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The Birthday Thread


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Here are the birthdays for December 16, 2016:


Jane Austen  (1775-1817)  writer

Max Linder  (1883-1925)  actor, writer, producer, director

Noel Coward  (1899-1973)  actor, composer, writer, director

Hardie Albright  (1903-1975)  actor

Barbara Kent  (1907-2011)  actress

Arthur C. Clarke  (1917-2008)  writer

Jeffrey Stone  (1926-2012)  actor

Philip K. Dick  (1928-1982)  writer

N!xau  (1944-2003)  actor


Terry Carter is 88  actor

Joyce Bulifant is 79  actress

Liv Ullmann is 78  actress, writer, director

Steven Bochco is 73  writer, producer

Patti Deutsch is 71  comedian, actress

Terence Knox is 70  actor

Tom Stern is 70  cinematographer

Ben Cross is 69  actor

Allan Graf is 67  stunt director, actor

Bill Johnson is 65  actor

Xander Berkeley is 61  actor

Larry Poindexter is 57  actor

Shane Black is 55  actor, writer, director

Sam Robards is 55  actor

Jon Tenney is 55  actor

Maruschka Detmers is 54  actress

Benjamin Bratt is 53  actor

James Mangold is 53  writer, producer, director

J.B. Smoove is 51  actor, writer, producer

Miranda Otto is 49  actress

Peter Dante is 48  actor

Valerie Chow is 46  actress

Daniel Cosgrove is 46  actor

Jonathan Scarfe is 41  actor

Krysten Ritter is 35  actress

Theo James is 32  actor

Hallee Hirsh is 29  actress

Anna Popplewell is 28  actress



Happy Ugly Christmas Sweater Day!

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Here are the birthdays for December 17, 2016:


David Butler  (1894-1979)  actor, writer, director

Katina Paxinou  (1900-1973)  actress

Spade Cooley  (1910-1969)  actor, singer-songwriter

Joan Woodbury  (1915-1989)  actress, singer

Patrice Wymore  (1926-2014)  actress, singer

Richard Long  (1927-1974)  actor, director

George Lindsey  (1928-2012)  actor

Dave Madden  (1931-2014)  actor


Armin Mueller-Stahl is 86  actor

Marilyn Eastman is 83  actress

Bernard Hill is 72  actor

Ernie Hudson is 71  actor

Jayne Eastwood is 70  actress

Eugene Levy is 70  actor, writer

Wes Studi is 69  actor

Joel Brooks is 67  actor

Barry Livingston is 63  actor

Bill Pullman is 63  actor

Peter Farrelly is 60  writer, producer, director

Gregg Araki is 57  writer, producer, director

Laurie Holden is 47  actress

Claire Forlani is 45  actress

Rian Johnson is 43  writer, producer, director

Sarah Paulson  is 42  actress

Giovanni Ribisi is 42  actor

Marissa Ribisi is 42  actress

Milla Jovovich is 41  actress

Katheryn Winnick is 39  actress

Shannon Woodward is 32  actress



Happy Maple Syrup Day!

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Here are the birthdays for December 18, 2016:


Raimu  (1883-1946)  actor

Gladys Cooper  (1888-1971)  actress, singer

George Stevens  (1904-1975)  writer, producer, director

Mary Nolan  (1905-1948)  actress

Celia Johnson  (1908-1982)  actress

Mona Barrie  (1909-1964)  actress, singer

Jules Dassin  (1911-2008)  actor, writer, producer, director

Marne Maitland  (1914-1992)  actor

Betty Grable  (1916-1973)  actress, singer, dancer

Lynn Bari  (1917-1989)  actress, singer

Ossie Davis  (1917-2005)  actor

Gary Gray  (1936-2006)  actor

Candice Rialson  (1951-2006)  actress


Cicely Tyson is 92  actress

Peggy Cummins is 91  actress

Walter Lassally is 90  cinematographer

Roger Smith is 84  actor, writer, producer

Rosemary Leach is 81  actress

Roger E. Mosley is 78  actor

Keith Richards is 73  singer-songwriter, musician, actor

Alan Rudolph is 73  writer, director

Steven Spielberg is 70  writer, producer, director

Gillian Armstrong is 66  writer, producer, director

Leonard Maltin is 66  critic, writer

Krystyna Janda is 64  actress

Jeff Kober is 63  actor

Ray Liotta is 62  actor

T.K. Carter is 60  actor

Brad Pitt is 53  actor, producer

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin is 52  athlete, actor

Shawn Christian is 51  actor

Rachel Griffiths is 48  actress

Casper Van Dien is 48  actor

DMX is 46  rapper, actor

Victoria Pratt is 46  actress

Katie Holmes is 38  actress

Emily Swallow is 37  actress

Christina Aguilera is 36  singer-songwriter, actress



Happy Roast Suckling Pig Day!

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Here are the birthdays for December 19, 2016:


Ralph Richardson  (1902-1983)  actor

Mel Shaw  (1914-2012)  animator, writer

Edith Piaf  (1915-1963)  singer-songwriter, actress

Roy Ward Baker  (1916-2010)  producer, director

Paul Brinegar  (1917-1995)  actor, singer

Georgina Cookson  (1918-2011)  actress

Lee Rich  (1918-2012)  producer

David Susskind  (1920-1987)  television host, producer

Gordon Jackson  (1923-1990)  actor, singer

Gary Morton  (1924-1999)  comedian, actor, producer

Edmund Purdom  (1924-2009)  actor

Robert B. Sherman  (1925-2012)  songwriter, writer

James Booth  (1927-2005)  actor, writer

Reiko Sato  (1931-1981)  actress, singer

Wayne Tippit  (1932-2009)  actor

Robert Urich  (1946-2002)  actor


Aki Aleong is 82  actor

Charlie Picerni is 81  stunt man, actor

Jaime Sanchez is 78  actor

Tim Reid is 72  actor, director

Jack Fisk is 71  production designer, art director

Elaine Joyce is 71  actress, singer, dancer

Marlene Clark is 67  actress

Andrzej Sekula is 62  cinematographer

Alice Barrett is 60  actress

Frank Zagarino is 57  actor

Mike Lookinland is 56  actor

Gary Fleder is 54  writer, producer, director

Jennifer Beals is 53  actress

Til Schweiger is 53  actor

Beatrice Dalle is 52  actress

Jessica Steen is 51  actress

Robert MacNaughton is 50  actor

Ken Marino is 48  actor, writer, producer, director

Kristy Swanson is 47  actress

Tyson Beckford is 46  model, actor

Amy Locane is 45  actress

Rosa Blasi is 44  actress

Alyssa Milano is 44  actress

Jake Gyllenhaal is 36  actor

Marla Sokoloff is 36  actress



Happy Hard Candy Day!

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Here are the birthdays for December 20, 2016:


Charley Grapewin  (1869-1956)  actor

Irene Dunne  (1898-1990)  actress, singer

Albert Dekker  (1905-1968)  actor

Dennis Morgan  (1908-1994)  actor, singer

Ernest "Sunshine Sammy" Morrison  (1912-1989)  actor

Audrey Totter  (1917-2013)  actress

Tom Gries  (1922-1977)  writer, producer, director

George Roy Hill  (1922-2002)  writer, producer, director

Rod Amateau  (1923-2003)  writer, producer, director

Nicole Maurey  (1925-2016)  actress

Charlie Callas  (1927-2011)  comedian, actor

Mala Powers  (1931-2007)  actress

Kathryn Joosten  (1939-2012)  actress

Jimmie F. Skaggs  (1944-2004)  actor

John Spencer  (1946-2005)  actor

Leigh Hamilton  (1949-2012)  actress

Claudia Jennings  (1949-1979)  actress


Bud Cardos is 87  director, stunt man 

John Hillerman is 84  actor

Pamela Austin is 75  actress

Angel Tompkins is 74  actress

Dick Wolf is 70  writer, producer, director

Jenny Agutter is 64  actress

Terry George is 64  writer

Michael Badalucco is 62  actor

Blanche Baker is 60  actress

Joyce Hyser is 59  actress

Kim Ki-duk is 56  writer, producer, director

Joel Gretsch is 53  actor

Joe Cornish is 48  actor, writer, director

Eduardo Sanchez is 48  writer, producer, director

Brian O'Halloran is 47  actor

Nicole de Boer is 46  actress

Todd Phillips is 46  writer, producer, director

Jonah Hill is 33  actor

Bob Morley is 32  actor



Happy Sangria Day!

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Here are the birthdays for December 21. 2016:


Arch Hall Sr.  (1908-1978)  actor, writer, producer

Grant Richards  (1911-1963)  actor

Joe Mantell  (1915-2010)  actor

Paul Winchell  (1922-2005)  actor, ventriloquist

Phyllis Love  (1925-2011)  actress

Michael Carreras  (1927-1994)  writer, producer, director

Ed Nelson  (1928-2014)  actor

Moira Orfei  (1931-2015)  actress

Rudy Solari  (1934-1991)  actor

Frank Zappa  (1940-1993)  singer-songwriter, composer, writer, actor

Jack Nance  (1943-1996)  actor


Colleen Townsend is 88  actress, singer

John G. Avildsen is 81  cinematographer, producer, director

Phil Donahue is 81  television host

Jane Fonda is 79  actress

Jared Martin is 75  actor

Ulli Lommel is 72  actor, writer, director

Josh Mostel is 70  actor

Samuel L. Jackson is 68  actor

Jeffrey Katzenberg is 66  writer, producer

Michael Horse is 65  actor

Dennis Boutsikaris is 64  actor

Jane Kaczmarek is 61  actress

Ray Romano is 59  comedian, actor, writer

Fabiana Udenio is 52  actress

Andy Dick is 51  comedian, actor, writer

Michelle Hurd is 50  actress

Kiefer Sutherland is 50  actor

Julie Delpy is 47  model, actress, writer, director

Jack Noseworthy is 47  actor

AJ Bowen is 39  actor

Tom Payne is 34  actor

Steven Yeun is 33  actor

Tom Sturridge is 31  actor



Happy Crossword Puzzle Day!

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Here are the birthdays for December 22, 2016:


J. Arthur Rank  (1888-1972)  producer

Minor Watson  (1889-1965)  actor

Marc Allegret  (1900-1973)  actor, writer

Pierre Brasseur  (1905-1972)  actor, writer

Peggy Ashcroft  (1907-1991)  actress

Fred M. Wilcox  (1907-1964)  director

Alan Carney  (1909-1973)  actor, singer

Patricia Hayes  (1909-1998)  actress

Emil Sitka  (1914-1998)  actor, stunt man

Barbara Billingsley  (1915-2010)  actress

Frankie Darro  (1917-1976)  singer, actor

Freddie Francis  (1917-2007)  cinematographer, director

Gene Rayburn  (1917-1999)  actor, television host

Ruth Roman  (1922-1999)  actress

Russ Mayberry  (1925-2012)  producer, director

Peggie Castle  (1927-1973)  actress, singer

Lynne Thigpen  (1948-2003)  actress, singer

Maurice Gibb  (1949-2003)  singer-songwriter, actor

Robin Gibb  (1949-2012)  singer-songwriter, actor


Hector Elizondo is 80  actor

Graham Beckel is 67  actor

Jay Brazeau is 63  actor

BernNadette Stanis is 63  actress

Hugh Quarshie is 62  actor

David Heavener is 58  actor, writer, producer, director

Lenny von Dohlen is 58  actor

Wolf Larson is 57  actor

Ralph Fiennes is 54  actor

David S. Goyer is 51  writer, director

Dina Meyer is 48  actress

Vanessa Paradis is 44  singer-songwriter, actress

Heather Donahue is 42  actress

Anthony Jeselnik is 38  comedian, actor, television host

Jordin Sparks is 27  singer, actress



Happy Forefathers Day!

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Here are the birthdays for December 23, 2016:


John Cromwell  (1886-1979)  writer, director

Eric Blore  (1887-1959)  actor, singer

Ann Pennington  (1893-1971)  actress, singer

Joseph Striker  (1898-1974)  actor

Noel Purcell  (1900-1985)  actor

Fredi Washington  (1903-1994)  actress, singer

Kane Richmond  (1906-1973)  actor

Maurice Denham  (1909-2002)  actor

James Gregory  (1911-2002)  actor

Jean Brooks  (1915-1963)  actress

Dino Risi  (1916-2008)  writer, director

Jose Greco  (1918-2000)  dancer, choreographer

Alan North  (1920-2000)  actor

Gerald S. O'Laughlin  (1921-2015)  actor

Calder Willingham  (1922-1995)  writer

Leonard Stern  (1923-2011)  writer, producer

Harry Guardino  (1925-1995)  actor

Barbara Ruick  (1930-1974)  actress, singer

James Stacy  (1936-2016)  actor

Elizabeth Hartman  (1943-1987)  actress

Charles Herbert  (1948-2015)  child actor

Reinhold Weege  (1949-2012)  writer, producer

Corey Haim  (1971-2010)  actor


Ronnie Schell is 85  actor

Frederic Forrest is 80  actor

Peter Medak is 79  producer, director

Barney Rosenzweig is 79  writer, producer

Harry Shearer is 73  actor

Susan Lucci is 70  actress

John Callahan is 63  actor

Joan Severance is 58  actress

Estella Warren is 38  actress

Noel Wells is 30  actress



Happy Festivus!

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Here are the birthdays for December 24, 2016:


Michael Curtiz  (1886-1962)  actor, producer, director

Louis Jouvet  (1887-1951)  actor

Ruth Chatterton  (1892-1961)  actress

Harry Warren  (1893-1981)  musician, composer

Howard Hughes  (1905-1976)  industrialist, engineer, pilot, producer

Franz Waxman  (1906-1967)  composer

Helen Brown  (1915-1994)  actress

Ava Gardner  (1922-1990)  actress

David F. Friedman  (1923-2011)  producer

Norman Rossington  (1924-1999)  actor

Michael Billington  (1941-2005)  actor


Mary Higgins Clark is 89  writer

Philippe Nahon is 78  actor

Sharon Farrell is 76  actress

Nicholas Meyer is 71  writer, producer, director

Edwige Fenech is 68  actress

Timothy Carhart is 63  actor

Grand L. Bush is 61  actor

Clarence Gilyard is 61  actor

Anil Kapoor is 60  actor

Scott Spiegel is 59  actor, writer, producer

Lee Daniels is 57  writer, producer, director

Perry Lang is 57  actor, director

Mark Valley is 52  actor

Diedrich Bader is 50  actor

Breck Eisner is 46  producer, director

Amaury Nolasco is 46  actor

Matt Passmore is 43  actor

Ryan Seacrest is 42  television host, radio host, producer



Happy Chanukah/Hannukah!

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Here are the birthdays for December 25, 2016:


Joseph M. Schenck  (1878-1961)  producer

Evelyn Nesbit  (1884-1967)  actress

E.A. DuPont  (1891-1956)  writer, producer, director

Humphrey Bogart  (1899-1957)  actor

Barton MacLane  (1902-1969)  actor

J. Edward Bromberg  (1903-1951)  actor

Lewis Allen  (1905-2000)  producer, director

Frank Ferguson  (1906-1978)  actor

Lew Grade  (1906-1998)  producer

Cab Calloway  (1907-1994)  singer-songwriter, bandleader

Mike Mazurki  (1907-1990)  actor

Helen Twelvetrees  (1908-1958)  actress, singer

Tony Martin  (1913-2012)  singer, actor

Eugene Jackson  (1916-2001)  actor

Rod Serling  (1924-1975)  writer, producer

Irish McCalla  (1929-2002)  actress

Mabel King  (1932-1999)  actress, singer

John Ashley  (1934-1997)  actor, producer

Ismail Merchant  (1936-2005)  producer, director

Royce D. Applegate  (1939-2003)  actor, writer


Dick Miller is 88  actor, writer, director

John Capodice is 75  actor

Hanna Schygulla is 73  actress

Rick Berman is 71  writer, producer

Gary Sandy is 71  actor

Jimmy Buffet is 70  singer-songwriter, actor

Stuart Wilson is 70  actor

Michael D. Roberts is 69  actor

Barbara Mandrell is 68  singer-songwriter, actress

Sissy Spacek is 67  actress

C.C.H. Pounder is 64  actress

Annie Lennox is 62  singer-songwriter, actress



Merry Christmas!

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Here are the birthdays for December 26, 2016:


Vladimir Sokoloff  (1889-1962)  actor

Don Barclay  (1892-1975)  actor, singer

Elisha Cook Jr.  (1903-1995)  actor

Marguerite Churchill  (1910-2000)  actress

Richard Widmark  (1914-2008)  actor

Steve Allen  (1921-2000)  actor, television host, singer, writer

Cay Forester  (1921-2005)  actress

Shirley Patterson  (1922-1995)  actress

Akihiko Hirata  (1927-1984)  actor

Alan King  (1927-2004)  comedian, actor, writer

Denis Quilley  (1927-2003)  actor

Joyce Jillson  (1945-2004)  actress


Kathleen Crowley is 87  actress

Donald Moffat is 86  actor

Fred Schepisi is 77  writer, director

John Walsh is 71  television host

Trina Parks is 69  actress

Steve Bisley is 65  actor

Tony Rosato is 62  actor, writer

Temuera Morrison is 56  actor

John Lynch is 55  actor

Tahnee Welch is 55  actress

Jared Leto is 45  actor, musician

Joshua Miller is 42  actor, writer, director

Beth Behrs is 31  actress

Kit Harington is 30  actor



Happy Boxing Day!

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Here are the birthdays for December 27, 2016:


TheCid      message board member


Sydney Greenstreet  (1879-1954)  actor

Thea von Harbou  (1888-1954)  actress, writer, director

Sig Arno  (1895-1975)  actor

Hilda Vaughn  (1898-1957)  actress

Marlene Dietrich  (1901-1992)  actress, singer

Irene Handl  (1901-1987)  actress

Cliff Arquette  (1905-1974)  comedian, actor

Oscar Levant  (1906-1972)  musician, composer, actor

Guy Rolfe  (1911-2003)  actor

Dorris Bowdon  (1914-2005)  actress

Mary Kornman  (1915-1973)  actress, singer

Cathy Lewis  (1916-1968)  actress

Jerome Courtland  (1926-2012)  actor, producer, director

Charmian Carr  (1942-2016)  singer, actress

Heather O'Rourke  (1975-1988)  child actress


Michel Piccoli is 91  actor, singer, producer, director

Tommy Rall is 87  actor, singer, dancer

Jean Hale is 78  actress

John Amos is 77  actor

Gerard Depardieu is 68  actor

Charles Band is 65  writer, producer, director

Tovah Feldshuh is 64  actress, singer, writer

Barbara Crampton is 58  actress

Maryam d'Abo is 56  actress

Gaspar Noe is 53  writer, director

Ian Gomez is 52  actor

Theresa Randle is 52  actress

Bill Goldberg is 50  athlete, actor

Eva LaRue is 50  actress

Sarah Vowell is 47  actress, writer

Wilson Cruz is 43  actor

Masi Oka is 42  actor

Aaron Stanford is 40  actor

Elizabeth Rodriguez is 36  actress

Emilie de Ravin is 35  actress

Jessica Harmon is 31  actress

Lily Cole is 29  actress

Olivia Cooke is 23  actress



Happy Fruitcake Day!

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Thank you for letting us know that Kathleen Crowley is still with us.  I loved her smokey voice and would have given anything to sound like her.  I saw her in a Lone Ranger episode as a brunette; she looked a lot different from her usual blonde appearance but the voice gave her away.

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Here are the birthdays for December 28, 2016:


Charles Dingle  (1887-1956)  actor

F.W. Murnau  (1888-1931)  writer, producer, director

Lew Ayres  (1908-1996)  actor

Lou Jacobi  (1913-2009)  actor

Lee Bowman  (1914-1979)  actor

Maris Wrixon  (1916-1999)  actress

Andrew Duggan  (1923-1988)  actor

Pamela Duncan  (1924-2005)  actress

Hildegard Knef  (1925-2002)  actress, singer

Beverly Michaels  (1928-2007)  actress

Martin Milner  (1931-2015)  actor

Billy Chapin  (1943-2016)  child actor


Stan Lee is 94  publisher, writer, producer, actor

Nichelle Nichols is 84  actress

Maggie Smith is 82  actress

Richard Band is 63  composer

James Foley is 63  writer, director

Denzel Washington is 62  actor, producer, director

Terri Garber is 56  actress

Chad McQueen is 56  actor

Elaine Hendrix is 46  actress

Seth Meyers is 43  actor, television host, writer, producer

Joe Manganiello is 40  actor

Vanessa Ferlito is 39  actress

Noomi Rapace is 37  actress

Sienna Miller is 35  actress

Beau Garrett is 34  actress

Thomas Dekker is 29  actor



Happy Card Playing Day!

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Here are the birthdays for December 29, 2016:


Pierre Watkin  (1889-1960)  actor

George Marshall  (1891-1975) actor, writer, director

Emory Parnell  (1892-1979)  actor, singer

Christian Matros  (1903-1977)  cinematographer

Freda Jackson  (1907-1990)  actress

Claire Dodd  (1908-1973)  actress, singer

Jo Van Fleet  (1915-1996)  actress

Barbara Read  (1917-1963)  actress

Viveca Lindfors  (1920-1995)  actress, singer

Ed Flanders  (1934-1995)  actor

Robert Hyatt  (1939-2007)  actor, writer, director

Jon Polito  (1950-2016)  actor


Dina Merrill is 93  actress

Bernard Cribbins is 88  actor

Inga Swenson is 84  actress, singer

Joel M. Reed is 83  actor, writer, director

Mary Tyler Moore is 80  actress, producer

Barbara Steele is 79  actress, producer

Jon Voight is 78  actor

Tarita is 75  actress

Marianne Faithfull is 70  singer, actress

Ted Danson is 69  actor

Brad Grey is 59  producer

Oliver Hirschbiegel is 59  producer, director

Patricia Clarkson is 57  actress

Paula Poundstone is 57  comedian, actress, writer

Michael Cudlitz is 52  actor

Lilly Wachowski is 49  writer, producer, director

Jennifer Ehle is 47  actress

Patrick Fischler is 47  actor

Kevin Weisman is 46  actor

Jude Law is 44  actor

Leonor Varela is 44  actress

Mekhi Phifer is 42  actor

Shawn Hatosy is 41  actor

Danny McBride is 40  actor, writer, producer

Katherine Moennig is 39  actress

Diego Luna is 37  actor, producer, director

Charlotte Riley is 35  actress

Alison Brie is 34  actress, singer

Jane Levy is 27  actress

Dylan Minnette is 20  actor



Happy Tick Tock Day! (It's supposed to remind you that the year is almost over, so tend to any unfinished business and start the new year afresh)

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Inga Swenson is 84  actress, singer


I've been under the impression that she died several years ago.  I'm quite glad that she hasn't as I loved her as "Gretchen Krauss" on Benson.  Contrary to that character's put-downs about her looks she was quite attractive.  She also played "Hoss's" mother on two episodes of Bonanza, she was the only one of Ben's three wives who got more than one show about her.

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Here are the birthdays for December 30, 2016:


John Litel  (1892-1972)  actor

Tom Keene  (1896-1963)  actor

Hiroshi Inagaki  (1905-1980)  actor, writer, director

Carol Reed  (1906-1976)  producer, director

Jeanette Nolan  (1911-1998)  actress

Vera Clouzot  (1913-1960)  actress

Bert Parks  (1914-1992)  actor, television host, singer

Jack Lord  (1920-1998)  actor

Ian MacNaughton  (1925-2002)  actor, producer, director

Jack Riley  (1935-2016)  actor

Davy Jones  (1945-2012)  actor, singer


Joseph Bologna  is 82  actor, writer, director

Russ Tamblyn is 82  actor

James Burrows is 76  actor, writer, producer, director

Michael Nesmith is 74  actor, singer, musician

Fred Ward is 74  actor

Lloyd Kaufman is 71  writer, producer, director

Concetta Tomei is 71  actress

Michael Burns is 69  actor

Meredith Vieira is 63  journalist, television host

Patricia Kalember is 60  actress

Sheryl Lee Ralph is 60  actress, singer

Matt Lauer is 59  journalist, television host

Ellen Sandweiss is 58  actress

Tracey Ullman is 57  actress, singer, writer, director

Kelli Maroney is 56  actress

George Newbern is 52  actor

Sophie Ward is 52  actress

Akosua Busia is 50  actress

Bennett Miller is 50  producer, director

Meredith Monroe is 47  actress

Daniel Sunjata is 45  actor

Chris Vance is 45  actor

Jason Behr is 43  actor

Lucy Punch is 39  actress

Tyrese Gibson is 38  singer-songwriter, actor

Eliza Dushku is 36  actress

Kristin Kreuk is 34  actress

Caity Lotz is 30  actress



Happy Bacon Day!

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Here are the birthdays for December 31, 2016:


Jason Robards Sr.  (1892-1963)  actor

Orry-Kelly  (1897-1964)  costume designer

Rhys Williams  (1897-1969)  actor

Jule Styne  (1905-1994)  composer, songwriter

Carl Dudley  (1910-1973)  writer, producer, director

Roy Rowland  (1910-1995)  writer, producer, director

Theresa Harris  (1911-1985)  actress, singer

Charles Lederer  (1911-1976)  writer, director

Pat Brady  (1914-1972)  actor, singer

Joan McCracken  (1917-1961)  actress, singer

Rex Allen  (1920-1999)  actor, singer

Taylor Mead  (1924-2013)  actor, writer

Edward Bunker  (1933-2005)  writer, actor

Rosalind Cash  (1938-1995)  actress

John Denver  (1943-1997)  singer-songwriter, actor


George Schlatter is 84  writer, producer, director

Anthony Hopkins is 79  actor

Tim Considine is 76  actor

Sean S. Cunningham is 75  writer, producer, director

Sarah Miles is 75  actress

Ben Kingsley is 73  actor

Taylor Hackford is 72  writer, producer, director

Barbara Carrera is 71  actress

Vernon Wells is 71  actor

Tim Matheson is 69  actor, producer, director

Joe Dallesandro is 68  actor

Jane Badler is 63  actress

James Remar is 63  actor

Bebe Neuwirth is 58  actress, dancer

Val Kilmer is 57  actor

Don Diamont is 54  actor

Michael McDonald is 52  actor, comedian, director

Gong Li is 51  actress

Nicholas Sparks is 51  writer, producer

Chandra West is 46  actress



Happy Champagne Day!

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Here are the birthdays for January 1, 2017:


William Fox  (1879-1952)  writer, producer, founder of Fox Film Corporation

Paul Porcasi  (1879-1946)  actor

William Edmunds  (1885-1981)  actor, singer

Willard Robertson  (1886-1948)  actor

Charles Bickford  (1889-1967)  actor

Tom Dugan  (1889-1955)  actor

Xavier Cugat  (1900-1990)  singer-songwriter, actor

Dwight Taylor  (1903-1986)  writer

Nelson Leigh  (1905-1985)  actor

Dana Andrews  (1909-1992)  actor

Russ Bender  (1910-1969)  actor, writer

Basil Dearden  (1911-1971)  writer, producer, director

Kien Shih  (1913-2009)  actor

Carole Landis  (1919-1948)  actress

Barbara Baxley  (1923-1990)  actress

Ousmane Sembene  (1923-2007)  writer, producer, director

Matthew Beard  (1925-1981)  actor, singer

Zena Marshall  (1925-2009)  actress

Ernest Tidyman  (1928-1994)  writer

Helen Westcott  (1928-1998)  actress, singer

Brian G. Hutton  (1935-2014)  director

Matt Robinson  (1937-2002)  actor, writer

Stanley Kamel  (1943-2008)  actor

Andrew Lesnie  (1956-2015)  cinematographer


Valentina Cortese is 94  actress

Raymond Chow is 88  producer

Haruo Nakajima is 88  actor, stunt man

Ty Hardin is 87  actor

Frederick Wiseman is 87 producer, director

Jacqueline Scott is 85  actress

William Fruet is 84  writer, producer, director

Frank Langella is 79  actor

Michele Mercier is 79  actress

Don Novello is 74 comedian, actor, writer

Suzy Kendall is 73  actress

Bob Minor is 73  actor, stunt man

Max Julien is 72  actor, writer, producer

Ken Wiederhorn is 72  writer, producer, director

Woo-Ping Yuen is 72  actor, stunt man, director

Milena Canonero is 71  costume designer

Rick Hurst is 71  actor

Leon Isaac Kennedy is 68  actor, writer, producer

Don Opper is 68  actor, writer

Deepa Mehta is 67  writer, director

Richard Edson is 63  actor

Koji Yakusho is 61  actor

Dedee Pfeiffer is 53  actress

Morris Chestnut is 48  actor

Verne Troyer is 48  actor, stunt man

Danny Lloyd is 44  child actor

Colin Morgan is 31  actor



Happy New Year's Day!

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Here are the birthdays for January 2, 2017:


Oscar Micheaux  (1884-1951)  writer, producer, director

Florence Lawrence  (1886-1938)  actress

Walter Baldwin  (1889-1977)  actor

Allene Ray  (1895-1979)  actress

Dziga Vertov  (1896-1954)  writer, director

William Haines  (1900-1973)  actor

Lew Landers  (1901-1962)  director

Anna Lee  (1913-2004)  actress

Isaac Asimov  (1920-1992)  writer

Jason Evers  (1922-2005)  actor

Hideyo Amamoto  (1926-2003)  actor

Charles Beaumont  (1929-1967)  writer

Julius LaRosa  (1930-2016)  singer-songwriter, television host, actor

Roger Miller  (1936-1992)  singer-songwriter, musician, actor


John Considine is 82  actor

Jack Hanna is 70  zoologist, producer, television host

Wendy Phillips is 65  actress

Joanna Pacula is 60  actress

Gabrielle Carteris is 56  actress

Todd Haynes is 56  writer, director

Tia Carrere is 50  actress, singer

James Marshall is 50  actor

Cuba Gooding Jr. is 49  actor

Taye Diggs is 46  actor

Renee Elise Goldsberry is 46  actress

Lucy Davis is 44  actress

Dax Shepard is 42  actor

Paz Vega is 41  actress

Kate Bosworth is 34  actress

Shelley Hennig is 30  actress



Happy Science Fiction Day!

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Julius LaRosa  (1930-2016)  singer-songwriter, television host, actor


He died last year?  I did not know this.  I also remember his on-air firing by Arthur Godfrey when I was a kid.  Obviously he didn't let this stop him and had a career longer that Godfrey's.  He did soaps for a while and was nominated for an Emmy while on Another World.  As I recall, his recordings were good as well.  

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Here are the birthdays for January 3, 2017:


Josephine Hull  (1877-1957)  actress

J.R.R. Tolkien  (1892-1973)  writer

ZaSu Pitts  (1894-1963)  actress

Dorothy Arzner  (1897-1979)  editor, writer, director

Marion Davies  (1897-1961)  actress

Pola Negri  (1897-1987)  actress

John Loder  (1898-1988)  actor

Anna May Wong  (1905-1961)  actress

Ray Milland  (1907-1986)  actor

Victor Borge  (1909-2000)  singer-songwriter, composer, musician, comedian, actor

John Sturges  (1911-1982)  producer, director

Maxene Andrews  (1916-1995)  singer, actress

Betty Furness  (1916-1994)  actress, television personality

Jesse White  (1917-1997)  actor

John Russell  (1921-1991)  actor

Bill Travers  (1922-1994)  actor, writer, director

Jill Balcon  (1925-2009)  actress

William Boyett  (1927-2004)  actor

Sergio Leone  (1929-1989)  writer, producer, director

Eddie Egan  (1930-1995)  police officer, writer, actor

Robert Loggia  (1930-2015)  actor

Glen A. Larson  (1937-2014)  writer, producer, director

Dan Vadis  (1938-1987)  actor, stunt man

John Thaw  (1942-2002)  actor, producer


Dorothy Morrison is 98  child actress

Mara Corday is 87  actress

Conrad Brooks is 86  actor

Dabney Coleman is 85  actor

Jeremy Kemp is 82  actor

Thelma Schoonmaker is 77  editor

Shima Iwashita is 76  actress

Van Dyke Parks is 74  singer-songwriter, composer, musician, writer, actor

Victoria Principal is 67  actress

Mel Gibson is 61  actor, producer, director

Jewel Shepard is 59  actress, writer, director

Graham McTavish is 56  actor

Dan Harmon is 44  writer, producer

Jason Marsden is 42  actor

Danica McKellar is 42  actress, writer

Alex D. Linz is 28  child actor



Happy Drinking Straw Day!

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Here are the birthdays for January 4, 2017:


Sterling Holloway  (1905-1992)  actor, singer

Lionel Newman  (1916-1989)  composer, musician

Robert Parrish  (1916-1995)  actor, editor, director

Sorrell Booke  (1930-1994)  actor

Marla English  (1935-2012)  actress

George P. Cosmatos  (1941-2005)  writer, director

Tim Rooney  (1947-2006)  actor

Vanity  (1959-2016)  singer, dancer, actress


Barbara Rush is 90  actress

Carlos Saura is 85  writer, director

Dyan Cannon is 80  actress

Ann Magnuson is 61  actress

Matt Frewer is 59  actor

Gary Jones is 59  actor

Julian Sands is 59  actor

Dave Foley is 54  actor

Julia Ormond is 52  actress

Harmony Korine is 44  actor, writer, producer, director

Kerry Condon is 34  actress

Charlyne Yi is 31  comedian, actress, writer



Happy Trivia Day!

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Here are the birthdays for January 5, 2017:


Cora Witherspoon  (1890-1957)  actress

Bill Cody  (1891-1948)  actor

Fred "Snowflake" Toones  (1906-1962)  actor, singer

George Dolenz  (1908-1963)  actor

Hugh "Mr. Green Jeans" Brannum  (1910-1987)  actor, singer

Jean-Pierre Aumont  (1911-2001)  actor, writer

George Reeves  (1914-1959)  actor

Alfred Ryder  (1916-1995)  actor

Jane Wyman  (1917-2007)  actress

Lorraine Miller  (1922-1978)  actress, singer

Al Masini  (1930-2010)  producer

Michael O'Donoghue  (1940-1994)  writer, actor


Robert Duvall is 86  actor, director

Hayao Miyazaki is 76  animator, writer, director

Cliff Potts is 75  actor

Charlie Rose is 75  television host

Roger Spottiswoode is 72  producer, director

Diane Keaton is 71  actress, singer, director

Ted Lange is 69  actor

Pamela Sue Martin is 64  actress

Clancy Brown is 58  actor

Suzy Amis is 55  actress

David DeCoteau is 55  producer, director

Wen Jiang is 54  actor, writer, director

Ricky Paull Goldin is 52  actor, singer

Vinnie Jones is 52  athlete, actor

Joe Flanigan is 50  actor

Carrie Ann Inaba is 49  dancer, choreographer, actress, television personality

Marilyn Manson is 48  singer-songwriter, actor, writer

Paul McGillion is 48  actor

Guy Torry is 48  actor, writer

Shea Whigham is 48  actor

Bradley Cooper is 42  actor, producer

January Jones is 39  actress

America Olivo is 39  actress



Happy Screenwriters Day!

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Here are the birthdays for January 6, 2017:


Fred Niblo  (1874-1948)  actor, producer, director

Tom Mix  (1880-1940)  actor

Phyllis Haver  (1899-1960)  actress

Francis L. Sullivan  (1903-1956)  actor

Haruko Sugimura  (1909-1997)  actress

Billy Sands  (1911-1984)  actor

Danny Thomas  (1912-1991)  actor, producer

Loretta Young  (1913-2000)  actress

Henry Corden  (1920-2005)  actor, singer

Mickey Hargitay  (1926-2006)  athlete, actor

Capucine  (1928-1990)  model, actress

Professor Toru Tanaka  (1930-2000)  athlete, actor

Vic Tayback  (1930-1990)  actor

Olga Georges-Picot  (1940-1997)  actress

Bonnie Franklin  (1944-2013)  actress, singer

Anthony Minghella  (1954-2008)  writer, producer, director


Mark Forest is 84  actor

Sylvia Sims is 83  actress

Richard Norton is 67  actor, stunt man

Rowan Atkinson is 62  comedian, actor, writer, producer

Howie Long is 57  athlete, actor

A.R. Rahman is 50  composer, singer-songwriter, musician

John Singleton is 49  writer, producer, director

Vincenzo Natali is 48  writer, director

Norman Reedus is 48  actor

Julie Chen is 47  television host

Danny Pintauro is 41  child actor

Rinko Kikuchi is 36  actress

Eddie Redmayne is 35  actor

Kate McKinnon is 33  actress

Max Pirkis is 28  child actor



Happy Shortbread Day!

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