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The Birthday Thread


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Here are the birthdays for November 26, 2016:


Ford Beebe  (1888-1978)  writer, director

Albert Dieudonne  (1889-1976)  actor, writer, director

Charles Brackett  (1892-1969)  writer, producer

Emlyn Williams  (1905-1987)  writer, actor

Frances Dee  (1909-2004)  actress, singer

Cyril Cusack  (1910-1993)  actor

Adele Jergens  (1917-2002)  actress, singer

Don Medford  (1917-2012)  writer, producer, director

Daniel Petrie  (1920-2004)  producer, director

Henry Beckman  (1921-2008)  actor

Albert Maysles  (1926-2015)  cinematographer, producer, director

Ernie "Mr. Dressup" Coombs  (1927-2001)  television host

Robert Goulet  (1933-2007)  singer, actor

Marian Mercer  (1935-2011)  actress, singer

Wayland Flowers  (1939-1988)  actor, puppeteer

Bruce Paltrow  (1943-2002)  producer, director


Betta St. John  is 87  actress, singer, dancer

Barry Coe is 82  actor

Jerry Jameson is 82  producer, director

Evans Evans is 80  actress

Rich Little is 78  comedian, impressionist, actor

Mark Margolis is 77  actor

Tina Turner is 77  singer-songwriter, dancer, actress

Olivia Cole is 74  actress

Marianne McAndrew is 74  actress, singer

Karin Schubert is 72  actress

Tandy Cronyn is 71  actress

Daniel Davis is 71  actor

Mark L. Lester is 70  writer, producer, director

Julien Temple is 64  writer, producer, director

Scott Jacoby is 60  actor

Don Lake is 60  actor, writer, producer

Marcy Walker is 55  actress

Scott Adsit is 51  actor, writer, producer, director

Kristen Bauer van Straten is 50  actress

Garcelle Beauvais is 50  actress

Ryan Robbins is 44  actor

Peter Facinelli is 43  actor

Jessica Camacho is 34  actress

Hafthor Julius Bjornsson is 28  athlete, actor



Happy Cake Day!

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Here are the birthdays for November 27, 2016:


Mona Washbourne  (1903-1988)  actress, singer

Florence Lake  (1904-1980)  actress, singer

Astrid Allwyn  (1905-1978)  actress

Dudley Dickerson  (1906-1968)  actor, singer

James Agee  (1909-1955)  writer, critic

Chick Hearn  (1916-2002)  sportscaster, actor

Buffalo Bob Smith  (1917-1998)  actor, television host

Stephen Elliott  (1918-2005)  actor

Hall Bartlett  (1922-1993)  writer, producer, director

Marshall Thompson  (1925-1992)  actor, writer, director

Michael Tolan  (1925-2011)  actor

Ernie Wise  (1925-1999)  actor, singer, writer

Les Blank  (1935-2013)  producer, director

Bruce Lee  (1940-1973)  actor, writer

Jimi Hendrix  (1942-1970)  singer-songwriter, musician

James Avery  (1945-2013)  actor


Anthony Pratt is 79  production designer

Gregory Hoblit is 72  writer, producer, director

Barbara Anderson is 71  actress

Gerrit Graham is 67  actor

Kathryn Bigelow is 65  writer, producer, director

Curtis Armstrong is 63  actor, singer, producer

Kimmy Robertson is 62  actress

Bill Nye is 61  engineer, television host

William Fichtner is 60  actor

Callie Khouri is 59  writer, producer, director

Michael Rispoli is 56  actor

Samantha Bond is 55  actress

Steve Oedekerk is 55  actor, writer, director

Fisher Stevens is 53  actor, producer, director

Rebecca Ferratti is 52  model, actress

Robin Givens is 52  actress

Adam Shankman is 52  producer, director

Michael Vartan is 48  actor

Chin Han is 47  actor

Elizabeth Marvel is 47  actress

Brooke Langton is 46  actress

Kirk Acevedo is 45  actor

Shane Salerno is 44  writer, producer

Tadanobu Asano is 43  actor

Sharlto Copley is 43  actor

Alec Newman is 42  actor

Jennifer O'Dell is 42  actress

Jaleel White is 40  actor, writer

Alison Pill is 31  actress



Happy Bavarian Cream Pie Day!

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Here are the birthdays for November 28, 2016:


Bobby Watson  (1888-1965)  actor

Jose Iturbi  (1895-1980)  musician, composer, actor

Lilia Skala  (1896-1994)  actress

Max Wagner  (1901-1975)  actor

Gladys O'Connor  (1903-2012)  actress

David Miller  (1909-1992)  writer, producer, director

Kinuyo Tanaka  (1910-1977)  actress

Gloria Grahame  (1923-1981)  actress

Chuck Mitchell  (1927-1992)  actor

Gloria Winters  (1931-2010)  actress

Hope Lange  (1933-2003)  actress

Michael Ritchie  (1938-2001)  writer, producer, director

Laura Antonelli  (1941-2015)  actress

Alexander Godunov  (1949-1995)  dancer, actor

Anna Nicole Smith  (1967-2007)  model, actress


James Karen is 93  actor

Berry Gordy Jr. is 87  songwriter, music & film producer

Randy Newman is 73  singer-songwriter, composer

Joe Dante is 70  producer, director

Agnieszka Holland is 68  actress, writer, director

Paul Shaffer is 67  songwriter, musician, actor

Ed Harris is 66  actor, producer, director

S. Epatha Merkerson is 64  actress

Lucy Gutteridge is 60  actress

Thom Mathews is 58  actor

Judd Nelson is 57  actor

Martin Clunes is 55  actor, singer

Alfonso Cuaron is 55  writer, producer, director

Jonathan Mostow is 55  writer, producer, director

Paul Dinello is 54  actor, writer, producer, director

Jon Stewart is 54  actor, writer, producer, director, television host

Armando Iannucci is 53  comedian, actor, producer, director

Martin Cummins is 47  actor

Colman Domingo is 47  actor

Ryan Kwanten is 40  actor

Aimee Garcia is 38  actress

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is 32  actress

Karen Gillan is 29  actress



Happy French Toast Day!

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Here are the birthdays for November 29, 2016:


Busby Berkeley  (1895-1976)  choreographer, director

Yakima Canutt  (1896-1986)  stuntman, actor, director

John Alexander  (1897-1982)  actor

Genevieve Tobin  (1899-1995)  actress, singer

Mildred Harris  (1901-1944)  actress

Kay Johnson  (1904-1975)  actress, singer

Fran Ryan  (1916-2000)  actress

Rupert Crosse  (1927-1973)  actor

Shintaru Katsu  (1931-1997)  actor, producer, director

Garry Shandling  (1949-2016)  comedian, actor, writer

Christine Pascal  (1953-1996)  actress, writer, director


Naomi Stevens is 90  actress

Vin Scully is 89  sportscaster, television host

Diane Ladd is 81  actress

Zouzou is 73  actress

Jeff Fahey is 64  actor

Joel Coen is 62  writer, producer, director

Howie Mandel is 61  comedian, actor

Cathy Moriarty is 56  actress

Kim Delaney is 55  actress

Tom Sizemore is 55  actor

Andrew McCarthy is 54  actor

Tom Wright is 54  actor

Don Cheadle is 52  actor

Ellen Cleghorne is 51  comedian, actress

Gena Lee Nolin is 45  model, actress

Chadwick Boseman is 40  actor

Anna Faris is 40  actress

Lauren German is 38  actress

Lucas Black is 34  actor

Gemma Chan is 34  actress



Happy Electronic Greetings Day!

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Vin Scully and Chick Hearn, a couple of days apart. Both were Los Angeles sportscasters and defied the odds by being very good at it for a long, long, time and thus have attained the status of legend.


RIP Chick and Happy Birthday as well.


Happy Birthday to you, Vince. I miss your voice already (as having just retired)





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Here are the birthdays for November 30, 2016:


Lonesomepolecat    message board member

RMeingast                 message board member


Mark Twain  (1835-1910)  writer

Gordon Parks  (1912-2006)  director

Efrem Zimbalist Jr.  (1918-2014)  actor

Virginia Mayo  (1920-2005)  actress

Allan Sherman  (1924-1973)  comedian, actor, singer, writer, producer

Richard Crenna  (1926-2003)  actor

Rex Reason  (1928-2015)  actor

Dick Clark  (1929-2012)  television host, producer

Jean Eustache  (1938-1981)  writer, producer, director


Robert Guillaume is 89  actor, singer

G. Gordon Liddy is 86  actor, television host, criminal

Jack Ging is 85  actor

Tsai Chin is 83  actress, singer

Ridley Scott is 79  producer, director

Terrence Malick is 73  writer, producer, director

Billy Drago is 71  actor

Stuart Baird is 69  producer, director

David Mamet is 69  writer, producer, director

Larry Bishop is 68  actor, writer, director

Nicholas Woodeson is 67  actor

Margaret Whitton is 66  actress

June Chadwick is 65  actress

Daniel Petrie Jr. is 65  writer, producer, director

Bo Welch is 65  production designer

Mandy Patinkin is 64  actor, singer, musician

Henry Selick is 64  writer, producer, director

Simonetta Stefanelli is 62  actress

Kevin Conroy is 61  actor

Billy Idol is 61  singer-songwriter, actor

Gordon Liu is 61  actor, director

Michael Hoffman is 60  writer, producer, director

Nancy Everhard is 59  actress

Colin Mochrie is 59  comedian, actor, writer, producer

Cherie Currie is 51  singer, actress

Brian Unger is 51  actor

David Yates is 53  writer, producer, director

Richard Brake is 52  actor

Michael Cudlitz is 52  actor

Emmanuel Lubezki is 52  cinematographer

Ryan Murphy is 51  writer, producer

Ben Stiller is 51  actor, writer, producer, director

Lenny Abrahamson is 50  writer, producer, director

Marc Forster is 47  writer, producer, director

Chris Weitz is 47  actor, writer, producer, director

Michelle Burke is 46  actress

Kristin Dattilo is 46  actress

Perrey Reeves is 46  actress

Jessalyn Gilsig is 45  actress

Nimrod Antal is 43  director

Gael Garcia Bernal is 38  actor, director

Robert Kirkman is 38  writer, producer

Diego Klattenhoff is 37  actor

Billy Lush is 35  actor

Elisha Cuthbert is 34  actress

Kaley Cuoco is 31  actress

Chrissy Teigen is 31  model, actress



Happy Computer Security Day!

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Here are the birthdays for December 1, 2016:


Torben Meyer  (1884-1975)  actor

James Bell  (1891-1973)  actor

William H. Daniels  (1901-1970)  cinematographer

Norman Leavitt  (1913-2005)  actor

Mary Martin  (1913-1990)  actress, singer

William Tracy  (1917-1967)  actor

Paul Picerni  (1922-2011)  actor

Dick Shawn  (1923-1987)  actor

Keith Michell  (1926-2015)  actor

Abby Mann  (1927-2008)  writer, producer

Emily McLaughlin  (1928-1991)  actress

Malachi Throne  (1928-2013)  actor

David Doyle  (1929-1997)  actor

Richard Pryor  (1940-2005)  comedian, actor, writer


Woody Allen is 81  comedian, musician, actor, writer, producer, director

Jay Cox(proper spelling is censored) is 72  writer

Bette Midler is 71  singer-songwriter, actress

Jonathan Katz is 70  comedian, actor

Elizabeth Baur is 69  actress

Bill Wallace is 67  athlete, actor

Richard Keith is 66  child actor

Obba Babatunde is 65  actor, producer, director

Treat Williams is 65  actor

Larry Charles is 60  writer, producer, director

Charlene Tilton is 58  actress

Carol Alt is 56  model, actress

Jeremy Northam is 55  actor

Andrew Adamson is 50  writer, producer, director

Katherine LaNasa is 50  actress

Nestor Carbonell is 49  actor

Sarah Silverman is 46  comedian, actress

Emily Mortimer is 45  actress

Akiva Schaffer is 39  actor, writer, producer, director

Riz Ahmed is 34  actor

Janelle Monae is 31  singer-songwriter, dancer, actress

Zoe Kravitz is 28  actress



Happy Eat a Red Apple Day!

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Here are the birthdays for December 2, 2016:


Warren William  (1894-1948)  actor

Donald Woods  (1906-1998)  actor

Rufe Davis  (1908-1974)  actor, singer

Robert F. Simon  (1908-1992)  actor

Robert Paige  (1910-1987)  actor, singer

Virginia Carroll  (1913-2009)  actress

Marc Platt  (1913-2014)  actor, dancer, singer

Bill Erwin  (1914-2010)  actor

Adolph Green  (1914-2002)  writer, songwriter, composer

Ray Walston  (1914-2001)  actor, singer

Sylvia Syms  (1917-1992)  actress, singer

Leo Gordon  (1922-2000)  actor, writer

Jonathan Frid  (1924-2012)  actor

Julie Harris  (1925-2013)  actress

Jimmy Sangster  (1927-2011)  writer


Nadja Regin is 85  actress

Arch Hall Jr. is 73  actor, singer

Cathy Lee Crosby is 72  actress

Penelope Spheeris is 71  writer, producer, director

Keith Szarabajka is 64  actor

Dan Butler is 62  actor, writer, director

Dennis Christopher is 61  actor

Steven Bauer is 60  actor

Brendan Coyle is 53  actor

Lucy Liu is 48  actress

Rena Sofer is 48  actress

Renee Tenison is 48  model, actress

Joe Lo Truglio is 46  actor, writer

Nelly Furtado is 38  singer-songwriter, actress

Britney Spears is 35  singer, dancer, actress

Daniela Ruah is 33  actress

Alfred Enoch is 28  actor



Happy Mutt Day!

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Here are the birthdays for December 3, 2016:


Charles Hutchison  (1879-1949)  actor, writer, director

Anna Sten  (1908-1993)  actress, singer

Nino Rota  (1911-1979)  pianist, composer

Mickey Simpson  (1913-1985)  actor

Len Lesser  (1922-2011)  actor

Sven Nykvist  (1922-2006)  cinematographer

Dede Allen  (1923-2010)  editor

Andy Williams  (1927-2012)  singer, television host

Don Calfa  (1939-2016)  actor

Mel Smith  (1952-2013)  actor, producer, director

Valerie Quennessen  (1957-1989)  actress


Jean-Luc Godard is 86  writer, director

Jaye P. Morgan is 85  singer, actress

Nicolas Coster is 82  actor

Mary Alice is 75  actress

Ozzy Osbourne is 68  singer-songwriter, television personality

Heather Menzies is 67  actress

Eugene Clark is 65  actor

Melody Anderson is 61  actress

Steven Culp is 61  actor

Daryl Hannah is 56  actress

Julianne Moore is 56  actress

Steve Harris is 51  actor

Andrew Stanton is 51  writer, producer, director

Brendan Fraser is 48  actor

Keegan Connor Tracy is 45  actress

Bruno Campos is 43  actor

Holly Marie Combs is 43  actress

Joseph Gatt is 42  actor

Malinda Williams is 41  actress

Rainbow Francks is 37  actor

Anna Chlumsky is 36  actress

Jenna Dewan is 36  actress, dancer

Brian Bonsall is 35  child actor

Adam Wingard is 34  editor, cinematographer, director

Amanda Seyfried is 31  actress

Michael Angarano is 29  actor, writer, director



Happy Roof Over Your Head Day! 

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Here are the birthdays for December 4, 2016:


Lillian Russell  (1861-1922)  actress, singer

Elspeth Dudgeon  (1871-1955)  actress

Colin Kenny  (1888-1968)  actor

Lloyd Bacon  (1889-1955)  actor, writer, director

Cornell Woolrich  (1903-1968)  writer

Alex North  (1910-1991)  composer

Thelma White  (1910-2005)  actress, singer

Mark Robson  (1913-1978)  producer, director

Claude Renoir  (1914-1993)  cinematographer

Michael Bates  (1920-1978)  actor

Deanna Durbin  (1921-2013)  singer, actress

Gerard Philipe  (1922-1959)  actor

Ronnie Corbett  (1930-2016)  actor, writer

Marianne Edwards  (1930-2013)  child actress

Horst Buchholz  (1933-2003)  actor

Victor French  (1934-1989)  actor, director

Dennis Wilson  (1944-1983)  singer-songwriter, musician, actor

Mark Frechette  (1947-1975)  actor


Ned Romero is 90  actor

Wink Martindale is 83  game show host

Max Baer Jr. is 79  actor, producer, director

Corinne Marchand is 79  actress

Donnelly Rhodes is 79  actor

Jimmy Hunt is 77  child actor

Gemma Jones is 74  actress

Pei-Pei Cheng is 70  actress

Jeff Bridges is 67  actor

Pamela Stephenson is 67  actress

Mick Garris is 65  writer, producer

Patricia Wettig is 65  actress

Robin Dearden is 63  actress

Tony Todd is 62  actor

Marisa Tomei is 52  actress

Fred Armisen is 50  actor, musician

Kevin Sussman is 46  actor

Tyra Banks is 43  model, actress, television host



Happy Sock Day!

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O that Gerard Phillipe should have died so young. Splendid actor. I best know of him from audio recordings of French Lit. I grew up with him in college anyway with his flawless recitations of La Fontaine (the fables) and an absolutely splendid version of Le Bourgeois Gentilehomme of Moliere. Incredible performance and outstandingly funny. And there is a brilliant audio performance of Le Petit Prince in the original that is famous.


RIP mon bon ami. 

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Here are the birthdays for December 5, 2016: 


Rene Creste  (1881-1922)  actor, director

Fritz Lang  (1890-1976)  writer, producer, director

Stuart Heisler  (1896-1979)  editor, director

Nunnally Johnson  (1897-1977)  writer, producer, director

Grace Moore  (1898-1947)  singer, actress

Walt Disney  (1901-1966)  animator, writer, producer, director

Jack Kenney  (1902-1961)  actor

Emeric Pressburger  (1902-1988)  writer, producer, director

Otto Preminger  (1906-1986)  actor, producer, director

Harold Huber  (1909-1959)  actor

Abraham Polonsky  (1910-1999)  writer, director

Keisuke Kinoshita  (1912-1998)  writer, producer, director

Margaret Hayes  (1916-1977)  actress

Alvy Moore  (1921-1997)  actor, producer

Norman Burton  (1923-2003)  actor

George Savalas  (1924-1985)  actor

Adolph Caesar  (1933-1986)  actor

Carrie Hamilton  (1963-2002)  actress, writer


Peter Hansen is 95  actor

​Little Richard is 84  singer-songwriter, musician, actor

Joan Didion is 82  writer

Jeroen Krabbe is 72  actor

John Altman is 67  composer

Morgan Brittany is 65  actress

Nivek Ogre is 54  singer-songwriter, actor

Doctor Dre is 53  rapper, songwriter, producer, actor

Cliff Eidelman is 52  composer

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is 49  writer, producer, director

Margaret Cho is 48  comedian, actress, writer

Lisa Marie is 48  model, actress

Lynne Ramsay is 47  writer, producer, director

Shalom Harlow is 43  model, actress

Lisa Sheridan is 42  actress

Paula Patton is 41  actress

Amy Acker is 40  actress

Nick Stahl is 37  actor

Jessica Pare is 36  actress

Frankie Muniz is 31  actor



Happy Ninja Day!

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Here are the birthdays for December 6, 2016:


NickAndNora34     message board member


William S. Hart  (1872-1946)  actor, writer, producer, director

Lynn Fontanne  (1887-1983)  actress

Will Hay  (1888-1949)  actor, writer, director

Ira Gershwin  (1896-1983)  songwriter

Sam Newfield  (1899-1964)  writer, producer, director

Agnes Moorehead  (1900-1974)  actress

Kathryn McGuire  (1903-1978)  actress

Elissa Landi  (1904-1948)  actress, singer

Judson Pratt  (1916-2002)  actor

Wally Cox  (1924-1973)  actor

Susanna Foster  (1924-2009)  actress, singer

Sergio Corbucci  (1926-1990)  writer, director

Jaime Fernandez  (1927-2005)  actor, director

Lance Fuller  (1928-2001)  actor

Bobby Van  (1928-1980)  actor, dancer, singer

King Moody  (1929-2001)  actor


Jo Shishido is 83  actor

Jean Lapointe is 81  actor, singer, politician

Patrick Bauchau is 78  actor

Richard Edlund is 76  visual effects designer

Leon Russom is 75  actor

Arnon Milchan is 72  producer

Shekhar Kapur is 71  producer, director

James Naughton is 71  actor

JoBeth Williams is 68  actress

Christina Lindberg is 66  actress

Gina Hecht is 64  actress

Tom Hulce is 63  actor

Kin Shriner is 63  actor

Wil Shriner is 63  actor, writer, director

Steven Wright is 61  comedian, actor, writer

Nick Park is 58  animator, writer, producer, director

Colin Salmon is 54  actor

Janine Turner is 54  actress

Ulrich Thomsen is 53  actor

Judd Apatow is 49  comedian, actor, writer, producer, director

Torri Higginson is 47  actress

Craig Brewer is 45  writer, producer, director

Sarah Rafferty is 44  actress

Lindsay Price is 40  actress



Happy Microwave Oven Day!

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Here are the birthdays for December 7, 2016:


Fay Bainter  (1893-1968)  actress

Jack Pennick  (1895-1964)  actor

Clarence Nash  (1904-1985)  voice actor, singer

Phyllis Barry  (1908-1954)  actress, singer

Arch Oboler  (1909-1987)  writer, producer, director

Rod Cameron  (1910-1983)  actor

Louis Prima  (1910-1978)  singer-songwriter, musician, actor

Leigh Brackett  (1913-1978)  writer

Eli Wallach  (1915-2014)  actor

Hurd Hatfield  (1917-1998)  actor

Frances Gifford  (1920-1994)  actress, singer

Ted Knight  (1923-1986)  actor


Ellen Burstyn is 84  actress

Kenneth Colley is 79  actor

W.D. Richter is 71  writer, producer, director

Clive Russell is 71  actor

James Keach is 69  actor, director

Tom Waits is 67  singer-songwriter, musician, actor

Georges Corraface is 64  actor

Priscilla Barnes is 61  actress

Mark Rolston is 60  actor

Patrick Fabian is 52  actor

Jeffrey Wright is 51  actor

C. Thomas Howell is 50  actor

Christa Campbell is 44  actress

Mark Duplass is 40  actor, writer, producer

Shiri Appleby is 38  actress

Kristofer Hivju is 38  actor

Jennifer Carpenter is 37  actress

Jack Huston is 34  actor

Emily Browning is 28  actress

Nicholas Hoult is 27  actor



Happy Cotton Candy Day!

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Here are the birthdays for December 8, 2016:


Georges Melies  (1861-1938)  actor, writer, producer, director

Paul Cavanagh  (1888-1964)  actor

John Qualen  (1899-1987)  actor

Irene  (1900-1962)  costume designer

Frank Faylen  (1905-1985)  actor

Lee J. Cobb  (1911-1976)  actor

Ernest Lehman  (1915-2005)  writer, producer, director

Richard Fleischer  (1916-2006)  writer, producer, director

Terence Morgan  (1921-2005)  actor

Sammy Davis Jr.  (1925-1990)  singer, dancer, actor

Maximilian Schell  (1930-2014)  actor, writer, producer, director 

Flip Wilson  (1933-1998)  comedian, actor

David Carradine  (1936-2009)  actor, producer, director

James MacArthur  (1937-2010)  actor

Jim Morrison  (1943-1971)  singer-songwriter

Sam Kinison  (1953-1992)  comedian, actor


Jean Porter is 94  actress, singer

Dewey Martin is 93  actor

Michael Kahn is 81  editor

Jennie Linden is 77  actress

Mary Woronov is 73  actress

John Rubenstein is 70  actor

Richard Yniguez is 70  actor

Gregg Allman is 69  singer-songwriter, musician, actor

Belinda Balaski is 69  actress

David Schmoeller is 69  writer, director

Nancy Meyers is 67  writer, producer, director

Rick Baker is 66  make-up effects designer, actor

Kim Basinger is 63  actress

Gail Matthius is 63  actress

Kevin McNulty is 61  actor

Wendell Pierce is 53  actor

Teri Hatcher is 52  actress

Carina Lau is 52  actress

David Harewood is 51  actor

Matthew Labyorteaux is 50  actor

Tyler Mane is 50  athlete, actor

Dominic Monaghan is 40  actor

Matthias Schoenaerts is 39  actor

Ian Somerhalder is 38  actor

Dov Tiefenbach is 35  actor

AnnaSophia Robb is 23  actress



Happy Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day!

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Here are the birthdays for December 9, 2016:


Berton Churchill  (1876-1940)  actor, singer

Tim Moore  (1887-1958)  comedian, actor

Hermione Gingold  (1897-1987)  actress, singer

Herbert Lytton  (1897-1981)  actor

Emmett Kelly  (1898-1979)  clown, actor

Howard Freeman  (1899-1967)  actor

Carol Dempster  (1901-1991)  actress

Margaret Hamilton  (1902-1985)  actress

Robert Livingston  (1904-1988)  actor, singer

Dalton Trumbo  (1905-1976)  writer

Douglas Fairbanks Jr.  (1909-2000)  actor, producer

Broderick Crawford  (1911-1986)  actor, singer

Frances Reid  (1914-2010)  actress

Joyce Redman  (1918-2012)  actress

Mary Scott  (1921-2009)  actress

Redd Foxx  (1922-1991)  comedian, actor

Dick Van Patten  (1928-2015)  actor

John Cassavetes  (1929-1989)  actor, writer, director

Morton Downey Jr.  (1933-2001)  television host, actor

Darwin Joston  (1937-1998)  actor


Kirk Douglas is 100  actor

Buck Henry is 86  actor, writer, director

William Reynolds is 85  actor

Judi Dench is 82  actress

Beau Bridges is 75  actor

Dick Butkus is 74  athlete, actor

Neil Innes is 72  singer-songwriter, composer, actor

Michael Nouri is 71  actor

Russell Carpenter is 66  cinematographer

Michael Dorn is 64  actor

John Malkovich is 63  actor

Donny Osmond is 59  singer-songwriter, actor

Joe Lando is 55  actor

Richard Brooks is 54  actor

Felicity Huffman is 54  actress

Sebastian Spence is 47  actor

Reiko Aylesworth is 44  actress

Jesse Metcalfe is 38  actor

Simon Helberg is 36  actor



Happy Pastry Day!

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Here are the birthdays for December 9, 2016:


. . .


Kirk Douglas is 100  actor


Happy 100th to Kirk Douglas. He has starred in some of my favorite films noir, and I understand he now writes poetry. Just making it to the century mark is impressive!

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Here are the birthdays for December 10, 2016:


Victor McLaglen  (1886-1959)  athlete, actor

Ray Collins  (1889-1965)  actor

Una Merkel  (1903-1986)  actress

Hermes Pan  (1909-1990)  dancer, choerographer 

Harry Locke  (1913-1987)  actor

Dorothy Lamour  (1914-1996)  actress, singer

Anne Gwynne  (1918-2003)  actress

Alexander Courage  (1919-2008)  composer

Reginald Rose  (1920-2002)  writer, producer

Agnes Nixon  (1922-2016)  writer, director

Harold Gould  (1923-2010)  actor

Jean Byron  (1925-2006)  actress

Dan Blocker  (1928-1972)  actor

John Colicos  (1928-2000)  actor

Barbara Nichols  (1928-1976)  actress

Mako  (1933-2006)  actor, singer

Tommy Rettig  (1944-1996)  actor

Michael Clarke Duncan  (1957-2012)  actor

Greg Giraldo  (1965-2010)  comedian, actor, writer


Fionnula Flanagan is 75  actress

Peter Michael Goetz is 75  actor

Tommy Kirk is 75  actor

Tisha Sterling is 72  actress

Gloria Loring is 70  actress, singer

Susan Dey is 64  actress

Kristine DeBell is 62  actress

Kenneth Branagh is 56  actor, writer, producer, director

Michael Schoeffling is 56  actor

Nia Peeples is 55  actress, singer

Stephen Billington is 47  actor

Tara Subkoff is 44  actress

Emmanuelle Chriqui is 39  actress

Summer Phoenix is 38  actress

Patrick Flueger is 33  actor

Raven-Symone is 31  actress, television host



Happy Human Rights Day!

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Here are the birthdays for December 11, 2016:


Paul Wegener  (1874-1948)  actor, writer, director

Gilbert Roland  (1905-1994)  actor, singer

Sally Eilers  (1908-1978)  actress, singer

Val Guest  (1911-2006)  writer, producer, director

Carlo Ponti  (1912-2007)  producer

Jean Marais  (1913-1998)  actor, director

Marie Windsor  (1919-2000)  actress

Richard Hylton  (1920-1962)  actor

Maila "Vampira" Nurmi  (1922-2008)  actress. television host

Betsy Blair  (1923-2009)  actress, dancer

Richard Devon  (1926-2010)  actor

Ronald Lewis  (1928-1982)  actor

Ron Carey  (1935-2007)  actor


Jean-Louis Trintignant is 86  actor, writer, director

Anne Heywood is 85  actress

Rita Moreno is 85  actress, singer, dancer

Donna Mills is 76  actress

Lynda Day George is 72  actress

Brenda Lee is 72  singer-songwriter, actress

Teri Garr is 69  actress, dancer

Susan Seidelman is 64  writer, producer, director

Bess Armstrong is 63  actress

Tom Shadyac is 58  writer, producer, director

Rachel Portman is 56  composer

Kimberly Scott is 55  actress

Ben Browder is 54  actor

Gary Dourdan is 50  actor

Mo'Nique is 49  comedian, actress

Max Martini is 47  actor

Mos Def is 43  rapper, actor

Rider Strong is 37  actor

Hailee Steinfeld is 20  actress, singer

Taylor Hickson is 19  actress



Happy Noodle Ring Day!

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Here are the birthdays for December 12, 2016:


Laura Hope Crews  (1879-1942)  actress

Harry Warner  (1881-1958)  one of the Warner Brothers

Owen Moore  (1884-1939)  actor

Buck Jones  (1891-1942)  actor, producer, director

Edward G. Robinson  (1893-1973)  actor

Howard Koch  (1901-1995)  writer

Yasujiro Ozu  (1903-1963)  writer, director

Karen Morley  (1909-2003)  actress

Don C. Harvey  (1911-1963)  actor

Frank Sinatra  (1915-1998)  singer, actor

Gordon Hessler  (1925-2014)  writer, producer, director

Roberto Contreras  (1928-2000)  actor

John Osborne  (1929-1994)  writer


Bob Barker is 93  television host

Anne V. Coates is 91  editor

Sally Fraser is 84  actress

Connie Francis is 78  singer, actress

Gianni Russo is 73  actor

Phyllis Somerville is 73  actress

Kenneth Cranham is 72  actor

Hana Brejchova is 70  actress

Paula Wagner is 70  producer

Wings Hauser is 69  actor

Bill Nighy is 67  actor

Darleen Carr is 66  actress, singer

Sarah Douglas is 64  actress

Sheree J. Wilson is 58  actress

Anne Bobby is 49  actress

Madchen Amick is 46  actress

Jennifer Connelly is 46  actress

Regina Hall is 46  actress

Mayim Bialik is 41  actress



Happy Poinsettia Day!

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Here are the birthdays for December 13, 2016:


DickLindsay            message board member


Edward LeSaint  (1870-1940)  actor, director

Norman Foster  (1903-1976)  actor, director

Van Heflin  (1908-1971)  actor

Florence Britton  (1909-1987)  actress, singer

Lillian Roth  (1910-1980)  actress, singer

Sol Saks  (1910-2011)  writer, producer

Larry Parks  (1914-1975)  actor, singer

Curd Jurgens  (1915-1982)  actor

Mary Morris  (1915-1988)  actress

Mark Stevens  (1916-1994)  actor, producer, director

John Hart  (1917-2009)  actor

Ann Richards  (1917-2006)  actress

Don Taylor  (1920-1998)  actor, writer, director

Robert Prosky  (1930-2008)  actor

Richard D. Zanuck  (1934-2012)  producer


Dick Van Dyke is 91  actor, singer, dancer

Genevieve Page is 89  actress

Christopher Plummer is 87  actor

Tatsuya Nakadai is 84  actor

John Davidson is 75  actor, television host

Hwang Jang-lee is 72  actor

Ted Nugent is 68  songwriter, musician, actor

Wendie Malick is 66  actress

Steve Buscemi is 59  actor, director

Morris Day is 59  singer-songwriter, actor

Peter Deming is 59  cinematographer 

Lynn-Holly Johnson is 58  athlete, actress

Johnny Whitaker is 57  actor

Rusty Cundieff is 56  actor, director

Jamie Foxx is 49  actor, singer

NeNe Leakes is 49  actress

Tony Curran is 47  actor

Christie Clark is 43  actress

Taylor Swift is 27  singer-songwriter, actress



Happy Violin Day!

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John Hart  (1917-2009)  actor


He is the man who replaced Clayton Moore for a few seasons as The Lone Ranger when problems developed between Moore and the producers.  (Ironically, he played outlaws on several early Moore episodes.) His voice was lower and softer than Moore's but he was very convincing.  Moore returned for the last three seasons.  

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Here are the birthdays for December 14, 2016:


Katherine MacDonald  (1881-1956)  actress, producer

Jane Cowl  (1884-1950)  actress

Lillian Randolph  (1898-1980)  actress

Frances Bavier  (1902-1989)  actress

Morey Amsterdam  (1908-1996)  actor, singer, writer

Laurence Naismith  (1908-1992)  actor

Dan Daily  (1915-1978)  actor, dancer

Shirley Jackson  (1916-1965)  writer

Elyse Knox  (1917-2012)  actress

June Taylor  (1917-2004)  dancer, choreographer

Don Hewitt  (1922-2009)  journalist, producer

George Furth  (1932-2008)  actor

Lewis Arquette  (1935-2001)  actor

Lee Remick  (1935-1991)  actress

Humberto Solas  (1941-2008)  writer, producer, director

Patty Duke  (1946-2016)  actress


Marge Redmond is 92  actress

Abbe Lane is 84  actress, singer, dancer

Barbara Leigh-Hunt is 81  actress

Janette Scott is 78  actress, singer

Hal Williams is 78  actor

Alan Ormsby is 73  writer, make-up artist, actor

Jane Birkin is 70  actress, singer

Lynne Marie Stewart is 70  actress, writer

Dee Wallace is 68  actress

Anulka Dziubinska is 66  model, actress

Celia Weston is 65  actress

John Lurie is 64  actor, musician, producer, director

Ted Raimi is 51  actor

Archie Kao is 47  actor

Natascha McElhone is 45  actress

Michaela Watkins is 45  actress, writer, producer

Miranda Hart is 44  actress

KaDee Strickland is 41  actress

Tammy Blanchard is 40  actress

Sophie Monk is 37  singer-songwriter, actress

Jackson Rathbone is 32  actor

Vanessa Hudgens is 28  actress, singer



Happy Bouillabaisse Day!

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Here are the birthdays for December 15, 2016:


Maxwell Anderson  (1888-1959)  writer, songwriter

Victor Milner  (1893-1972)  cinematographer

Gail Bonney  (1901-1984)  actress

Gordon Douglas  (1907-1993)  actor, writer, director

Jack Gwillim  (1909-2001)  actor

Jeff Chandler  (1918-1961)  actor

Alan Freed  (1921-1965)  radio DJ, actor, producer

Kasey Rogers  (1925-2006)  actress, writer

Joe D'Amato  (1936-1999)  producer, director

Morgan Paull  (1944-2012)  actor

Cassandra Harris  (1948-1991)  actress


Tim Conway is 83  comedian, actor, writer

Yvonne Monlaur is 77  actress

Dave Clark is 74  musician, songwriter, producer, actor

Judi West is 74  actress

Thaao Penghlis is 71  actor

David Gwillim is 68  actor

Don Johnson is 67  actor

Melanie Chartoff is 66  actress

Marta DuBois is 64  actress

Julie Taymor is 64  writer, producer, director

Alex Cox is 62  writer, director

John Lee Hancock is 60  writer, producer, director

Helen Slater is 53  actress

Molly Price is 50  actress

Michael Shanks is 46  actor

Stuart Townsend is 44  actor

Geoff Stults is 39  actor

Adam Brody is 37  actor

Michelle Dockery is 35  actress

Brendan Fletcher is 35  actor

Charlie Cox is 34  actor



Happy Bill of Rights Day!

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Here are the birthdays for December 13, 2016:


. . .


Dick Van Dyke is 91  actor, singer, dancer

. . .


So glad to see that Dick Van Dyke is enjoying another birthday.


I wonder what he thought of the colorized versions of The Dick Van Dyke Show, which were shown on December 12 (it was Monday, right?!). I enjoyed them, more than I thought I would, in fact.

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