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TCM fans PLEASE HELP & VOTE for your all-timer list/POLL?

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*Motion Picture* Limelight but how could you not love Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

*Actor* Spencer Tracy....but now days you can't be Anthony Hopkins

*Actress* Katharine Hepburn, with Tracy or without-but in my opinion she is at her best WITH him.

....and I couldn't even begin with my favorite director, it all depends on the type of movie I'm watching.



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(OSCAR meter-*) Thanks for input! & by the way "A swingin' name," as *SINATRA would say! (classicfan)

No offence by any means to my pals, but my fav. handle of all of ya' Is (orson4ever) However I don't know him/correspondence wise,etc. Like (antarcticexile, mongo & a couple other knowledgable cinema buffs, that are not just worried about the newest Jim Carrey flick-(though I like him at times, but he's not a heavyweights the likes of: Marx Bros. or W.C. Fields-true test is will his work hold up in 20yrs.?) But you cited *SPENCER's posthumously released & post (9th) lead actor nomination also: "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"-(Man, I wish as the late Siskel always desired. The ACADEMY would later post runner(s)-up? Because I am certain he was probably within (1) to (3) votes only behind winner: *ROD STEIGER in "*IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT!?" It's widely acknowledged that's why *KATE won, in not one of her finest roles either. & i agree with you on *HOPKINS! Matter of fact I rank he, *THE TRACY," of our era-(historical roles) (NOTE: 4 you TCM fans, you probably don't pay as much atten. to new-stuff? But watch for *HOPKINS to definately be nominated only a (5th) time!?)-(he wasted a lot of time being drunk/matter of fact *OLIVIER had to fire him on stage, after *ANTHONY showed up loaded for a performance in his company) "The Human Stain" a Christmas or later release for most of the country! Remember the name, because it's likely to also be up for the big one too!? & I like: 1952's "Limelight" (***) I just don't think it's in the realm of "City Lights" & a couple others! Mongo will know this, *CHAPLIN won his sole competitive OSCAR for that! But in 1972, not '52 when it was made. Because of his exile to switzerland & HUAC. Nobody would release that in a theatre in LA??? Until 20 years later & then he won BEST MUSIC SCORING for-it along with a couple other guys.

Welcome to TCM fans forums

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Oh, this is really hard...



Fave Actors--Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart, closely followed by Jack Lemmon

fave Actresses--Judy Garland and Katharine Hepburn

fave director--Billy Wilder and Frank Capra, I also like George Cukor






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I would just like to add something to the comment about Hopkins being the Tracy of our day. When he was just getting started he was in a movie with Katharine Hepburn-The Lion In Winter- I believe, and she told him to stop trying so hard and she told him to take notes from Spencer. She told him Spencer's philosophy "Remember your lines and don't run into the furniture." That is one of my favorites and I can often see a connection between the styles of the two actors.....they just don't make them like that any more.

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actress:Kate Hepburn, Jean Arthur, Meg Ryan, Barbara Stanwyck, Ginger Rogers


actor:James Stewart, Cary Grant, Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks, Spencer Tracy


Director:Frank Capra, Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard, Rob Reiner


Movie:West Side Story, Hepburn/Tracy movies, Hanks/Ryan movies (not Joe vs The Volcano), Stewart/Arthur movies

Remember the Night, Vivacious Lady

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To mongo! Well with citing the wonderful & disgustingly never winning the Gold??? Stanwyck. You're in same boat with: Mr. 0sborne. & you of all must know that *WYLER is champ of most Best Director nods.-(12) Closest to him is *WILDER with (8) But I was wondering with you're amazing trivia jazz & all. What was the title they used as a frt. while filming *FORD'S masterpiece-(1 of many!) "Grapes of Wrath"-(they were afraid of union breaker types,etc. & films subject matter) & Kudos for picking *JIM! He's my runner-up to *TRACY actually-(NOTE: Nobody was actually limited to just (1) per slot though? I even had (2) By the way below is a list I have never submitted from: Variety-(1971 survey of 1st 50 yrs. in cinema)

(Taken from a survey of over: 400 industry workers)


Best Film: "Birth of a Nation" (1915)


Best Actor: *CHARLIE CHAPLIN-(1889-1977)


Best Actress: Greta Garbo-(1905-90)


Film: *"GONE WITH THE WIND" (1939)


Actor: *SPENCER TRACY-(1900-67)


Actress: *INGRID BERGMAN-(1915-82)


Producer: *SAMUEL GOLDWYN-(1882-1973)



Best Motion Picture: *"GWTW"


Best Motion Picture Actor: *CHARLES CHAPLIN


Best Motion Picture Actress: Greta Garbo


Best 0verall Director: D.W. Griffith-(1874-1948)


Best 0verall Producer: *IRVING G. THALBERG-(1899-1936)


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best film: on the waterfront; best actress: garbo/hepburn close second best actor: tracy/cooper best supporting actor: lewis stone best supporting actress: best musical: any of the early astaire/rogers (follow the fleet; carefree)second best 42nd street best director: von sternberg---ok i'm quirky!

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To psscuddles, I am quite stunned!!! In a good way actually. On you citing lil' Meg Ryan-(She's actually 5'8? Her real name: Margaret Mary Emily Hyra) Friends call her Peggy. But a pal 0'mine & myself included, are huge fans of her!-(NOTE: Not that I rank her as Garbo acting-wise or anything?) But of our rather pathetic era. Of ladies I like: Her, Pfeiffer & *Nicole Kidman-(get ready folks, she will absolutely be in this yrs. OSCAR-race again!) & on that note, Hollywood/ACADEMY has "discriminated" against Ryan, because she's so-cute & will always just be "Sally...?" She deserved (2) noms. though! 1994's "When a Man Loves a Woman" & her supporting work in '96's "Courage Under Fire" But noooo! & also kudos on your pix of, of course *Tracy & *Hepburn! I met *Ron Howard when he was filming the 1st "Cocoon," down here. Summer of 1984. It came-out for '85 though. Only got to see the person whom won his sole nom. & eventually OSCAR for-it's "CHAIR?">*Don Ameche-(1908-93) *M. Stapleton is a terrific lady. I'd like to see *Hanks & Ryan do a drama now! Disagree w/you on 90's "Joe Versus the Volcano" though. I thought it was silly-fun. Only made $39m. "Sleepless in Seattle (1993) took-in $127m. & "You've Got Mail" '98 made: $116m. But my pal is not a true fan, given he refuses to see Ryan when she does an animated flick? 1997's "Anastasia" Unlike Pfeiffer though, Meg cannot actually sing. Pfeiffer obviously can & does>Next weeks: "Sinbad: & the 7 Seas"

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Moviejoe you r soooooooooooooooooooooo right! With the exception of Night of the Hunter, Mitchums sucked (Can't say I enjoyed him as the demented preacher in Night of the Hunter)Mitchum probably paled with Patton (over the top prejudice dyslectic)and Ford (Henry).

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I am sure that this will cause some groans, but I think that the best dramatic actor is Burt Lancaster. Yes, Burt Lancaster. I may be alone in this belief, but think about it, when did he ever make a false step? He was excellent in everything from "The Killers" to "Field of Dreams." My favorite Lancaster films are Sweet "Smell of Success" and "Elmer Gantry." Any other Lancaster fans out there?

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One thing! You should never be ashamed of whom you pick. & I agree a bit about *Lancaster-(1913-94) I don't think he's the greatest, but I personally like his acting/roles more than that of his great pal Kirk Douglas-(1916-) & also more than, the just passing away yesterday heavyweight: *Gregory Peck as well! "Sweet Smell of Success"-(should be tought as text script writing!) Did u see/like "Atlantic City?" *Burt only won (4) noms. & that was his final nod. & of course the (8) OSCAR sweeping *"FROM HERE TO ETERNITY" (1953)-(NOTE: trivia u may not know? *Lancaster as you likely are aware, came from the circus. & In the great WW11 epic "The Train" (1965) He just about did all of his own stunts-(He was like a superhuman in that role/the character!) However he broke his ankle in doing this. So to cover-it, they added into the film him being shot in the leg.)

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Burt was highly under-rated. My favorite Burt films: "7 Days in May" "Atlantic City" and of Course "Birdman". Burt was a trained acrobat who did ALL his own stunts besides being a terrific actor. Oh, almost forgot how much I enjoyed him and Kirk Douglas in "Gunfight at OK Corral", one of 5 pairings of those 2 along with "7 Days".

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It's funny I've never cared for Burt Lancaster's acting. There were a couple of his movies I liked such as the Birdman. But as a whole I didn't go out of my way to watch his movie a second time around. That was until Feilds of Dreams. His performance in that movie for some reason made me re-look his filmography. I'm still not a big fan but I do enjoy watching him on the screen now. (aka psscuddles)

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I also think Burt Lancaster was an excellent actor, and when he was given the right material, he really kept the viewers rapt attention, no matter what else was going on. I think "Come Back, Little Sheba" was a fine portrait of a man driven down by life, and the smothering but well-meaning love of a devoted wife. "Atlantic City" was another stand-out Lancaster performance, and I cry everytime he steps into the corn for the last time in "Field of Dreams", knowing he has missed his chance to become a ball player, but destined to accomplish even more.

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No offence to slappy! But you are incorrect about *Burt Lancaster & Kirk Douglas? They were in a total of (7) together! 1986's "Tough Guys," being the last.

& they would always have a big disagreement about movies! *Lancaster thought they should also contain a message/meaning of sorts & Kirk I reckon' to this day-(I just almost 2 months ago reviewed his family related project: "It Runs in the Family" (***) I thought it was nice. But it laid a B.O. BOMB! $8m. *Michael & his son were in-it & Kirk's wife also.) He thought they should pretty-much just entertain! (TRIVIA: Everyone that ever worked w/*Burt, Inc. *K. Hepburn-check out that (1) by the way. 1956's wonderful "The Rainmaker!" & then *Spence saw the way he worked as well, while they did the massive/superb courtroom drama: "Judgment at Nuremberg"

*Olivier was slated for *Burt's nazi-role in that, but was shooting something else. & It really let both down BIG-TIME! *Tracy & *Olivier thought the other was the best, but never worked together. But *Lancaster always in between his scenes would sit in corner & wherever & save all energy for when he was on!? Almost as if between rds. like a boxer.)

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Man, I can't believe I forgot to add Poitier to my list (psscuddles). I am a fan of his work.

To Sir With Love

Patch of Blue

Black Board Jungle

Lillies of the Fields

Slender Thread

Defiant Ones

In the Heat of the Night

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

Little Nikita


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To bqqalaaxy, did u ever as yet see his debut in: 1950's version of "No Way 0ut?" He was 23! & TCM aires an excellent film sometimes 1957 "Edge of the City"-(NOTE: Jack Warden-(1920-) was great as a rare for him, nasty villian!) The guy whom cited *"The Godfather." It's almost a three-way tie for my all-time candidate as greatest motion picture? Between: "Kane" & "Godfather, I & II" Rem; *Hanks in You've Got Mail" saying it was "THE I CHING OF LIFE!" & about R. Mitchum, Roger Ebert votes for him as his all-time favourite movie actor. His fav. actress: *Ingrid Bergman & Film: "Kane." The late Gene Siskel would rarely be pinned-down? But generally "Dr. Strangelove," was his #1. & the two>*James' *Cagney & *Stewart were his favs. As a boy he wanted to be *Jimmy Stewart!!!

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You really don't think actor *Charles Laughton-(1899-1962) only directorial attempt '55's "Night of the Hunter" was not powerful/It had some tremendous images, especially for it's time & a 1st time director! A flat tv-movie was done about 12yrs. ago with: Richard Chamberlain?

& Lillian Gish in my opinion outright deserved Best Supporting Actress as the lady that saved the children,etc. She actually holds a record in cinema history! Though not many films were made-she had longest career of 75yrs. From about 1912 to 1987's gentle "Whales of August"

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To lovethemmovies! neat handle. But I don't quite understand about Mitchum & *"Patton?" I do know he & the now also gone *Rod Steiger-(1925-2002) were 1st offered that role. Is that what you meant? & that reminded me of the just passed away legendary *Gregory Peck-(1916-2003) In relation to the magnificent *"Patton." He did a fine job as "MacArthur" (1977) But people expected-it to be another heavyweight like *"Patton?" It was good (***) just not great. I wanted to submit a couple ind. votes for them, from my paper files-(SO IT'S ON THE LEVEL!)

I don't care for the man, he was a critic & Is attempting to be a politican now though? Michael Medved

His all-time favourite film:

"Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" &

"A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" (the latter in my opinion deserved to sweep the major OSCARS for 1945? Especially Best Film.)

Medved & his fav. actor:

*Jimmy Stewart

His former co-star on PBS' "Sneak Previews"-(a show Ebert & Siskel started!) Jeffrey Lyons

Fav. motion picture of all-time & he always mentions-it too: "The Graduate"-(NOTE: neither men as I recall picked an actress???-But I do recall (1) of the (2) citing: *Ingrid Bergman?)

& Joel Siegel-(I think I already posted his?)

Fav. movie:

"Citizen Kane"


"Grand Illusion"

"Raging Bull" & "Pinocchio" (1940 version of course)

Siegel's fav. actor ever:

*James Cagney-(NOTE: & again I don't recall his all-time favourite actress/he never said via reg. letter?)


AND HERE ARE A COUPLE ENTERTAINERS, that I always recalled when asked they're per. all-time favourites in the movies:

The legendary & In my view 2nd to: Jackie Gleason-(1916-87) The real "Mr. Television!" Johnny Carson-(1925-)

Johnny's all-time favorite movie:


& he never actually said-it, but most know his admiration for: *Jimmy Stewart! They even did a wonderful docu. on *Stewart from Universal Studios together, also in Burbank.

Where NBC, WB & Ironically the actual airport used for final of *"Casablanca" All are located.

Ed McMahon had (1) Idol & It's W.C. Fields BIG-TIME!!!

& another I truly miss, on TV & Radio: Tom Snyder-(1936-)

Snyder was actually 1stly an actor? Briefly in a western tv series. But when asked his all-time favs:

Tom's fav. motion picture:

*"Rebecca" (1940)-(A SURPRISE! Though a great film)

His fav. motion picture actor:

*"The Great: Spencer Tracy"


*Ingrid Bergman

I first heard that term used by another fmr tv talk show host: Mike Douglas. Concerning *Tracy!

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