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The Birthday Thread


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Lafitte (Jean):


I hope you see this (if you are still interested, that is!). I recently found a DVD for a W. C. Fields movie called International House. I am intrigued by it because it features acts by some famous people, and one of them is . . . (drum roll) . . . Baby Rose Marie, aka Rose Marie, of The Dick Van Dyke Show fame (or that's how I shall always think of her).


Are you familiar with this W. C. Fields film?


I haven't watched it yet but I am really looking forward to it. Other famous stars in the film are George Burns and Gracie Allen, and Cab Calloway. And, of course, the humor of W. C. Fields should be a hoot.


I don't know that movie but I will try to find it. Very interested.


Marianne, thank you




UPDATE: It's now #1 on NetF queue



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Here are the birthdays for October 22, 2016:


Sarah Bernhardt  (1844-1923)  actress

Curly Howard  (1903-1952)  actor, comedian

Constance Bennett  (1904-1965)  actress, singer, producer

John Sutton  (1908-1963)  actor

John Zaremba  (1908-1986)  actor

Frances Drake  (1912-2000)  actress

Philip H. Lathrop  (1912-1995)  cinematographer

Joan Fontaine  (1917-2013)  actress

Jimmy Hanley  (1918-1970)  actor

Mitzi Green  (1920-1969)  actress, singer

Chris Alcaide  (1923-2004)  actor

James Philbrook  (1924-1982)  actor

Gary Vinson  (1936-1984)  actor

Charles Keating  (1941-2014)  actor

Annette Funicello  (1942-2013)  actress, singer

William Girdler  (1947-1978)  writer, director


Alan Ladd Jr. is 79  producer

Derek Jacobi is 78  actor

Christopher Lloyd is 78  actor

Susumu Kurobe is 77  actor

Tony Roberts is 77  actor

Jan de Bont is 73  cinematographer, producer, director

Catherine Deneuve is 73  actress, singer

Christopher Curry is 68  actor

Julie Dash is 64  writer, producer, director

Jeff Goldblum is 64  actor

Bill Condon is 61  writer, director

Todd Graff is 57  actor

Marc Shaiman is 57  composer, songwriter

Bob Odenkirk is 54  actor, writer

Suzanne Snyder is 54  actress

Valeria Golino is 50  actress, singer

Carlos Mencia is 49  comedian, actor

Jay Johnston is 48  actor, writer, producer

Spike Jonze is 47  actor, writer, producer, director

Saffron Burrows is 44  actress

Jesse Tyler Ferguson is 41  actor

John Boyd is 35  actor

Michael Fishman is 35  child actor

Kyle Gallner is 30  actor

Corey Hawkins is 28  actor

Jonathan Lipnicki is 26  child actor

Sofia Vassilieva is 24  child actress


Happy Color Day!

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Here are the birthdays for October 23, 2016:


Una O'Connor  (1880-1959)  actress, singer

Lilyan Tashman  (1896-1934)  actress

Sally O'Neil  (1908-1968)  actress, singer

Hayden Rorke  (1910-1987)  actor

Augusta Dabney  (1918-2008)  actress

James Daly  (1918-1978)  actor

Peggy Moran  (1918-2002)  actress, singer

Coleen Gray  (1922-2015)  actress

Frank Sutton  (1923-1974)  actor

Harold P. Warren  (1923-1985)  writer, director

Johnny Carson  (1925-2005)  comedian, actor, television host

Bella Darvi  (1928-1971)  actress

Diana Dors  (1931-1984)  actress, singer

Michael Crichton  (1942-2008)  writer, producer, director


Philip Kaufman is 80  writer, producer, director

Stanley Anderson is 77  actor

Pele is 76  athlete, actor

Melodie Johnson is 73  actress

Alex Gibney is 63  writer, producer, director

Ang Lee is 62  writer, producer, director

Graeme Revell is 61  composer

Dwight Yoakam is 60  singer-songwriter, actor

Sam Raimi is 57  actor, writer, producer, director

"Weird Al" Yankovic is 57  singer-songwriter, actor

Brooke Theiss is 47  actress

Boti Bliss is 41  actress

Manuela Velasco is 41  actress

Cat Deeley is 40  model, actress, television host

Ryan Reynolds is 40  actor

Emilia Clarke is 30  actress

Briana Evigan is 30  actress

Jessica Stroup is 30  actress



Happy TV Talk Show Host Day!

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Here are the birthdays for October 24, 2016:


Sybil Thorndike  (1882-1976)  actress

Merian C. Cooper  (1893-1973)  writer, producer

Jack Warner  (1895-1981)  actor, singer

I. Stanford Jolley  (1900-1978)  actor

Moss Hart  (1904-1961)  writer

John Alvin  (1917-2009)  actor

Mary Lee  (1924-1996)  actress, singer

Maggie Pierce  (1931-2010)  actress, singer

Ken Utsui  (1931-2014)  actor

Sammy Petrillo  (1934-2009)  actor, comedian

Bill Hinzman  (1936-2012)  actor

David Nelson  (1936-2011)  actor, singer, producer, director

Maggie Blye  (1942-2016)  actress


Jean Allison is 87  actress

Tony Walton is 82  production designer

F. Murray Abraham is 77  actor

Martin Campbell is 76  producer, director

Kevin Kline is 69  actor, singer

James Whitmore Jr. is 68  actor, director

Kristi Zea is 68  costume designer, production designer

John Kassir is 59  actor

Brad Johnson is 57  actor

B.D. Wong is 56  actor, singer

​Jacqueline McKenzie is 49  actress

Raul Esparza is 46  actor, singer

Casey Wilson is 36  actress, writer

Jemima Rooper is 35  actress

Katie McGrath is 33  actress

Drake is 30  rapper, actor

Shenae Grimes is 27  actress

Eliza Taylor is 27  actress



Happy Bologna Day!

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Here are the birthdays for October 25, 2016:


Leo G. Carroll  (1886-1972)  actor

Abel Gance  (1889-1981)  actor, writer, producer, director

Nicholas Musuraca  (1892-1975)  cinematographer

Nell Shipman  (1892-1970)  actress, writer, producer

Polly Ann Young  (1908-1997)  actress

Whit Bissell  (1909-1996)  actor

Minnie Pearl  (1912-1996)  actress, singer

Milton Selzer  (1918-2006)  actor

Rico Alaniz  (1919-2015)  actor

Billy Barty (1924-2000)  actor

Jeanne Cooper  (1928-2013)  actress

Anthony Franciosa  (1928-2006)  actor

Annie Girardot  (1931-2011)  actress, singer

Jack Haley Jr.  (1933-2001)  writer, producer, director

Eugene Gordon Lee  (1933-2005)  child actor

Gordon Tootoosis  (1941-2011)  actor

John Matuszak  (1950-1989)  athlete, actor


Biff McGuire is 90  actor, writer

Marion Ross is 88  actress

Helen Reddy is 75  singer-songwriter, actress

David S. Ward is 71  writer, director

Brian Kerwin is 67  actor

Gale Anne Hurd is 61  writer, producer

Laura Malone is 60  actress

Nancy Cartwright is 59  actress

Tom Eplin is 56  actor

Melinda McGraw is 53  actress

Tracy Nelson is 53  actress

Michael Boatman is 52  actor

Mathieu Amalric is 51  actor, director

Samantha Bee is 47  actress, writer, producer

Adam Goldberg is 46  actor, writer, producer, director

Craig Robinson is 45  actor, singer

Michael Weston is 43  actor



Happy Greasy Food Day!

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Here are the birthdays for October 26, 2016:


Frank McGlynn Sr.  (1866-1951)  actor, writer, director

H.B. Warner  (1875-1958)  actor

Margaret Wycherly  (1881-1956)  actress

Mark Sandrich  (1901-1945)  writer, producer, director

Everley Gregg  (1903-1959)  actress

Primo Carnera  (1906-1967)  athlete, actor

Fred Graham  (1908-1979)  actor, stuntman

Don Siegel  (1912-1991)  producer, director

Jackie Coogan  (1914-1984)  actor, director

Ivor Francis  (1918-1986)  actor

Bob Hoskins  (1942-2014)  actor, singer, director

Holly Woodlawn  (1946-2015)  actress

Ted Demme  (1963-2002)  producer, director


Diana "Baby Peggy" Serra Cary is 98  child actress, writer

Hank Garrett is 85  actor

Shelley Morrison is 80  actress

Kenneth Johnson is 74  writer, producer, director

Chelcie Ross is 74  actor

Jacklyn Smith is 71  actress

Pat Sajak is 70  actor, television host

Julian Schnabel is 65  painter, writer, director

Roger Allam is 63  actor

Lauren Tewes is 63  actress

D.W. Moffett is 62  actor

James Pickens Jr. is 62  actor

Rita Wilson is 60  actress, singer

Julie Dawn Cole is 59  actress, singer

Francois Chau is 57  actor

Dana Kimmell is 57  actress

Patrick Breen is 56  actor

Dylan McDermott is 55   actor

Cary Elwes is 54  actor

Tom Cavanagh is 52  actor

Kelly Rowan is 51  actress

Steve Valentine is 50  actor

Robert Maillet is 47  athlete, actor

Rosemarie DeWitt is 45  actress

Anthony Rapp is 45  actor, singer

Rupert Wyatt is 44  writer, producer, director

Seth MacFarlane is 43  actor, singer, writer, producer, director

Jon Heder is 39  actor



Happy Pumpkin Day!

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Here are the birthdays for October 27, 2016:


Jack Carson  (1910-1963)  actor, singer

Leif Erickson  (1911-1986)  actor, singer

Harry Saltzman  (1915-1994)  producer

Teresa Wright  (1918-2005)  actress, singer

Charles Horvath  (1920-1978)  actor, stuntman

Muriel Landers  (1921-1977)  actress

Ruby Dee  (1922-2014)  actress

Ned Wertimer  (1923-2013)  actor

Jane Connell  (1925-2013)  actress

Myra Carter  (1929-2016)  actress

Jean-Pierre Cassel  (1932-2007)  actor, singer

Carolyn Craig  (1934-1970)  actress

Carrie Snodgress  (1946-2004)  actress


Nanette Fabray  is 96  actress, singer, dancer

Frank Adonis is 81  actor, writer

Lara Parker is 79  actress, writer

Steve Sandor is 79  actor

John Cleese is 77  actor, writer

Carmen Argenziano is 73  actor

Ivan Reitman is 70  producer, director

Angus MacInnes is 69  actor

Jayne Kennedy is 65  model, actress

Roberto Benigni is 64  actor, writer, director

Ted Wass is 64  actor, producer, director

Peter Firth is 63  actor

Robert Picardo is 63  actor, writer, director

Jeff East is 59  actor

Peter Marc Jacobson is 59  actor

Channon Roe is 47  actor

David Walton is 38  actor

Patrick Fugit is 34  actor



Happy Navy Day!

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Here are the birthdays for October 28, 2016:


Ralph Lewis  (1872-1937)  actor

John Boles  (1895-1969)  actor

Edith Head  (1897-1981)  costume designer

Elsa Lanchester  (1902-1986)  actress, singer

Albert Maltz  (1908-1985)  writer

Peter Glenville  (1913-1996)  actor, writer, director

Douglas Seale  (1913-1999)  actor, singer

Dody Goodman  (1914-2008)  actress, singer

Jack Soo  (1917-1979)  actor, singer

Bernhard Wicki  (1919-2000)  actor, writer, director

Suzy Parker  (1932-2003)  model, actress

Alan Clarke  (1935-1990)  writer, director

Joe Spinell  (1936-1989)  actor, writer

George "Buck" Flower  (1937-2004)  actor, writer, producer

John Hallam  (1941-2006)  actor


Joan Plowright is 87  actress

Jack Hedley is 86  actor

Jane Alexander is 77  actress

Susan Harris is 76  writer, producer

James Murtaugh is 74  actor

Dennis Franz is 72  actor

Telma Hopkins is 68  singer, actress

Tracy Reed is 67  actress

Joe R. Lansdale is 65  writer

Annie Potts is 64  actress

Yves Simoneau is 61  writer, producer, director

Christian Berkel is 59  actor

Simon Rhee is 59  stuntman, actor

Daphne Zuniga is 54  actress

Lauren Holly is 53  actress

Sheryl Underwood is 53  comedian, actress, television host

Griffin O'Neal is 52  actor

Jami Gertz is 51  actress

Andy Richter is 50  actor, writer, producer

Kevin Macdonald is 49  writer, producer, director

Julia Roberts is 49  actress, producer

Javier Grillo-Marxuach is 47  writer, producer

Jake Kasdan is 42  producer, director

Joaquin Phoenix is 42  actor

Gwendoline Christie is 38  model, actress

Matt Smith is 34  actor

Michael Stahl-David is 34  actor

Finn Wittrock is 32  actor



Happy Frankenstein Friday!

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Here are the birthdays for October 29, 2016:


Fanny Brice  (1891-1951)  actress, singer

Hope Emerson  (1897-1960)  actress

Karel Stepanek  (1899-1980)  actor

Akim Tamiroff  (1899-1972)  actor

Perc Westmore  (1904-1970)  make-up artist

Douglass Montgomery  (1907-1966)  actor, singer

Eddie Constantine  (1917-1993)  actor, singer

Bernard Gordon  (1918-2007)  writer, producer

Ed Kemmer  (1921-2004)  actor, stuntman

Geraldine Brooks  (1925-1977)  actress

Ben Chapman  (1925-2008)  actor

Margaret Sheridan  (1926-1982)  actress

Bob Ross  (1942-1995)  artist, television host

Don Simpson  (1943-1996)  writer, producer

Johnny Lewis  (1983-2012)  actor


Robert Hardy is 91  actor

Jack Donner is 88  actor

Michael Jayston is 81  actor

Isao Takahata is 81  writer, producer, director

Peter Watkins is 81  writer, director

Ralph Bakshi is 78  animator, writer, producer, director

Angela Douglas is 76  actress

Jack Shepherd is 76  actor

Christopher Cain is 73  writer, producer, director

Margaret Nolan is 73  actress

Richard Dreyfuss is 69  actor

Kate Jackson is 68  actress

Chris Lebenzon is 63  editor

Dan Castellaneta is 59  actor, singer

Finola Hughes is 56  actress

Tim Minear is 53  writer, producer

Joely Fisher is 49  actress

Rufus Sewell is 49  actor

Winona Ryder is 45  actress

Tracee Ellis Ross is 44  actress

Gabrielle Union is 44  actress

Milena Govich is 40  actress

Brendan Fehr is 39  actor

Andrew-Lee Potts is 37  actor

Ben Foster is 36  actor



Happy Hermit Day!

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Here are the birthdays for October 30, 2016:


Ruth Gordon  (1896-1985)  actress, writer

Rex Cherryman  (1897-1928)  actor

Paul J. Smith  (1906-1985)  composer

Ruth Hussey  (1911-2005)  actress

Jane Randolph  (1915-2009)  actress, singer

Herschel Bernardi  (1923-1986)  actor

William Campbell  (1923-2011)  actor

Jacques Aubuchon  (1924-1991)  actor

Nestor Almendros  (1930-1992)  cinematographer, director

Louis Malle  (1932-1995)  writer, producer, director

Hamilton Camp  (1934-2005)  actor, singer

Michael Winner  (1935-2013)  writer, producer, director

Ed Lauter  (1938-2013)  actor


Ann Roth is 85  costume designer

Luciano Tovoli is 80  cinematographer 

Claude Lelouch is 79  actor, writer, producer, director

Grace Slick is 77  singer-songwriter, actress

Henry Winkler is 71  actor, producer, director

Leon Rippy is 67  actor

Harry Hamlin is 65  actor

Charles Martin Smith is 63  actor, writer, director

Juliet Stevenson is 60  actress

Kevin Pollack is 59  comedian, actor

Richard LaGravenese is 57  writer, producer, director

Joe Berlinger is 55  producer, director

Larry Wilmore is 55  comedian, television host

Michael Beach is 53  actor

Franky G is 51  actor

Gavin Rossdale is 51 singer-songwriter, actor

Jack Plotnick is 48  actor

Nia Long is 46  actress

Mark & Michael Polish are 46  writers, producers, directors

Adam "Edge" Copeland is 43  athlete, actor

Maria Thayer is 41  actress

Matthew Morrison is 38  actor, singer

Sarah Carter is 36  actress

Clemence Posey is 34  actress



Happy Candy Corn Day!

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I don't know that movie but I will try to find it. Very interested.


Marianne, thank you




UPDATE: It's now #1 on NetF queue




I finally saw International House, and I was disappointed that Baby Rose Marie didn't do more than sing! I wanted to see her with W. C. Fields, maybe kick him in the shins once or twice. But no such luck.


Still, it was interesting to hear her sing. She had a good voice and great stage presence, that's for sure.

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Here are the birthdays for October 31, 2016:


Sara Allgood  (1879-1950)  actress

Ethel Waters  (1896-1977)  singer, actress

Eduard Franz  (1902-1983)  actor

Sheila Bromley  (1911-2003)  actress

Dale Evans  (1912-2001)  singer-songwriter, actress

Ollie Johnston  (1912-2008)  animator

John Sylvester White  (1919-1988)  actor

Leonard Freeman  (1920-1974)  writer, producer

Barbara Bel Geddes  (1922-2005)  actress, singer

Cleo Moore  (1924-1973)  actress

Bud Spencer  (1929-2016)  actor, writer

Michael Landon  (1936-1991)  actor, writer, producer, director

John Candy  (1950-1994)  actor, writer


Lee Grant is 91  actress, producer, director

Dianne Foster is 88  actress

Dick Gautier is 85  actor

Charles Cioffi is 81  actor

Ron Rifkin is 77  actor

David Ogden Stiers is 74  actor, singer

Sally Kirkland is 72  actress

Brian Doyle-Murray is 71  actor, writer, producer

Stephen Rea is 70  actor

Diedre Hall is 69  actress

Michael Kitchen is 68  actor

Michael J. Anderson is 63  actor

Ken Wahl is 62  actor, writer

Michael DeLorenzo is 57  actor

Peter Jackson is 55  writer, producer, director

Dermot Mulroney is 53  actor

Rob Schneider is 53  comedian, actor

Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz is 50  rapper, singer-songwriter, actor

Mike O'Malley is 50  actor

Beverly Lynne is 43  actress

Johnny Whitworth is 41  actor

Piper Perabo is 40  actress

Erica Cerra is 37  actress

Samaire Armstrong is 36  actress

Eddie Kaye Thomas is 36  actor

Justin Chatwin is 34  actor



Happy Knock-Knock Jokes Day!


Happy Halloween!

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Here are the birthdays for November 1, 2016:


Edward Van Sloan  (1882-1964)  actor

Laura LaPlante  (1904-1996)  actress

Jeff Richards  (1924-1989)  actor, singer

Betsy Palmer  (1926-2015)  actress

Marcia Wallace  (1942-2013)  actress


George S. Irving is 94  actor, singer

Marcel Ophuls is 89  writer, director

Barbara Bosson is 77  actress

Jo Morrow is 77  actress, singer

Robert Foxworth is 75  actor

John McEnery is 73  actor

Dennis Muren is 70  visual effects director

Jeannie Berlin is 67  actress

Lyle Lovett is 59  singer-songwriter, actor

Rachel Ticotin is 58  actress

Toni Collette is 44  actress

Jenny McCarthy is 44  model, actress, television host

David Berman is 43  actor

Robert Luketic is 43  director

Aishwarya Rai is 43  actress

Lucky McKee is 41  writer, director

Chad Lindberg is 40  actor

Logan Marshall-Green is 40  actor

Natalia Tena is 32  actress

Penn Badgley is 30  actor



Happy Cook for Your Pets Day!

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Here are the birthdays for October 31, 2016:


My gutsy kid Sis in Texas is 59. One-time band singer 


An Air Force veteran of 13 years she also helped restore the Texas State Capitol Building which is taller than the U. S. One in D. C.  All I can say about the rest is that "she's a survivor".  (She had the wrong date for mine and called me then so I owe her.) 

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Here are the birthdays for November 2, 2016:


David Townsend  (1891-1935)  art director

Alice Brady  (1892-1939)  actress

Paul Ford  (1901-1976)  actor

James Dunn  (1905-1967)  actor

Luchino Visconti  (1906-1976)  writer, director

Burt Lancaster  (1913-1994)  actor, producer

Ray Walston  (1914-2001)  actor

Sidney Luft  (1915-2005)  producer

Ann Rutherford  (1917-2012)  actress

Warren Stevens  (1919-2012)  actor

Lyn Thomas  (1929-2004)  actress

Jack Starrett  (1936-1989)  actor, director


Rachel Ames is 87  actress

Charlotte Austin is 83  actress

Stefanie Powers is 74  actress

David Andrews is 64  actor

Peter Atkins is 61  actor, writer

Peter Mullan is 57  actor, writer, director

Lauren Velez is 52  actress

Sean Kanan is 50  actor

David Schwimmer is 50  actor

Samantha Ferris is 48  actress

Meta Golding is 45  actress

Reshma Shetty is 39  actress

Jon M. Chu is 37  writer, producer, director

Katharine Isabelle is 35  actress 



Happy Deviled Egg Day!

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Here are the birthdays for November 3, 2016:


Bert Freed  (1919-1994)  actor

Charles Bronson  (1921-2003)  actor

Leonard Stone  (1923-2011)  actor

Robert Quarry  (1925-2009)  actor

Zbigniew Cybulski  (1927-1967)  actor

Wanda Hendrix  (1928-1981)  actress

John Barry  (1933-2011)  composer

Jeremy Brett  (1933-1995)  actor

Aneta Corsaut  (1933-1995)  actress

Eva Renzi  (1944-2005)  actress

Mike Evans  (1949-2006)  actor, writer


Peggy McCay is 89  actress

Don Burnett is 86  actor

Larry Gelman is 86  actor

Lois Smith is 86  actress

Monica Vitti is 85  actress

Ken Berry is 83  actor, singer, dancer

Akira Kobayashi is 78  actor

Jean Rollin is 78  writer, producer, director

Shadoe Stevens is 70  actor, producer

Lulu is 68  singer-songwriter, actress

Roseanne Barr is 64  comedian, actress, writer

Kate Capshaw is 63  actress

Dennis Miller is 63  comedian, actor, writer, television host

Adam Ant is 62  singer-songwriter, actor

Kathy Kinney is 62  actress

Brigitte Lin is 62  actress

Kevin Murphy is 60  actor, writer, producer, puppeteer

Gary Ross is 60  writer, producer, director

Dolph Lundgren is 59  athlete, actor, writer, producer, director

Hal Hartley is 57  writer, producer, director

William Monahan is 56  writer, producer, director

Lee Montgomery is 55  actor, singer

Davis Guggenheim is 53  writer, producer, director

Debbie Rochon is 48  actress

Sticky Fingaz is 45  rapper, actor

Gemma Ward is 29  model, actress



Happy Housewife's Day!

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Here are the birthdays for November 4, 2016:


Will Rogers  (1879-1935)  actor, writer

Ian Wolfe  (1896-1992)  actor

Frank Jenks  (1902-1962)  actor, singer

Stanley Cortez  (1908-1997)  cinematographer

Dixie Lee  (1911-1952)  actress, singer

Gig Young  (1913-1978)  actor

Leonardo Cimino  (1917-2012)  actor

Virginia Field  (1917-1992)  actress, singer

Art Carney  (1918-2003)  actor

Cameron Mitchell  (1918-1994)  actor

Martin Balsam  (1919-1996)  actor

Bill Thurman  (1920-1995)  actor

Ritwik Ghatak  (1925-1976)  writer, director

Doris Roberts  (1925-2016)  actress

Bobby Breen  (1927-2016)  child actor, singer

Kate Reid  (1930-1993)  actress


Loretta Swit is 79  actress

Marlene Jobert is 76  actress

Frederick Elmes is 70  cinematographer

Linda Haynes is 69  actress

Markie Post is 66  actress

Rick Green is 63  actor, writer

Peter Lord is 63  animator, producer, director

Ken Kirzinger is 57  stuntman, actor

Kathy Griffin is 56  comedian, actress

Annabelle Gurwitch is 55  comedian, actress, writer

Ralph Macchio is 55  actor

Jeff Probst is 55  television host

Monique Parent is 51  actress

Kierstan Warren is 51  actress

Gary Stretch is 48  actor

Matthew McConaughey is 47  actor

Anthony Ruivivar is 46  actor

Warren Christie is 41  actor

Heather Tom is 41  actress



Happy Candy Day!

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Here are the birthdays for November 5, 2016:


Jessie Ralph  (1864-1944)  actress

Henry Hall  (1876-1954)  actor

Ralph Moody  (1886-1971)  actor

Dorothy Vaughan  (1890-1955)  actress

Theodore van Eltz  (1893-1964)  actor

Farciot Edouart  (1894-1980)  special effects artist

Charles MacArthur  (1895-1956)  writer

Natalie Schafer  (1900-1991)  actress

Etta Moten Barnett  (1901-2004)  actress, singer

Joan Barry  (1903-1989)  actress

Joel McCrea  (1905-1990)  actor

Marie "Baby Marie" Osborne  (1911-2010)  child star, costume designer

Roy Rogers  (1911-1998)  singer-songwriter, actor

Guy Green  (1913-2005)  cinematographer, writer, director

Vivien Leigh  (1913-1967)  actress

John McGiver  (1913-1975)  actor

Richard Davalos  (1930-2016)  actor

Gil Hill  (1931-2016)  police officer, actor

Herb Edelman  (1933-1996)  actor

Victor Argo  (1934-2004)  actor

Christopher Wood  (1935-2015)  writer

Jon-Erik Hexum  (1957-1984)  actor

Gina Mastrogiacomo  (1961-2001)  actress


Harris Yulin is 79  actor

Elke Sommer is 76  actress

Art Garfunkel is 75  singer-songwriter, actor

Sam Sheperd is 73  actor, writer

Peter Noone is 69  singer, actor

Armin Shimerman is 67  actor

Nestor Serrano is 61  actor

Elizabeth Bracco is 59  actress

Mo Gaffney is 58  actress, writer

Robert Patrick is 58  actor

Tilda Swinton is 56  actress

Michael Gaston is 54  actor

Tatum O'Neal is 53  actress

Famke Janssen is 51  actress

Judy Reyes is 49  actress

Seth Gilliam is 48  actor

Sam Rockwell is 48  actor

Corin Nemec is 45  actor



Happy Love Your Red Hair Day!

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Here are the birthdays for November 6, 2016:


Thomas H. Ince  (1882-1924)  actor, producer, director

Francis Lederer  (1899-2000)  actor

June Marlowe  (1903-1984)  actress

Irene Ware  (1910-1993)  actress

Jonathan Harris  (1914-2002)  actor

Donald Houston  (1923-1991)  actor

Mike Nichols  (1931-2014)  actor, writer, producer, director

Edward Yang  (1947-2007)  writer, director

Glenn Frey  (1948-2016)  singer-songwriter, actor

Brad Davis  (1949-1991)  actor


June Squibb is 87  actress

Sally Field is 70  actress

Carolyn Seymour is 69  actress

John Falsey is 65  writer, producer

Nigel Havers is 65  actor

Ron Underwood is 63  writer, producer, director

Lori Singer is 59  actress

Trace Beaulieu is 58  puppeteer, actor, writer, producer

Michael Cerveris is 56  actor, singer

Lance Kerwin is 56  actor

Kerry Conran is 52  writer, director

Corey Glover is 52  singer-songwriter, actor

Peter DeLuise is 50  actor, director

Kelly Rutherford is 48  actress

Ethan Hawke is 46  actor, writer, director

Thandie Newton is 44  actress

Rebecca Romijn is 44  model, actress

Zoe McLellan is 42  actress

Wiley Wiggins is 40  actor

Taryn Manning is 38  actress

Adam Devine is 33  actor, writer, producer

Emma Stone is 28  actress



Happy Saxophone Day!


Daylight Savings Time Ends - Fall Back One Hour!

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