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The Birthday Thread


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Here are the birthdays for November 7, 2016:


Lucille La Verne  (1872-1945)  actress

King Baggot  (1879-1948)  actor, writer, director

Joe May  (1880-1954)  writer, producer, director

Edward F. Cline  (1891-1961)  actor, writer, director

Miriam Cooper  (1891-1976)  actress

Leatrice Joy  (1893-1985)  actress

Herman J. Mankiewicz  (1897-1953)  writer, producer, director

Margaret Morris  (1898-1968)  actress

Dean Jagger  (1903-1991)  actor

Mona Maris  (1903-1991)  actress, singer

Norman Krasna  (1909-1984)  writer, producer, director

Victor Beaumont  (1912-1977)  actor

Archie Campbell  (1914-1987)  singer, actor, writer

Joe Cobb  (1916-2002)  child actor

Titos Vandis  (1917-2003)  actor

Aline Towne  (1919-1996)  actress

Gene Callahan  (1923-1990)  production designer, art director

Melissa Stribling  (1926-1992)  actress

Lila Kaye  (1929-2012)  actress

Derek Vanlint  (1932-2010)  cinematographer, director

Billy Booth  (1949-2006)  child actor

Dana Plato  (1964-1999)  actress


Billy Green Bush is 81  actor

Judy Parfitt is 81  actress

Barry Newman is 78  actor

Beverly Adams is 76  actress

Dakin Matthews is 76  actor, writer, director

Jean Shrimpton is 74  model, actress

Michael Byrne is 73  actor

Julian Christopher is 72  actor

Earl Boen is 71  actor

John Aylward is 70  actor

Holmes Osborne is 69  actor

Gerry Lopez is 68  athlete, actor

Lindsay Duncan is 66  actress

Judy Tenuta is 60  comedian, actress, writer, producer

Christopher Knight is 59  actor

Michael Papajohn is 52  actor, stuntman

Shannon Whirry is 52  actress

Fred Wolf is 52  actor, writer, director

Morgan Spurlock is 46  writer, producer, director

Christopher Daniel Barnes is 44  actor

Jason & Jeremy London are 44  actors

Yunjin Kim is 43  actress



Happy Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day!

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Here are the birthdays for November 8, 2016:


Bram Stoker  (1847-1912)  writer

Marie Prevost  (1898-1937)  actress, singer

Margaret Mitchell (1900-1949)  writer

June Havoc  (1912-2010)  actress, singer, dancer

Robert Strauss  (1913-1975)  actor

Norman MacDonnell  (1916-1979)  writer, producer

Esther Rolle  (1920-1998)  actress

Gene Saks  (1921-2015)  actor, director

Joe Flynn  (1924-1974)  actor

Patti Page  (1927-2013)  singer, actress

Darla Hood  (1931-1979)  actress, singer

Virna Lisi  (1936-2014)  actress

John Santucci  (1940-2004)  actor

Angela Scoular  (1945-2011)  actress


Norman Lloyd is 102!  actor, producer, director

Walter Mirisch is 95  producer

Stephane Audran is 84  actress

Alain Delon is 81  actor, producer, writer

Lawrence P. Casey is 76  actor

Boaz Davidson is 73  writer, producer, director

Bonnie Bramlett is 72  singer-songwriter, actress

Mary Hart is 66  television host, actress

Alfre Woodard is 64  actress

John Musker is 63  animator, writer, producer, director

Kazuo Ishiguro is 62  writer

Sal Lopez is 62  actor

Randi Brooks is 60  model, actress

Richard Curtis is 60  actor, writer, producer, director

Phil Fondacaro is 58  actor

Jeff Speakman is 58  actor

Don McManus is 57  actor

Elizabeth Avellan is 56  producer

Michael Nyqvist is 56  actor

Leif Garrett is 55  actor, singer

Bradley Gregg is 50  actor

Courtney Thorne-Smith is 49  actress

Parker Posey is 48  actress

Roxana Zal is 47  actress

Gretchen Mol is 44  actress

Tara Reid is 41  actress

Colin Strause is 40  special effects designer, producer, director

Salvatore Cascio is 37  child actor

Dania Ramirez is 37  actress

Azura Skye is 35  actress

Jessica Lowndes is 28  actress



Happy Cappuccino Day!

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Joe Flynn  (1924-1974)  actor

Ah, Captain Binghamton.


One night I was watching the Merv Griffin Show, and Flynn was one of the guests. While Merv was interviewing him, there was a crawl across the screen announcing that Flynn has just been found dead in his swimming pool. Morbid.

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Here are the birthdays for November 9, 2016:


Marie Dressler  (1869-1934)  actress, singer

Edna May Oliver  (1883-1942)  actress

Ed Wynn  (1886-1966)  actor

Gertrude Astor  (1887-1977)  actress, singer

"Snub" Pollard  (1889-1962)  actor

John Miljan  (1892-1960)  actor

Mabel Normand  (1892-1930)  actress

Mae Marsh  (1894-1968)  actress

Anthony Asquith  (1902-1968)  writer, director

Robert Douglas  (1909-1999)  actor, director

Hedy Lamarr  (1914-2000)  actress

Dorothy Dandridge  (1922-1965)  actress, singer, dancer

Joy Page  (1924-2008)  actress, singer

Severn Darden  (1929-1995)  actor

Carl Sagan  (1934-1996)  astrophysicist, writer, television host

Cliff Bole  (1937-2014)  director

John Megna  (1952-1995)  child actor


Ronald Harwood is 82  writer

Charlie Robinson is 71  actor

Robert David Hall is 69  actor

Bille August is 68  cinematographer, writer, director

Lou Ferrigno is 65  athlete, actor

Karen Dotrice is 61  child actress

Fernando Meirelles is 61  writer, producer, director

Teryl Rothery is 54  actress

Robert Duncan McNeill is 52  actor

Eric Dane is 44  actor

Nick Lachey is 43  singer, actor

Cory Hardrict is 37  actor

Scottie Thompson is 35  actress

Nikki Blonsky is 28  actress, singer

Analeigh Tipton is 28  actress



Happy Scrapple Day!

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Here are the birthdays for November 10, 2016:


Esther Dale  (1885-1961)  actress

Claude Rains  (1889-1967)  actor

Olga Grey  (1896-1973)  actress

Steven Geray  (1904-1973)  actor

Jane Froman  (1907-1980)  singer, actress

Johnny Marks  (1909-1985)  songwriter, composer

Harry Andrews  (1911-1989)  actor

Cy Endfield  (1914-1995)  writer, producer, director

William Henry  (1914-1982)  actor

George Fenneman  (1919-1997)  radio & television announcer

Russell Johnson  (1924-2014)  actor

Richard Burton  (1925-1984)  actor

Roy Scheider  (1932-2008)  actor

Richard Bradford  (1934-2016)  actor

Joanna Moore  (1934-1997)  actress, singer

Russell Means  (1939-2012)  actor

Debra Hill  (1950-2005)  writer, producer

Brittany Murphy  (1977-2009)  actress


Ennio Morricone is 88  composer

Marilyn Bergman is 87  songwriter, composer

Pippa Scott is 81  actress

Tim Rice is 72  composer

Terence Davies is 71  actor, writer, director

John Dennis Johnston is 71  actor

Albert Hall is 69  actor

Ann Reinking is 67  actress, singer, dancer, choreographer

Jack Scalia is 66  actor

Roland Emmerich is 61 writer, producer, director

Clare Higgins is 61  actress

Matt Craven is 60  actor

Sinbad is 60  comedian, actor

Stephen Herek is 58  producer, director

Mackenzie Phillips is 57  actress

Neil Gaiman is 56  writer

Hugh Bonneville is 53  actor

Tommy Davidson is 53  actor, writer

Jonas Akerlund is 51  writer, director

Vanessa Angel is 50  actress

Athena Massey is 49  actress

Michael Jai White is 49  actor, writer, producer

Tracy Morgan is 48  comedian, actor

Tom Papa is 48  comedian, actor

Ellen Pompeo is 47  actress

Walton Goggins is 45  actor

Heather Matarazzo is 34  actress

Josh Peck is 30  actor

Taron Egerton is 27  actor

Mackenzie Foy is 16  actress



Happy Marine Corps. Birthday!

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Here are the birthdays for November 11, 2016:


Roland Young  (1887-1953)  actor, singer

Beverly Bayne  (1894-1982)  actress

Rene Clair  (1898-1981)  actor, writer, producer, director

Pat O'Brien  (1899-1983)  actor

Sam Spiegel  (1901-1985)  producer

Harry Holcombe  (1906-1987)  actor

Brother Theodore  (1906-2001)  actor, writer

Raquel Torres  (1908-1987)  actress, singer

Robert Ryan  (1909-1973)  actor

Patric Knowles  (1911-1995)  actor

Howard Fast  (1914-2003)  writer

Peter Coe  (1918-1993)  actor

Stubby Kaye  (1918-1997)  comedian, actor, singer

Kurt Vonnegut  (1922-2007)  writer

John Guillermin  (1925-2015)  writer, producer, director

Jonathan Winters  (1925-2013)  comedian, actor, writer

James Luisi  (1928-2002)  actor

Jack Keller  (1936-2005)  songwriter, producer

Alan Vint  (1944-2006)  actor

Vincent Schiavelli  (1948-2005)  actor


Fred J. Koenekamp is 94  cinematographer

Suzanne Lloyd is 82  actress

Bibi Andersson is 81  actress

Susan Kohner is 80  actress

John Reilly is 80  actor

Denise Alexander is 77  actress

Bill Moseley is 65  actor

Marc Summers is 65  television host, producer

Donna Wilkes is 57  actress

Stanley Tucci is 56  actor

Demi Moore is 54  actress

Jill Whitlow is 53  actress

Calista Flockhart is 52  actress

Alison Doody is 50  actress

Carson Kressley is 47  television host

David DeLuise is 45  actor

Adam Beach is 44  actor

Leonardo DiCaprio is 42  actor, producer

Scoot McNairy is 39  actor

Tye Sheridan is 20  actor



Happy Veterans Day!

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Here are the birthdays for November 12, 2016:


Edward Ellis  (1870-1952)  actor

William Fay  (1872-1947)  actor, producer

Jack Oakie  (1903-1978)  actor

Jacques Tourneur  (1904-1977)  director

Richard Ney  (1916-2004)  actor

Sunset Carson  (1920-1990)  actor

Richard Quine  (1920-1989)  actor, singer, writer, director

Kim Hunter  (1922-2002)  actress

Grace Kelly  (1929-1982)  actress

Ina Balin  (1937-1990)  actress

Julie Ege  (1943-2008)  model, actress


Peter Lamont is 87  art director, production designer

Valerie Leon is 73  actress

Wallace Shawn is 73  actor, writer

Booker T. Jones is 72  musician, songwriter

Neil Young is 71  singer-songwriter, producer

Patrice Leconte is 69  writer, director

Rhonda Shear is 62  actress, television host

Megan Mullally is 58  actress, singer

Alex Carter is 52  actor

Harvey Stephens is 46  child actor

Radha Mitchell is 43  actress

Lourdes Benedicto is 42  actress

Tamala Jones is 42  actress

Ashley Williams is 38  actress

Cote de Pablo is 37  actress

Ryan Gosling is 36  actor

Gustaf Skarsgard is 36  actor

Anne Hathaway is 34  actress, singer



Happy Pizza With the Works Except Anchovies Day!

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Here are the birthdays for November 13, 2016:


Robert Louis Stevenson  (1850-1894)  writer

Henry Kolker  (1874-1947)  actor, director

Nita Naldi  (1894-1961)  actress

Gertrude Olmstead  (1897-1975)  actress

Edward Buzzell  (1900-1985)  actor, writer, director

H.C. Potter  (1904-1977)  producer, director

Hermione Baddeley  (1906-1986)  actress

Gunnar Bjornstrand  (1909-1986)  actor

Helen Mack  (1913-1986)  actress

Alexander Scourby  (1913-1985)  actor

Henri Langlois  (1914-1977)  cinema historian

Alberto Lattuada  (1914-2005)  actor, writer, director

Robert Sterling  (1917-2006)  actor

Mary Beth Hughes  (1919-1995)  actress

Jack Elam  (1920-2003)  actor

Jack Narz  (1922-2008)  television host and announcer

Madeleine Sherwood  (1922-2016)  actress

Oskar Werner  (1922-1984)  actor

Linda Christian  (1923-2011)  actress

Helena Carroll  (1928-2013)  actress

Adrienne Corri  (1931-2016)  actress

Richard Mulligan  (1932-2000)  actor

Garry Marshall  (1934-2016)  actor, producer, director

Jean Seberg  (1938-1979)  actress

Dack Rambo  (1941-1994)  actor

Dirk Rambo  (1941-1967)  actor


Don Gordon is 90  actor

J.A. Preston is 84  actor

Karl-Otto Alberty is 83  actor

Tom Atkins is 81  actor

Jimmy Hawkins is 75  actor

Joe Mantegna is 69  actor

Sheila Frazier is 68  actress

Art Malik is 64  actor, producer

Frances Conroy is 63  actress

Tracy Scoggins is 63  actress

Chris Noth is 62  actor

Whoopi Goldberg is 61  comedian, actress, writer

Rex Linn is 60  actor

Caroline Goodall is 57  actress, writer

Neil Flynn is 56  actor

Jimmy Kimmel is 49  comedian, television host

Steve Zahn is 49  actor

Gerard Butler is 47  actor

Noah Hathaway is 45  actor

Jordan Bridges is 43  actor

Kim Director is 42  actress

Aisha Hinds is 41  actress

Devon Bostick is 26  actor



Happy Indian Pudding Day!

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Here are the birthdays for November 14, 2016:


Jack Montgomery  (1891-1962)  actor, stuntman

Aaron Copland  (1900-1990)  composer

Dick Powell  (1904-1963)  actor, producer, director

Louise Brooks  (1906-1985)  actress, dancer

Astrid Lindgren  (1907-2002)  writer

Rosemary DeCamp  (1910-2001)  actress, singer

Sherwood Schwartz  (1916-2011)  writer, producer

Brian Keith  (1921-1997)  actor

Phyllis Avery  (1922-2011)  actress

Veronica Lake  (1922-1973)  actress, singer

McLean Stevenson  (1927-1996)  actor, writer

Don Stewart  (1935-2006)  actor

Ted Sorel  (1936-2010)  actor

Robert Ginty  (1948-2009)  actor

Ray Sharkey  (1952-1993)  actor


Kathleen Hughes is 88  actress

Monique Mercure is 86  actress

Wendy Carlos is 77  composer

Paul Hirsch is 71  editor

Joe Kenda is 70  police detective, television host

Sacheen Littlefeather is 70  actress

Gary Grubbs is 67  actor

Sandahl Bergman is 65  actress, dancer

Zhang Yimou is 65  actor, producer, director

Chris Noonan is 64  writer, producer, director

Paul Attanasio is 57  writer, producer

Paul McGann is 57  actor

D.B. Sweeney is 55  actor

Laura San Giacomo is 54  actress

Harland Williams is 54  comedian, actor

Patrick Warburton is 52  actor

Marco Leonardi is 45  actor

Josh Duhamel is 44  actor

Betsy Brandt is 43  actress

Matt Cedeno is 43  actor

Olga Kurylenko is 37  actress

Vanessa Bayer is 35  actress

Laura Ramsey is 34  actress

Cory Michael Smith is 30  actor

Stella Maeve is 27  actress

Graham Patrick Martin is 25  actor



Happy Pickle Day!

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Here are the birthdays for November 15, 2016:


Lewis Stone  (1879-1953)  actor

Naomi Childers  (1892-1964)  actress

Geoffrey Toone  (1910-2005)  actor

Kay Walsh  (1911-2005)  actress

Dona Drake  (1914-1989)  actress, singer

Greta Gynt  (1916-2000)  actress, singer

Bill Melendez  (1916-2008)  animator, producer, director

Carol Bruce  (1919-2007)  actress, singer

Nova Pilbeam  (1919-2015)  actress

Francesco Rosi  (1922-2015)  writer, director

Whitman Mayo  (1930-2001)  actor

John Kerr  (1931-2013)  actor, singer

Gloria Foster  (1933-2001)  actress

Thalmus Rasulala  (1939-1991)  actor


Judge Joseph Wapner is 97  television personality

Richard H. Kline is 90  cinematographer 

Ed Asner is 87  actor

Petula Clark is 84  singer-songwriter, actress

Jack Burns is 83  comedian, actor, writer, producer

Joanna Barnes is 82  actress, writer

Yaphet Kotto is 79  actor

Enzo Staiola is 77  child actor

Sam Waterston is 76  actor

Roger Donaldson is 71  writer, producer, director

Bob Gunton is 71  actor

Beverly D'Angelo is 65  actress, singer

Richard Narita is 65  actor

Kevin Eubanks is 59  musician, composer

Ray McKinnon is 59  actor, writer, producer

Judy Gold is 54  comedian, actress, producer

Kevin J. O'Connor is 53  actor

Mauro Fiore is 52  cinematographer

Rachel True is 50  actress

Francois Ozon is 49  writer, producer, director

Jonny Lee Miller is 44  actor

Sydney Tamiia Poitier is 43  actress

Virginie Ledoyen is 40  actress

Sean Murray is 39  actor

Shailene Woodley is 25  actress



Happy Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day!

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Here are the birthdays for November 16, 2016:


Halliwell Hobbes  (1877-1962)  actor

Richard Hale  (1892-1981)  actor

Lawrence Tibbett  (1896-1960)  actor, singer

Burgess Meredith  (1907-1997)  actor, singer, writer, producer, director

George O. Petrie  (1912-1997)  actor

Ellen A. Dow  (1913-2015)  actress

Jack Smith  (1913-2006)  singer, actor

Patricia Barry  (1922-2016)  actress

Royal Dano  (1922-1994)  actor

Barbara Payton  (1927-1967)  actress, singer

Bobs Watson  (1930-1999)  actor

Guy Stockwell  (1933-2002)  actor


Clu Gulager is 88  actor

Donna McKechnie is 76  actress, singer, dancer

Darlene Tompkins is 76  actress

Joanna Pettet is 74  actress

Steve Railsback is 71  actor, producer, director

Barbara Leigh is 70  actress

David Leisure is 66  actor

Miguel Sandoval is 65  actor

Allison Anders is 62  writer, producer, director

Jun Kunimura is 61  actor

Dan Shor is 60  actor

Marg Helgenberger is 58  actress

Harry Lennix is 52  actor

Maeve Quinlan is 52  actress

Dean McDermott is 50  actor

Lisa Bonet is 49  actress

Christine Harnos is 48  actress

Tammy Lauren is 48  actress

Martha Plimpton is 46  actress

Michael Irby is 44  actor

Missi Pyle is 44  actress

Brooke Elliott is 42  actress

Gigi Edgley is 39  singer-songwriter, actress

Maggie Gyllenhaal is 39  actress

Kimberly J. Brown is 32  actress

Pete Davidson is 23  comedian, actor



Happy Fast Food day!

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Here are the birthdays for November 17, 2016:


Charles Rosher  (1885-1974)  cinematographer

Crane Wilbur  (1886-1973)  actor, writer, director

Lester Allen  (1891-1949)  actor, director

Frank Fay  (1897-1961)  actor, singer, writer

Sara Haden  (1899-1981)  actress, singer

Douglas Shearer  (1899-1971)  sound engineer

Lee Strasberg  (1901-1082)  actor, teacher

Mischa Auer  (1905-1967)  actor, singer

Teru Shimada  (1905-1988)  actor

Betty Bronson  (1906-1971)  actress

Mari Aldon  (1925-2004)  actress, singer, dancer

Rock Hudson  (1925-1985)  actor

Terry  (1933-1945)  Toto

Peter Cook  (1937-1995)  comedian, actor, writer

David Warbeck  (1941-1997)  actor

Roberta Collins  (1944-2008)  actress

Bill Lancaster  (1947-1997)  writer, actor

Dean Paul Martin  (1951-1987)  actor, singer


Robert Brown is 90  actor

Fenella Fielding is 89  actress

Lynn Stalmaster is 89  casting director

Rance Howard is 88  actor

Martin Scorsese is 74  writer, producer, director

Lauren Hutton is 73  actress

Danny DeVito is 72  actor, producer, director

Lorne Michaels is 72  writer, producer

Roland Joffe is 71  writer, producer, director

Steven E. de Souza is 69  writer, producer

Jon Avnet is 67  writer, producer, director

Stephen Root is 65  actor

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio is 58  actress

William R. Moses is 57  actor

RuPaul is 56  actor, singer, television host

Frank Spotnitz is 56  writer, producer

Dylan Walsh is 53  actor

Daisy Fuentes is 50  actress, television host

Sophie Marceau is 50  actress, writer, director

David Ramsey is 45  actor

Leonard Roberts is 44  actor

Leslie Bibb is 43  actress

Diane Neal is 40  actress

Zoe Bell is 38  stuntwoman, actress

Tom Ellis is 38  actor

Rachel McAdams is 38  actress



Happy Take a Hike Day!

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Here are the birthdays for November 18, 2016:


Katie Johnson  (1878-1957)  actress

Frances Marion  (1888-1973)  writer

Imogene Coca  (1908-2001)  actress, singer

Jocelyn Brando  (1919-2005)  actress

Bruce Conner  (1933-2008)  director

David Hemmings  (1941-2003)  actor, producer, director


Mickey Mouse is 89   mouse

Ian McCulloch is 77  actor

Brenda Vaccaro is 77  actress

Linda Evans is 74  actress

Susan Sullivan is 74  actress

Arthur J. Nascarella is 72  actor

Jameson Parker is 69  actor

Andrea Marcovicci is 68  actress, singer

Eric Pierpoint is 66  actor

Delroy Lindo is 64  actor

Alan Moore is 63  writer

Kevin Nealon is 63  comedian, actor, writer

Carter Burwell is 61  composer

Oscar Nunez is 58  actor

Elizabeth Perkins is 56  actress

Shari Shattuck is 56  actress

Nick Chinlund is 55  actor

Steven Moffat is 55  writer, producer

Tim Guinee is 54  actor

Romany Malco is 50  actor

Owen Wilson is 48  actor, writer, producer

Dan Bakkedahl is 47  actor

Elizabeth Anne Allen is 46  actress

Mike Epps is 46  comedian, actor

Peta Wilson is 46  actress

Chloe Sevigny is 42  actress

Steven Pasquale is 40  actor

Nate Parker is 37  actor, writer, producer

Nasim Pedrad is 35  actress

Allison Tolman is 35  actress

Christina Vidal is 35  actress, singer

Damon Wayans Jr. is 34  actor

Georgia King is 30  actress

Jake Abel is 29  actor



Happy Vichyssoise Day!

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Here are the birthdays for November 18, 2016:


. . .


Mickey Mouse is 89   mouse


For some reason, this really made me laugh. Maybe it's because I had just finished reading about Shelley Duvall and needed a boost.



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Here are the birthdays for November 19, 2016:


George Barbier  (1865-1945)  actor

Ned Sparks  (1883-1957)  actor, singer

Erskine Sanford  (1885-1969)  actor

Clifton Webb  (1889-1966)  actor, singer, dancer

George Regas  (1890-1940)  actor

Bert Glennon  (1893-1967)  cinematographer, director

Anton Walbrook  (1896-1967)  actor

Richard Alexander  (1902-1989)  actor

Nancy Carroll  (1903-1965)  actress, singer

Eleanor Audley  (1905-1991)  actress, singer

Tommy Dorsey  (1905-1956)  musician, composer, bandleader

Alan Baxter  (1908-1976)  actor

Gillo Pontecorvo  (1919-2006)  writer, director

Alan Young  (1919-2016)  actor, singer, director

Gene Tierney  (1920-1991)  actress, singer

Dick Wesson  (1922-1996)  actor, writer, producer

Dan Haggerty  (1941-2016)  actor

Tom Villard  (1953-1994)  actor

Joel Goldsmith  (1957-2012)  composer


William Russell is 92  actor

Etchika Choureau is 87  actress

Larry King is 83  journalist, talk show host

Dick Cavett is 80  actor, talk show host, writer

Ted Turner is 78  businessman, television executive

Nigel Bennett is 67  actor

Robert Beltran is 63  actor

Kathleen Quinlan is 62  actress

Sam Hamm is 61  writer, producer

Glynnis O'Connor is 60  actress

Charlie Kaufman is 58  writer, producer, director

Allison Janney is 57  actress

Meg Ryan is 55  actress

Jodie Foster is 54  actress, producer, director

Terry Farrell is 53  actress

Paul Weitz is 51  actor, writer, producer, director

Wolfgang Bodison is 50  actor

Jason Scott Lee is 50  actor

Sandrine Holt is 44  actress

Savion Glover is 43  actor, dancer, choreographer 

Adam Driver is 33  actor



Happy Adoption Day!

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Here are the birthdays for November 20, 2016:


Robert Armstrong  (1890-1973)  actor

Reginald Denny  (1891-1967)  actor, singer, writer

Carl Mayer  (1894-1944)  writer

Rod La Rocque  (1898-1969)  actor, singer

Fran Allison  (1907-1989)  actress, singer

Henri-Georges Clouzot  (1907-1977)  writer, producer, director

Alistair Cooke  (1908-2004)  writer, television host

Judy Canova  (1913-1983)  comedian, actress

Richard Fiske  (1915-1944)  actor

Kon Ichikawa  (1915-2008)  writer, producer, director

Evelyn Keyes  (1916-2008)  actress

Robert Sully  (1918-2007)  actor

Phyllis Thaxter  (1919-2012)  actress

Ken Drake  (1921-1987)  actor

Dan Frazer  (1921-2011)  actor

Tonino Delli Colli  (1922-2005)  cinematographer

Danny Dayton  (1923-1999)  actor, director

Franklin Cover  (1928-2006)  actor

Richard Dawson  (1932-2012)  actor, television host

Don Durant  (1932-2005)  actor, singer


Kaye Ballard is 91  actress, singer

Estelle Parsons is 89  actress

Aleksey Batalov is 88  actor, writer, director

Jerry Hardin is 87  actor

Lucy Marlow is 84  actress, singer

Dick Smothers is 77  actor, comedian

Carolyn Brandt is 76  actress

Bob "Super Dave" Einstein is 74  actor, writer, producer

Mie Hama is 73  actress

Veronica Hamel is 73  actress

Richard Masur is 68  actor, director

Bo Derek is 60  actress

Sean Young is 57  actress

Phil Joanou is 55  director

Larry Karaszewski is 55  writer, producer, director

Ming-Na Wen is 53  actress

Callie Thorne is 47  actress

Joel McHale is 45  actor, comedian, television host, producer

Laura Harris is 40  actress

Nadine Velazquez is 38  model, actress

Jacob Pitts is 37  actor

Andrea Riseborough is 35  actress

Dan Byrd is 31  actor



Happy Absurdity Day!

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Here are the birthdays for November 21, 2016:


Corinne Griffith  (1894-1979)  actress, singer, producer

Jobyna Ralston  (1899-1967)  actress

Dorothy Granger  (1911-1995)  actress, singer

Eleanor Powell  (1912-1982)  actress, dancer

John Boulting  (1913-1985)  writer, producer, director

Roy Boulting  (1913-2001)  writer, producer, director

Dorothy Arnold  (1917-1984)  actress

Paul Bogart  (1919-2012)  producer, director

Steve Brodie  (1919-1992)  actor

Ralph Meeker  (1920-1988)  actor

Vivian Blaine  (1921-1995)  actress, singer

Xie Jin  (1925-2008)  writer, director

Ingrid Pitt  (1937-2010)  actress

Robert Drivas  (1938-1986)  actor

Harold Ramis  (1944-2014)  actor, writer, producer, director


Joseph Campanella is 92  actor

Laurence Luckinbill is 82  actor, writer, director

Michael Chapman is 81  cinematographer

Marlo Thomas is 79  actress

Gus Trikonis is 79  actor, director

Jack Kehoe is 78  actor

Rick Lenz is 77  actor

Jeannot Szwarc is 77  writer, producer, director

John Hough is 75  producer, director

Juliet Mills is 75  actress

Michael Cavanaugh is 74  actor

Al Matthews is 74  actor

Goldie Hawn is 71  actress

James A. Watson Jr. is 71  actor

Andrew Davis is 70  writer, cinematographer, director

Deborah Shelton is 68  actress

Lorna Luft is 64  actress, singer

Tom Rothman is 62  writer, producer

Cherry Jones is 60  actress

Timothy Stack is 60  actor, writer

Brian McNamara is 56  actor

Christine Vachon is 54  producer

Nicollette Sheridan is 53  actress

Bjork is 51  singer-songwriter, actress

Alexander Siddig is 51  actor

Dahlia Salem is 45  actress

Michael Strahan is 45  athlete, actor, television host

Rain Phoenix is 44  actress

Jimmi Simpson is 41  actor

Jena Malone is 34  actress



Happy Stuffing Day!

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Here are the birthdays for November 22, 2016:


Elizabeth Patterson  (1875-1966)  actress, singer

Harry Wilson  (1897-1987)  actor, singer

Hoagy Carmichael  (1899-1981)  singer-songwriter, actor

Lee Patrick  (1901-1982)  actress

Roland Winters  (1904-1989)  actor

Oswald Morris  (1915-2014)  cinematographer

Anne Crawford  (1920-1956)  actress

Rodney Dangerfield  (1921-2004)  comedian, actor, writer

Lynne Roberts  (1922-1978)  actress, singer

Mel Bourne  (1923-2003)  production designer

Arthur Hiller  (1923-2016)  actor, producer, director

Geraldine Page  (1924-1987)  actress, singer

Robert Vaughn  (1932-2016)  actor


Michael Callan is 81  actor

Allen Garfield is 77  actor

Terry Gilliam is 76  actor, animator, writer, director

Tom Conti is 75  actor

Margaret Markov is 68  actress

Steven Van Zandt is 66  singer-songwriter, musician, actor

Richard Kind is 60  actor

Jamie Lee Curtis is 58  actress

Bruce Payne is 58  actor

Leos Carax is 56  actor, writer, director

Mariel Hemingway is 55  actress

Stephen Geoffreys is 52  actor, director

Kristin Minter is 51  actress

Mads Mikkelsen is 51  actor

Nicholas Rowe is 50  actor

Richard Stanley is 50  writer, producer, director

Michael K. Williams is 50  actor

Mark Ruffalo is 49  actor

Scarlett Johansson is 32  actress

Jamie Campbell Bower is 28  actor, singer

Alden Ehrenreich is 27  actor



Happy Cranberry Relish Day!

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Here are the birthdays for November 23, 2016:


Boris Karloff  (1887-1969)  actor

Nana Bryant  (1888-1955)  actress, singer

Harpo Marx  (1888-1964)  actor, musician

Victor Jory  (1902-1982)  actor

Run Run Shaw  (1907-2014)  producer

George O'Hanlon  (1912-1989)  actor, writer

John Dehner  (1915-1992)  actor

Ellen Drew  (1915-2003)  actress, singer

Michael Gough  (1916-2011)  actor

John Newland  (1917-2000)  producer, director, television host

Nadia Gray  (1923-1994)  actress

Paula Raymond  (1924-2003)  model, actress

Paul Richards  (1924-1974)  actor

Sybil Jason  (1927-2011)  child actress

Pierre Etaix  (1928-2016)  actor, writer, director

Michael Wayne  (1934-2003)  producer, actor

Steve Landesberg  (1936-2010)  actor, writer

Assi Dayan  (1945-2014)  actor, writer, director

David Rappaport  (1951-1990)  actor

Dominique Dunne  (1959-1982)  actress


Jacqueline White is 94  actress

Johnny Mandel is 91  composer

Tony Russel is 91  actor

Leo Fong is 88  actor, writer, producer

Ricou Browning is 86  actor, stuntman

Kunie Tanaka is 84  actor

Robert Towne is 82  actor, writer, director

Franco Nero is 75  actor

Susan Anspach is 74  actress

Jeannie Bell is 73  actress

Joe Eszterhas is 72  writer, producer

Peter Maloney is 72  actor

James Toback is 72  actor, writer, director

Diana Quick is 70  actress

Bruce Vilanch is 68  actor, writer

Maxwell Caulfield is 57  actor

Rodrigo Prieto is 51  cinematographer

Vincent Cassel is 50  actor

Salli Richardson is 49  actress

Oded Fehr is 46  actor

Chris Hardwick is 45  comedian, actor, television host

Kelly Brook is 37  model, actress

Ricky Whittle is 35  actor

Miley Cyrus is 24  singer-songwriter, actress



Happy Jukebox Day!

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Here are the birthdays for November 24, 2016:


Al Christie  (1881-1951)  writer, producer, director

Rudolf Klein-Rogge  (1885-1955)  actor, writer

Cathleen Nesbitt  (1888-1982)  actress

Kirby Grant  (1911-1985)  actor

Garson Kanin  (1912-1999)  writer, director

Howard Duff  (1913-1990)  actor, producer, director

Geraldine Fitzgerald  (1913-2005)  actress

Forrest J. Ackerman  (1916-2008)  actor, writer

David Kossof  (1919-2005)  actor, writer

Rene Enriquez  (1933-1990)  actor


Albert Wolsky is 86  costume designer

Tom Stern is 84  actor

Pino Donaggio is 75  composer

Billy Connolly is 74  comedian, actor

Dwight Schultz is 69  actor

Stanley Livingston is 66  actor, writer, producer, director

Rachel Chagall is 64  actress

Emir Kusturica is 62  actor, writer, director

Ruben Santiago-Hudson is 60  actor, writer

Denise Crosby is 59  actress, producer

Amanda Wyss is 56  actress

Garret Dillahunt is 52  actor

Conleth Hill is 52  actor

Jim Van Bebber is 52  actor, editor, writer, producer, director

Shirley Henderson is 51  actress

Lola Glaudini is 45  actress

Stephen Merchant is 42  actor, writer, producer, director

Colin Hanks is 39  actor

Katherine Heigl is 38  actress

Sarah Hyland is 26  actress



Happy Thanksgiving!




Happy Sardines Day!

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Here are the birthdays for November 25, 2016:


Jessie Royce Landis  (1896-1972)  actress

W.R. Burnett  (1899-1982)  writer

Helen Gahagan  (1900-1980)  actress, politician

Margaret Livingston  (1900-1984)  actress

Glen Glenn  (1907-1960)  sound engineer

Peg Lynch  (1916-2015)  actress, writer

Norman Tokar  (1919-1979)  writer, producer, director

Ricardo Montalban  (1920-2009)  actor, singer, director

Noel Neill  (1920-2016)  actress

Shelagh Fraser  (1922-2000)  actress

Jeffrey Hunter  (1926-1969)  actor

Judy Crichton  (1929-2007)  producer, director

James Westmoreland  (1935-2016)  actor


Jack Hogan is 87  actor

Kathryn Crosby is 83  actress, singer

Matt Clark is 80  actor

Beverly Washburn is 73  actress

Ben Stein is 72  actor, writer, television host

Mary Jo Deschanel is 71  actress

Jonathan Kaplan is 69  producer, director

John Larroquette is 69  actor

Tracey Walter is 69  actor

Robert "Rusty" Stevens is 68  child actor

Mark Frost is 63  writer, producer

Don Hahn is 61  producer, director

Bruno Tonioli is 61  dancer, choreographer, television personality

Darlanne Fluegel is 58  actress

Robert Kurtzman is 52  make-up effects artist

Dougray Scott is 51  actor

Billy Burke is 50  actor

Jill Hennessy is 48  actress

Christina Applegate is 45  actress

Eddie Steeples is 43  actor

Stefanie von Pfetten is 43  actress

Kenneth Mitchell is 42  actor

Jill Flint is 39  actress

Jerry Ferrara is 37  actor

Joel Kinnaman is 37  actor

Amy Seimetz is 35  actress, writer, producer

Gaspard Ulliel is 32  actor

Katie Cassidy is 30  actress



Happy Native American Heritage Day!

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