cohn? I am a bit surprised at lack of votes for *JIMMY STEWART? In most all-time surveys he usually is in top (2 or 3!) & since it's *OLIVIA DE HAVILLAND month on TCM! I'm gonna' post a "cool" lady, of whom has her own tremendous site-(www.reelclassics.com by Elizabeth Allen)

Well, I am posting her favs. but check-out that site!!!

Favorite Film:

"It's Love I'm After" (1937)(WB)


Elizabeth & her fav. actor:

Cary Grant-(1904-86) & *JAMES STEWART-(1908-97)

(NOTE: She got to visit Archie Leach's birthplace in ol' Bristol, England-you can see it on her site!)


Her all-timer actress; also pretty tight race:



& Elizabeth & her favorite filmmaker:

*WILLIAM WYLER-(1902-8l) Someone else & surprisingly voted 4-him! I say surprisingly, because *WYLER had what Scorsese & many others call "Invisible Style!" No fancy camera-angles, just lets the actors do it all! As opposed to sooo-many college kids now making flix, that want to just "dazzle" you with camera angles, jumping,etc Pretty-much MTV jazz! As an OSCAR-"ORACLE"/pundit, I can easily predict however no director will ever earn as many nods. as he (12)-(Closest to him is *BILLY WILDER (8) nods. for direction)(FINAL NOTE: & on that note as well, I'd bet my "Fedora!" No filmmaker will ever win (4) for BEST DIRECTOR like *JOHN FORD either!/*WYLER & *CAPRA have (3) to orson4ever: you may not know this about the boy "genius!" & he certainly was! But he despised: "*CAPRA-corn" as he & some called-it? I think they are (both) far superior to anyone today!!!) Thank you all & (lets keep this a running poll>If we can?)-Everyone has a personal best/idol/heroine,etc. EXCEPT WHERE IS: *TRACY??? Just kidding. By the way I was sending your replies on this poll to "The TRACY family!" as well as other(s) KUDO'S TO THE: *CAGNEY PICKER-dynamic!

& to whom voted for Chaney, Sr. I'm pretty-certain you caught TCM'S docu. on him. Hope you did? But he is also interred in massive Glendale park-(this is the kicker though, "Man of a Thousand Faces," even in death, is mysterious! He's niche is unmarked?)

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Sorry alix1929!!! BIG-TIME! It was you that "surprisingly" voted for Warren William! If you get that mag. I wrote about: "Films of Golden Age?" They had a huge spread on him. You can send 4-back issues & through it's "daddy." "Classic Images," as well. He died rather quickly, my books/files, etc. Are still packed & I usually know a "Stars" stats. But not his. I think he died before, or even during WW11? A strange illness actually & I don't think he hit the bottle, as so-many of his contemporaries did back-then? Sorry Pal!

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To my pally (antarctictexile) Sorry for 'da creul & unusual punishment with an a certain gorgeous, black-haired, dark-complexion, beauty with an austrian-accent & I may add with underrated acting talent-(particularly at comedy like: "Tortilla Flat!") & of whom invented a device during the big one WW2 that saved millions of lives probably,etc. & she even took on a role very similiar to "The cinema-goddess Garbo!" & did a swell job on top of-it! Some pix called: "Ninotchka" I mean: "Comrade X!" Sorry!!! By the way, drop me a personal line if you want? Because it reminds me, has she been TCM'S "Star of the Month," as yet? I stopped getting "Now Playing" for awhile. But have tons of back-issues & she's not on them??? If not, it's about TIME??? Let me know

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To my pally (antarctictexile) Sorry for 'da creul & unusual punishment with an a certain gorgeous, black-haired, dark-complexion, beauty with an austrian-accent & I may add with underrated acting talent-(particularly at comedy like: "Tortilla Flat!") & of whom invented a device during the big one WW2 that saved millions of lives probably,etc. & she even took on a role very similiar to "The cinema-goddess Garbo!" & did a swell job on top of-it! Some pix called: "Ninotchka" I mean: "Comrade X!" Sorry!!! By the way, drop me a personal line if you want? Because it reminds me, has she been TCM'S "Star of the Month," as yet? I stopped getting "Now Playing" for awhile. But have tons of back-issues & she's not on them??? If not, it's about TIME??? Let me know

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Aside from my pics of personal faves, I'd like to offer my pics for the greatest of all time.


MOVIE : "Citizen Kane" when it comes to the ART of moviemaking, and "Gone With the Wind" when it comes to sheer movie enjoyment - its a perfect example of what the "movies" are all about.


ACTRESS : Bette Davis and Katherine Hepburn. They're both too good to choose one over the other.


ACTOR : Peter Sellers and Spencer Tracy - Nobody else could portray a character so effectively - although as runners up I'd have to choose Lon Chaney Sr., and Cary Grant.


Director : Orson Welles and Alfred Hitchcock - They were both masters at the craft, and revolutionized the industry.


While typing this I am thinking of so many other greats, that it is really too hard to pick the BEST of all time in any category. And like some of you stated, its tough to choose, and our choices are subject to change. Honestly I hate the whole idea of choosing the "Best" in any realm of the film world, there were a lot of great people who have been a part of the GIANT industry called film. And no offense to you Spencer, since I know you love these polls, but I just think we all have too broad a love of film to try and accurately choose favorites.

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Well as the saying must always go! Hope this logs?

To moviejoe,etc. though, I really did not mean 4-each cinema-buff to have to vote for (1) in each cat.!? As you can even see from my inceptional/post of this topic. I picked (2) in each myself! Did you know that "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World," won an OSCAR for BEST SOUND EFFECTS!? & It's actually *TRACY'S runner-up grossing film. Next to his final of course! If you are a *CAPRA fan though. I have his autobiography & could-(when I finally get all un-packed?) the author,etc. I read entire thing 1 time. He thought *FORD was the mt. summit of filmmakers. & I wanted to submit (2) movie-fans favs. just so-people can go-over 'em all,etc. Still stunned at lack of *JIMMY STEWART? 1st one is an old pen-pal since mid 80's & famous critics/nice-guy-like myself, he goes to new flix, but loves Studio-System stuff most!

(Leonard Maltin) check out his 4-star "newsletter" & site at: www.moviecrazy.com-He covers both new & old.

His all-time favorite motion picture:



Leonard Top (3) all-time movie-actors:

*CHARLES CHAPLIN-(1889-1977)

*HUMPHREY BOGART-(1899-1957)

& *JOHN WAYNE-(1907-79)


Leonard & his favorite movie actresses:


*BETTE DAVIS-(1908-89)

& *AUDREY HEPBURN-(1929-93)


& for a pal 0'mine to shy & busy as well. & rarely looks at this site, given he mostly enjoys newer flix,etc.

Ronald P. Moyer-(The "P" is for his lady-love/crush & dream-girl: Mrs. Michelle Pfeiffer??? GO-FIGURE SHE IS GORGEOUS HOWEVER/likely in the top 5 ever?

Ron's favorite film:

"Se7en" (1995) & "The Shawshank Redemption" (1994)


His all-time fav. actor in cinema:



& Ronald P's. fav. actress:

Michelle Pfeiffer-(1957-) & Meg Ryan-(1961-)


So to moviejoe, this poll generally was not supposed to be just (1) If you could not decide-(NOTE: I am surprised about *NORMA SHEARER-(1900-83) however? Women on the M-G-M lot hated-her, for most pt. Except Garbo! Whom really did not care. But *JOAN CRAWFORD in particular, to put it mildly, wasn't a fan of her co-star in '39's "The Women!" Of course especially before her husband: *"THALBERG'S death in 1936) For anyone whom has yet to ever see this *DE NIRO/*KAZAN film: "Last Tycoon" '77(***1/2) slow, but very-good & based on *IRVING G.)


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Spencer - I know that Norma Shearer wasn't liked very much by certain people at MGM, mainly Joan Crawford. But I think that Joan was just jealous of the fact that Norma was married to the boss, and therefore got special treatment. But aside from that, she was a GOOD actress - not great, but definitely good, and as I have said before, she had an incredible screen presence. Her smile and personality made any film that she was in great.

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To moviejoe79-(NOTE: Just wanted to tell you guys & gals, that the names on here are the most inventive of all the tons of movie-oriented sites I have checked-out!)

But you were speaking of *NORMA SHEARER-(I admit I am not a big-fan/not a fan of *CRAWFORD'S either, by any-means & It has nada to do with her personal-life I separate the (2) things!) I have a superb book & am gonna' give you guys the address of it in awhile-because it's from the pretty-much now "defunked" TCM store & Anyone whom also has-it, so far, let me know drop me a per. line! It's called: ("Movies We Love" 100 Collectible Classics.) You can probably send for-it/I'll give it main oublisher, author,etc. Matter of fact Robert TCM Osborne has the forward. It's a absolute for any of you on here!!! & just (1) of the flix is '39's "The Women" & the clash of those (2) ladies,etc. You know whom everyone loved/actress-wise: Lombard. I have not heard (1) single complaint EVER about that wonderful actress! On the other hand, I have never heard (1) good word about working with: *WALLACE BEERY! I mean *TRACY had his up's & downs, but MAN!!! *TRACY did get called to the main office along w/Irene Dunne-(1901-1990) while filming 1944's "A Guy Named Joe"

It was called "The Iron-Lung" In the *THALBERG Building & at the end was L.B.'s office! But it was known for being veeery cold, hence that title. But *SPENCE was missin' his *KATE & was really giving Dunne a hard time & on the wagon-simultaneously! He called her "Needle-nose!" It brought her to tears, so like children in school, they had to go to the principals office. But it was he, that was causing the trouble. But on that same picture, Van Johnson-(1916-) had an almost fatal car-accident-(that is why you always see Van with a limp of sorts?) *TRACY stood-up for the guy & said he & Dunne could shoot around him until he was better. Or he'd walk! L.B. had to give-in & that & same yrs. "Thirty Seconds 0ver Tokyo," made Johnson a big-star & *SPENCE played real-life Gen. Dolittle in the latter as well. Never worked w/Irene again though? But I wanted to submit something that may-upset some, or not? Roger Ebert, everyone knows his name by now! His all-time favorite motion picture is:

"Citizen Kane" & he did a show w/former pres. Clinton & both pick *INGRID BERGMAN as fav. all-time actress. But Roger is married to a black-attorney. & his all-time favorite actor is: Robert Mitchum-(1917-97) Now, Tony Curtis on TCM few yrs. ago blurted it out, that Bob was 1st offered: "D. Ones" '58 with *POITIER! But flat-out turned it down because, he refused to ever work with a colored-man as he said-it! I just wonder if Roger has ever heard this? & I have dug-further & Tony was correct on that issue by the way! It certainly turned out to Curtis' advantage though! His sole shot at the OSCAR & against: *SIDNEY POITIER!? By the way 4-you Elvis fans. Tony Curtis was his movie hero? & he died his hair black-because Curtis' hair was jet-back! Anyway, a bit of real-life trivia on the late Mitchum-he made 93 films! But not one negro co-star!? Osborne was interviewing Tony by the way-(Is it just me, or does Bob O. look a wee-bit under the weather as of late? just noticed it 2 or 3 days ago!) PLEASE REPLY & FOR ANYONE WHOM HAS THAT BOOK PLEASE LET ME KNOW>"Looks like we are the chosen few!?" SADLY

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1920s: Gloria Swanson and William Haines

1930s: Joan Crawford and Edward G. Robinson

1940s: Bette Davis and Humphrey Bogart

1950s: Marilyn Monroe and William Holden

1960s: Barbra Streisand and Dustin Hoffman

1970s: Diane Keaton and Woody Allen

1980s: Meryl Streep and Robert DeNiro

1990s: Cate Blanchett and Matt Damon

2000s: they all suck so far...............

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Spencer - I'm surprised to hear Mitchum was prejudiced, but I never liked him anyway. He wasn't a good actor, nor did he try to be, and he never hid that fact. And he always had an attitude about him - and I don't mean a cool attitude like Gable or Tracy or Sterling Hayden had - his just sucked. He acted like he was too cool for school, and it didn't impress me.

I'm glad to hear Clinton has taste - Ingrid Bergman is a great choice for best actress ever - do you know who he chose for actor/picture/director?

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To moviejoe, I replied to the Clinton question on another post-(But just in case. He never as I recall cited a favorite actor. But was always outspoken about "High Noon.") & back to Reagan, of whom always admired *CAGNEY & even gave him the "medal of freedom." Speaking of presidents, Nixon admired: *HENRY FONDA-(1905-82) & alledgedly watched *"PATTON" over, over & over, before issuing the massive & final bombing campaign of cambodia! Pretty-much the end of our part in that war. Speaking of politician types: Winston Churchill always thought 1941's "That Hamilton Woman" was the finest picture. I thought the person whom divided it-(favs.) into decade sections was inventive. TCM had the superb 1950 "Asphalt Jungle" on again the other day. & It's not just that pix. but him in general: "Battleground"/ "Shawshank Redemption," etc. But does not James Whitmore-(1921-) have a strong resemblence to *SPENCER? Looks like he could be his younger brother. He's shorter than *SPENCE was. He was about 5'10 at best & Whitmore probably 5'7 or so. Whom else agrees?

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