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TCM fans PLEASE HELP & VOTE for your all-timer list/POLL?

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Although a bit older an article, poll & topic. But with the passing of 2 Heavyweights *Katharine Hepburn & *Gregory Peck both in same month (June of 2003!) It's more imperative maybe then previously!? Thank You

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Being only 18 people are often VERY surprised that I know so much about movies, especially older ones, them being my favorite. My friends don't understand why I like to watch black and white movies, and they refuse to even give them a chance. i do know quite a bit more then most adults that i know(not including my mom, who knows a little bit more then me). I already have a big collection but a goal i have is to own all of the movies i think are the classics that includes old ones and the new ones. For example I own "Some like it Hot" and "It Happened One Night" and right next to it is "The Usual Suspects" and "Legally Blonde." I can watch them all over and over again. I love watching TCM and listening to Robert Osburne telling the little facts about the movies. TCM is my favorite channel, it and ABC which plays "Alias"( great, fabulous show, everyone should watch it!!!). My lists of favorites have to combine old and new actors and movies, b/c it would be way to hard to pick between them.


MOVIES- "The Godfather," "Gone with the Wind," "Some like it Hot," and "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid," (some old) "The Matrix," "The Usual Suspects," "Legally Blonde," and "The Big Chill" (some new)


ACOTORS- Paul Newman, Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, Robert Redford, Kevin Kline and Spacy, Tom Hanks and Ed Norton.


ACTRESSES- Audrey and Katherine Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Doris Day, Reese Witherspoon, and Meryl Streep.


Film-makers-Billy Wilder, Frank Capra, and Hitchcock (i prefer the older ones here)


Honorable Mentions: The Rat Pack, Frank is the best i love his films and his music i own one of his greatest hits and its great("Fly me to the Moon," The best!!), and i cant forget Dean he is a close 2nd i own one of his CDs too. I loved the new "Oceans 11." "Miss Congeniality,"(Soooo Funny!) and many more i can think of.

Its b/c of TCM that i love movies so much, and b/c of that i'm going to major in Radio-Television-Film at the University of Texas in Austin next fall. I'm so excited about learning more about film and watching movies maybe i've never seen before.

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To longhorn571, I was just your age when I first started goin' to the theatre & reviewing new releases-(I have a per. law, it must be between 36 & up!) 1982 actually, but at end of yr. My birthday being November 8th. However I know of exactly what you are saying & to your friends??? Ask them then what about: "Manhattan"/"Raging Bull" or *"Schindler's List!" & I feel as though I was 1 of thee 1st concerning that talented cutey: Reese Witherspoon. I 1st saw her in a kinda' slimey lil' flick "Freeway." But she was a little dynamo in-it. She had "IT!" Star quality. & She was robbed of a Best Actress nomination for "Election" (***1/2) Although I must draw a big-line with D. Day!!! Only time I could tolerate her, was when she was teamed with *Cagney as true-life Ruth Etting in 1955's "Love Me or Leave Me" He won his only 3rd & final OSCAR nod. for-it??? But I am with you 100 per cent on *"The Godfather" Greatest 2 films in my humble opinion, to ever win Best Picture Gold! What's your view of "Godfather, Part II?" Same rank it higher: L. Maltin being 1. I barely pick first one over-it. Matter of fact, those 2 & "Kane," are simply the greatest motion pictures I have ever seen! & you said you were just getting into older-cinema,etc I pick Hitchcock 2nd greatest to: John "Pappy" Ford-(1895-1973) & did u know *Billy Wilder's ACADEMY record of most screenlay noms. Was beaten in 1997 by *"The Woodman"-Woody Allen? He now to date won 13 noms. & 2 victories. & now to get down to the real ding a ding, ding jazz!!! You are a *Francis Albert Sinatra fan!!! Well, next to *Spencer Tracy he's my only other Idol! But I agree, the newer version of his "Oceans Eleven," was a tinge better then "Rat Packs" 1960 version/just barely. Both good flix though! G. Clooney except last yrs. "Solaris" (**) has been picking his projects well-so far? & you love *Sinatra's "Fly Me to the Moon," the best! A Great tune, but I go for: "It was a Very Good Year!" #2 of his songs/films won the gold. 1957's under-rated & B.O. flop: "Joker Is Wild" (***) won Best Song for "All the Way." & 1959's "A Hole in the Head" (***-barely good) But the song won: "High Hopes" He & "Rat Pack," used-it as a campaign theme for Kennedy-clan! But they were just being used by the Kennedy's & Bobby in particular! But thats another matter. We should talk more, bein' your new to the Golden Age & being a *"Chairman" fan as well!! I have all 'da dope on *Sinatra bits, that I can pass onto you-(I was in a fan-club so-darn good, I had to quite, because of balancing everything!) LITTLE TRIVIA: "Rat Pack," was not formed by him. But *Humphrey Bogart-(1899-1957) & It wasn't as large either. Nicknamed "Holmby-Hills Rat Pack!" A small sec. of Beverly Hills *Bogey lived-in. *Bogey & many on here have heard this story. He was not a real tough-guy, like *Cagney or the wooden actor: George Raft! But he was sarcastic & surly, especially when he'd had a few belts. Well there first meeting, *Frank & *Bogey, was not started well, w/*Bogart taunting & teasing him. In essence testing the new-guy! Then they became great pals & of course very quickly after, *Humphrey (Deforest) Bogart contracted the big "C!" Lymphomic cancer. It kills just about as quickly as pancreatic cancer. An example: *Bogart in reality was about 5'8 he wore 2 inch lifts & In legendary final of *"Casablanca" he actually stood on an orange crate! *I. Bergman was a big-lady.(SIDEBAR: *Bogart was one of first "Gerber" babies!?) Well when he went, *Sinatra inherited his thrown of "Rat Pack," they just dropped the "H. Hills" pt. & on a final note you surprisingly cited Edward Norton-I always see: Ed Norton of "Honeymooners?" When *De Niro was on a late night talk-show & asked best young actor, Penn now being 43! He without missin' a beat said: Ed Norton! We will see that guy someday up on podium with an OSCAR in hand. Give me a line though, because I rev. new-stuff, but love "Classic Heavyweights," more! (spencer64@ij.net)

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