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The Birthday Thread


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Here are the birthdays for January 7, 2017:


Adolph Zukor  (1873-1976)  producer, founder of Paramount Pictures

Granville Bates  (1882-1940)  actor

Alan Napier  (1903-1988)  actor

Butterfly McQueen  (1911-1995)  actress, dancer

Shirley Ross  (1913-1975)  actress, singer

Vincent Gardenia  (1920-1992)  actor, singer

Gene L. C-oon [autocensor]  (1924-1973)  writer, producer

Elliott Kastner  (1933-2010)  producer


William Peter Blatty is 89  writer, director

Terry Moore is 88  actress

John Steiner is 76  actor

George Buza is 68  actor

Steven Williams is 68  actor

Erin Gray is 67  actress

Sammo Hung is 65  actor, producer, director

David Caruso is 61  actor

Katie Couric is 60  journalist, television host

Linda Kozlowski is 59  actress

Nicolas Cage is 53  actor

Irrfan Khan is 50  actor

Rex Lee is 48  actor

Doug E. Doug is 47  actor, writer, producer, director

Jeremy Renner is 46  actor

Dustin Diamond is 40  actor

Merritt Wever is 37  actress

Lauren Cohan is 35  actress

Ruth Negga is 35  actress

Lyndsy Fonseca is 30  actress



Happy Bobblehead Day!

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Here are the birthdays for January 8, 2017:


Charles Bryant  (1879-1948)  actor, director

Dorothy Adams  (1900-1988)  actress

Gene Roth  (1903-1976)  actor

William Hartnell  (1908-1975)  actor

Richard Cromwell  (1910-1960)  actor

Gypsy Rose Lee  (1911-1970)  actress, dancer, writer

Jose Ferrer  (1912-1992)  actor, director

Richard Benedict  (1920-1984)  actor, director

Elisabeth Fraser  (1920-2005)  actress

Douglas Wilmer  (1920-2016)  actor

K. Gordon Murray  (1922-1979)  producer

Ron Moody  (1924-2015)  actor, singer

Kerwin Mathews  (1926-2007)  actor

Soupy Sales  (1926-2009)  comedian, actor

Saeed Jaffrey  (1929-2015)  actor

Roy Kinnear  (1934-1988)  actor

Elvis Presley  (1935-1977)  singer, musician, actor

Graham Chapman  (1941-1989)  actor, writer

David Bowie  (1947-2016)  singer-songwriter, musician, actor

Windell Middlebrooks  (1979-2015)  actor


Larry Storch is 94  comedian, actor

Shirley Bassey is 80  singer

Bob Eubanks is 79  television host

Yvette Mimieux is 75  actress

John McTiernan is 66  producer, director

Thomas G. Waites is 62  actor

Michelle Forbes is 52  actress

Maria Pitillo is 51  actress

Ami Dolenz is 48  actress

Amber Benson is 40  actress

Sarah Polley is 38  actress, writer, director

Rachel Nichols is 37  actress

Sam Riley is 37  actor

Gaby Hoffmann is 35  actress



Happy Bubble Bath Day!

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Here are the birthdays for January 9, 2017:


Gracie Fields  (1898-1979)  actress, singer

Vilma Banky  (1901-1991)  actress

Fernando Lamas  (1915-1982)  actor, singer, director

Anita Louise  (1915-1970)  actress

Vic Mizzy  (1916-2009)  songwriter, composer

Clive Dunn  (1920-2012)  actor

William Murphy  (1921-1989)  actor

Sergei Parajanov  (1924-1990)  writer, producer, director

Lee Van Cleef  (1925-1989)  actor

Ulu Grosbard  (1929-2012)  producer, director

Pat Conway  (1931-1981)  actor

Paul Mantee  (1931-2013)  actor

Bob Denver  (1935-2005)  actor

Jimmy Boyd  (1939-2009)  singer-songwriter, actor

Susannah York  (1939-2011)  actress


K Callan is 81  actress

Nobuhiko Obayashi is 79  writer, director

Gary B. Kibbe is 76  cinematographer 

Kathryn Walker is 74  actress

Jimmy Page is 73  musician, songwriter, composer

John Doman is 72  actor

Susanna Dosamantes is 69  actress

David Johansen is 67  singer-songwriter, actor

J.K. Simmons is 62  actor

Kimberly Beck is 61  actress

Imelda Staunton is 61  actress, singer

Scott Klace is 56  actor

Joely Richardson is 52  actress

Dave Matthews is 50  singer-songwriter, musician, actor

Joey Lauren Adams is 49  actress

Angela Bettis is 44  actress, producer, director

Nina Dobrev is 28  actress

Nicola Peltz is 22  actress



Happy Static Electricity Day!

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Here are the birthdays for January 10, 2017:


Charles Trowbridge  (1882-1967)  actor

Francis X. Bushman  (1883-1966)  actor, writer, director

Ann Shoemaker  (1891-1978)  actress

Lya De Putti  (1897-1931)  actress

Harry Harvey  (1901-1985)  actor

Ray Bolger  (1904-1987)  actor, dancer

Paul Henreid  (1908-1992)  actor, director

Bernard Lee  (1908-1981)  actor

Claudia Dell  (1909-1977)  actress, singer

Georges Marchal  (1920-1997)  actor

Lee Philips  (1927-1999)  actor, writer, director

Luciano Pigozzi  (1927-2008)  actor

David Maysles  (1931-1987)  cinematographer, producer, director

Sal Mineo  (1939-1976)  actor

Frank Sinatra, Jr.  (1944-2016)  singer, actor

Teresa Graves  (1948-2002)  actress


Walter Hill is 77  writer, producer, director

William Sanderson is 73  actor

Fran Walsh is 58  writer, producer

Evan Handler is 56  actor

Trini Alvarado is 50  actress

Jemaine Clement is 43  actor, singer-songwriter, writer

Sarah Shahi is 37  actress



Happy Cut Your Energy Costs Day!

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Here are the birthdays for January 11, 2017:


Josephine Crowell  (1859-1932)  actress

Chester Conklin  (1886-1971)  actor

George Zucco  (1886-1960)  actor

Monte Blue  (1887-1963)  actor, stunt man

Alexander Hall  (1894-1968)  director

Eva Le Gallienne  (1899-1991)  actress

Borden Chase  (1900-1971)  writer

Murray Alper  (1904-1984)  actor

Lionel Stander  (1908-1994)  actor

Don "Red" Barry  (1912-1980)  actor, writer, producer

Nick Cravat  (1912-1994)  actor, stunt man

Dorothy Jeakins  (1914-1995)  costume designer 

Veda Ann Borg  (1915-1973)  actress

Bernard Blier  (1916-1989)  actor

Kathleen Byron  (1921-2009)  actress

Jerome Bixby  (1923-1998)  writer

Grant Tinker  (1925-2016)  producer

David L. Wolper  (1928-2010)  producer, director

Rod Taylor  (1930-2015)  actor

Fernando Di Leo  (1932-2003)  writer, director

Clarence Clemons (1942-2011)  musician, actor 


Mitchell Ryan is 89  actor

Alfonso Arau is 85  actor, director

Christine Kaufmann is 72  actress

Naomi Judd is 71  singer-songwriter, actress

Kim Coles is 55  actress

Jason Connery is 54  actor, producer, director

Dawn Lyn is 54  child actress

Kyle Richards is 48  actress

Malcolm D. Lee is 47  actor, writer, producer, director

Mary J. Blige is 46  singer-songwriter, actress

Marc Blucas is 45  actor

Amanda Peet is 45  actress

Rockmond Dunbar is 44  actor

Darren Lynn Bousman is 38  writer, director



Happy Milk Day!

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Here are the birthdays for January 12, 2017:


Milton Sills  (1882-1930)  actor, writer

Ray Teal  (1902-1976)  actor

Tex Ritter  (1905-1974)  actor, singer

Ben Nye  (1907-1986)  make up artist

Gladys Blake  (1910-1983)  actress, singer

Patsy Kelly  (1910-1981)  actress

Luise Rainer  (1910-2014)  actress

Paul Jarrico  (1915-1997)  writer, producer

House Peters, Jr.  (1916-2008)  actor

Irene Kane  (1924-2013)  actress

Bill Burrud  (1925-1990)  actor, television host, producer

Andrew Laszlo  (1926-2011)  cinematographer

Ruth Brown  (1928-2006)  singer, actress

Harry Novak  (1928-2014)  producer, director

Alex Thomson  (1929-2007)  cinematographer

Alan Sharp  (1934-2013)  writer

Ajita Wilson  (1950-1987)  actress


Scottie MacGregor is 92  actress

Bruce Lansbury is 87  writer, producer

Liliana Cavani is 84  writer, director

Bob Dishy is 83  actor

Shirley Eaton is 80  actress

Roger Ewing is 75  actor

Anthony Andrews is 69  actor

Wayne Wang is 68  writer, producer, director

Kirstie Alley is 66  actress

Mary Harron is 64  writer, director

Howard Stern is 63  radio host, television personality, actor, writer

Rockne S. O'Bannon is 62  writer, producer

John Lasseter is 60  animator, producer, director

Ralf Moeller is 58  actor

Oliver Platt is 57  actor

Francois Girard is 54  writer, director

Alexandra Wentworth is 52  actress, writer, producer

Rob Zombie is 52  singer-songwriter, writer, producer, director

Olivier Martinez is 51  actor

Rachael Harris is 49  actress

Jason & Randy Sklar are 45  comedians, actors, writers

Naya Rivera is 30  actress, singer

Andrew Lawrence is 29  actor

Nathan Gamble is 19  actor



Happy Pharmacist Day!

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Here are the birthdays for January 13, 2017:


Sophie Tucker  (1887-1966)  singer, actress

Fortunio Bonanova  (1895-1969)  actor, singer

Kay Francis  (1905-1968)  actress

Jeff Morrow  (1907-1993)  actor

Masayuki Mori  (1911-1973)  actor

Paul Birch  (1912-1969)  actor

Osa Massen  (1914-2006)  actress

Bud Westmore  (1918-1973)  make up artist

Robert Stack  (1919-2003)  actor

Rosemary Murphy  (1925-2014)  actress

Gwen Verdon  (1925-2000)  actress, dancer

Gregory Walcott  (1928-2015)  actor

Ian Hendry  (1931-1984)  actor

Charles Nelson Reilly  (1931-2007)  comedian, actor, writer, television personality

Brandon Tartikoff  (1949-1997)  writer, producer

Kim Manners  (1951-2009)  producer, director

Silvana Gallardo  (1953-2012)  actress, producer


David Sheiner is 89  actor

Frances Sternhagen is 87  actress

Jon Cypher is 85  actor

Rip Taylor is 83  comedian, actor

Nick Clooney is 82  journalist, television host

William B. Davis is 79  actor, writer, director

Billy Gray is 79  actor

Carol Cleveland is 75  actress

Richard Moll is 74  actor

Mike Edmonds is 73  actor

John McNaughton is 67  writer, producer, director

Dwight H. Little is 61  writer, director

Conor O'Farrell is 61  actor

Ned Eisenberg is 60  actor

Kevin Anderson is 57  actor

Julie-Louis Dreyfus is 56  actress, producer

Penelope Ann Miller is 53  actress

Patrick Dempsey is 51  actor

Keith Coogan is 47  actor

Shonda Rhimes is 47  actress, writer, producer, director

Nicole Eggert is 45  actress

Michael Pena is 41  actor

Orlando Bloom is 40  actor

Katy Brand is 38  actress, writer

Jill Wagner is 38  actress

Ruth Wilson is 35  actress

Liam Hemsworth is 27  actor



Happy Blame Someone Else Day!

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Here are the birthdays for January 14, 2017:


Hal Roach  (1892-1992)  actor, producer, director

Wilfrid Lawson  (1900-1966)  actor

Bebe Daniels  (1901-1971)  actress

Cecil Beaton  (1904-1980)  costume designer 

William Bendix  (1906-1964)  actor

Brenda Forbes  (1909-1996)  actress

Joseph Losey  (1909-1984)  writer, producer, director

Harold Russell  (1914-2002)  actor

Mark Goodson  (1915-1992)  producer

Andy Rooney  (1919-2011)  journalist, television commentator

Joe Seneca  (1919-1996)  actor

Mary Ann Jackson  (1923-2003)  child actress

Guy Williams  (1924-1989)  actor

Yukio Mishima  (1925-1970)  actor, writer, director

Frank Aletter  (1926-2009)  actor

Warren Mitchell  (1926-2015)  actor, writer

Tom Tryon  (1926-1991)  actor, writer

Stan Brakhage  (1933-2003)  producer, director

Richard Briers  (1934-2013)  actor

Vonetta McGee  (1945-2010)  actress


Carole Cook is 93  actress, singer

Jack Jones is 79  singer, actor

Baby Sandy is 79  child actress

John Castle is 77  actor

Faye Dunaway is 76  actress

Holland Taylor is 74  actress

Marjoe Gortner is 73  actor, singer

Stuart Baird is 70  editor, director

Carl Weathers is 69  athlete, actor

Christine Belford is 68  actress

Lawrence Kasdan is 68  writer, producer, director

Vernee Watson is 63  actress

Jeff Cronenweth is 55  cinematographer

Steven Soderbergh is 54  writer, producer, director

Mark Addy is 53  actor

Jemma Redgrave is 52  actress

Kerri Green is 50  actress

Emily Watson is 50  actress

LL Cool J is 49  rapper, actor

Jason Bateman is 48  actor, producer, director

Kevin Durand is 43  actor

Georgina Cates is 42  actress

Jordan Ladd is 42  actress

James Scott is 38  actor

Grant Gustin is 27  actor



Happy Dress Up Your Pet Day!

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Here are the birthdays for January 15, 2017:


Tom Ricketts  (1853-1939)  actor, writer, director

Ernest Thesiger  (1879-1961)  actor

William Beaudine  (1892-1970)  director

Rex Ingram  (1892-1950)  writer, director

Ivor Novello  (1893-1951)  singer-songwriter, actor

Marjorie Bennett  (1896-1982)  actress

Goodman Ace  (1899-1992)  actor, writer

Harry Ellerbe  (1901-1992)  actor

Kamatari Fujiwara  (1905-1985)  actor

Torin Thatcher  (1905-1981)  actor

Gene Krupa  (1909-1973)  musician, composer, actor

Lloyd Bridges  (1913-1988)  actor

Patricia Farr  (1913-1948)  actress

Elaine Riley  (1917-2015)  actress

Todd Karns  (1921-2000)  actor

Frank Thornton  (1921-2013)  actor

Thelma Carpenter  (1922-1997)  actress, singer

Maria Schell  (1926-2005)  actress

Derek Meddings  (1931-1995)  special effects designer

Patricia Blair  (1933-2013)  actress

Barbara Tarbuck  (1942-2016)  actress


Phyllis Coates is 90  actress

Joanne Linville is 89  actress

Dean Smith is 85  stunt man, actor

Victor Campos is 82  actor

Margaret O'Brien is 80  actress, singer

Karen Carlson is 72  actress

Andrea Martin is 70  actress, singer, writer

Tommy Nolan is 69  actor

Mario Van Peebles is 60  actor, director

James Nesbitt is 52  actor

Chad Lowe is 49  actor

Regina King is 46  actress

Ernie Reyes Jr. is 45  actor, stunt man

Dorian Missick is 41  actor

Eddie Cahill is 39  actor

Victor Rasuk is 33  actor

Jessy Schram is 31  actress



Happy Hat Day!

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Here are the birthdays for January 16, 2017:


Harry Carey  (1878-1947)  actor, writer, producer, director

John Hamilton  (1887-1958)  actor

Karl Freund  (1890-1969)  cinematographer, director

Margaret Booth  (1898-2002)  editor, producer

Irving Rapper  (1898-1999)  producer, director

Peter Brocco  (1903-1992)  actor

Diana Wynyard  (1906-1964)  actress

Alexander Knox  (1907-1995)  actor. writer

Ethel Merman  (1908-1984)  singer, actress

Buddy Lester  (1915-2002)  comedian, actor

Leslie H. Martinson  (1915-2016)  writer, producer, director

Stirling Silliphant  (1918-1996)  writer, producer

Lina Romay  (1919-2010)  actress, singer

Elliott Reid  (1920-2013)  actor, writer

Katy Jurado  (1924-2002)  actress

Toshiya Fujita  (1932-1997)  writer, director

Michael Pataki  (1938-2010)  actor, producer, director

Juliet Berto  (1947-1990)  actress

Robert Schimmel  (1950-2010)  comedian, actor

Aaliyah  (1979-2001)  singer-songwriter, actress


Richard Bohringer is 75  actor, writer, director

Kabir Bedi is 71  actor

Glen Morgan is 70  writer, producer

John Carpenter is 69  composer, writer, producer, director

Roger Mobley is 68  child actor

Caroline Munro is 68  actress

Debbie Allen is 67  actress, dancer, choreographer

Mark Tinker is 66   producer, director

Anders Hove is 61  actor

Ricardo Darin is 60  actor, writer, director

David Chokachi is 49  actor

Josh Evans is 46  actor, writer, producer

Richard T. Jones is 45  actor

Josie Davis is 44  actress

Greg Strause is 42  visual effects designer, producer, director

Lin-Manuel Miranda is 37  actor, writer, composer

Mason Gamble is 31  actor

Yvonne Zima is 28  actress



Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

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Here are the birthdays for January 17, 2017:


Carl Laemmle  (1867-1939)  producer, co-founder of Universal Studios

Mack Sennett  (1880-1960)  actor, producer, director

Noah Beery Sr.  (1882-1946)  actor

Nils Asther  (1897-1981)  actor, singer

Grant Withers  (1905-1959)  actor

Carol Hughes  (1910-1995)  actress, singer

Irving Brecher  (1914-2008)  writer, producer, director

Paul Stevens  (1921-1986)  actor

Patricia Owens  (1925-2000)  actress

Moira Shearer  (1926-2006)  dancer, actress

Eartha Kitt  (1927-2008)  actress, singer

E.W. Swackhamer  (1927-1994)  producer, director

Sheree North  (1932-2005)  actress, dancer

Shari Lewis  (1933-1998)  actress, puppeteer, television host

Donald Cammell  (1934-1996)  writer, director

Muhammad Ali  (1942-2016)  athlete, actor

Andy Kaufman  (1949-1984)  comedian, actor


Herbert Ellis is 96  actor, writer

Betty White is 95  actress, television personality

James Earl Jones is 86  actor

Erin O'Brien is 83  actress, singer

Maury Povich is 78  journalist, television host

Tom Lowell is 76  actor

Randy Boone is 75  actor, singer

Gabriella Pescucci is 74  costume designer

Todd Susman is 70  actor

Debbie Watson is 68  actress, singer

Kevin Reynolds is 65  writer, director

Ryuichi Sakamoto is 65  composer

Mitch Vogel is 61  actor

Steve Harvey is 60  comedian, actor, television host

Deran Sarafian is 59  actor, producer, director

Brian Helgeland is 56  writer, producer, director

Jim Carrey is 55  comedian, actor

Denis O'Hare is 55  actor, singer

Michelle Fairley is 53  actress

D.J. Caruso is 52  writer, producer, director

Joshua Malina is 51  actor

Song Kang-ho is 50  actor

Naveen Andrews is 48  actor

Lukas Moodysson is 48  writer, director

Bart Freundlich is 47  writer, producer, director

Genndy Tartakovsky is 47  animator, producer, director

Sylvie Testud is 46  actress, writer, director

Benno Furmann is 45  actor

Freddy Rodriguez is 42  actor

Leigh Whannell is 40  actor, writer, producer

Zooey Deschanel is 37  actress, singer-songwriter



Happy Bootlegger's Day!

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Here are the birthdays for January 18, 2017:


Oliver Hardy  (1892-1957)  actor

Margaret Irving  (1898-1988)  actress

Cary Grant  (1904-1986)  actor

Chick Chandler  (1905-1988)  actor, singer

Lilian Bond  (1908-1991)  actress, singer

Danny Kaye  (1911-1987)  actor, singer, dancer

Peter Hobbs  (1918-2011)  actor

Constance Moore  (1920-2005)  actress, singer

Joan Carroll  (1931-2016)  child actress

Cirio H. Santiago  (1936-2008)  writer, producer, director

Dick Durock  (1937-2009)  stunt man, actor


John Boorman is 84  writer, producer, director

Ovidio G. Assonitis is 74  writer, producer, director

Paul Freeman is 74  actor

"Beat" Takeshi Kitano is 70  actor, comedian, director

M.C. Gainey is 69  actor

Kevin Costner is 62  actor, producer, director

Mark Rylance is 57  actor

Jane Horrocks is 53  actress, singer

Dave Attell is 52  comedian, writer, actor

David Ayer is 49  writer, producer, director

Dave Bautista is 48  athlete, actor

Jesse L. Martin is 48  actor, singer

Jay Chou is 39  singer-songwriter, actor

Jason Segel is 37  actor, writer

Antje Traue is 36  actress

Samantha Mumba is 34  singer-songwriter, actress



Happy Winnie the Pooh Day!

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Here are the birthdays for January 19, 2017:


Edgar Allan Poe  (1809-1849)  writer

Harry Davenport  (1866-1949)  actor

Mady Christians  (1892-1951)  actress, singer

Stanley Hawes  (1905-1991)  producer, director

Ish Kabibble  (1908-1994)  comedian, musician, actor

Anthony Dexter  (1913-2001)  actor

Paul Fierro  (1916-1999)  actor

Jack Prince  (1920-1994)  actor, singer

Patricia Highsmith  (1921-1995)  writer

Ken Hughes  (1922-2001)  writer, director

Guy Madison  (1922-1996)  actor

Jean Stapleton  (1923-2013)  actress

Nicholas Colasanto  (1924-1985)  actor

Anthony Eisley  (1925-2003)  actor

Fritz Weaver  (1926-2016)  actor

Fred J. Lincoln  (1937-2013)  actor, writer, producer, director


Tippi Hedren is 87  actress

Richard Lester is 85  writer, producer, director

John Richardson is 83  actor

Putter Smith is 76  actor

Michael Crawford is 75  actor, singer

Raynor Scheine is 75  actor

Larry Clark is 74  writer, producer, director

Shelley Fabares is 73  actress, singer

Kim Henkel is 71  writer, producer

Dolly Parton is 71  singer-songwriter, actress

Desi Arnaz Jr. is 64  actor

Linda Hayden is 64  actress

Katey Sagal is 63  actress, singer

Paul Rodriguez is 62  comedian, actor

Roger Ashton-Griffiths is 60  actor, writer, director

Paul McCrane is 56  actor, director

William Ragsdale is 56  actor

Antoine Fuqua is 51  producer, director

Rachel Luttrell is 46  actress

Shawn Wayans is 46  actor, writer, producer

Drea de Matteo is 45  actress

Frank Caliendo is 43  comedian, actor

Natassia Malthe is 43  actress

Marsha Thomason is 41  actress

Jodie Sweetin is 35  actress

Damien Chazelle is 32  writer, producer, director

Logan Lerman is 25  actor



Happy Popcorn Day!

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Here are the birthdays for January 20, 2017:


Finlay Currie  (1878-1968)  actor

Roscoe Ates  (1895-1962)  actor

George Burns  (1896-1996)  comedian, actor

Norma Varden  (1898-1989)  actress

Colin Clive  (1900-1937)  actor

Leon Ames  (1902-1993)  actor

Alex Nicol  (1916-2001)  actor, director

Federico Fellini  (1920-1993)  writer, director

DeForest Kelley  (1920-1999)  actor

Don Mankiewicz  (1922-2015)  writer

Patricia Neal  (1926-2010)  actress

Dorothy Provine  (1937-2010)  actress, singer, dancer


Peter Donat is 89  actor

Arte Johnson is 88  comedian, actor

Jack Grinnage is 86  actor

Tom Baker is 83  actor

William Wellman Jr. is 80  actor

Margaret Avery is 73  actress

David Lynch is 71  writer, producer, director

Daniel Benzali is 67  actor

Bill Maher is 61  comedian, actor, television host

Lorenzo Lamas is 59  actor

James Denton is 54  actor

Rainn Wilson is 51  actor, producer, director

Stacey Dash is 50  actress

Reno Wilson is 48  actor

Kerri Kenney is 47  actress, writer, producer

Skeet Ulrich is 47  actor

Omar Sy is 39  actor

Daniel Cudmore is 36  actor

Crystal Lowe is 36  actress

Evan Peters is 30  actor



Happy Disc Jockey Day!

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Here are the birthdays for January 21, 2017:


John M. Stahl  (1886-1950)  writer, producer, director

Hank Bell  (1892-1950)  actor

J. Carrol Naish  (1896-1973)  actor

Rudolph Mate  (1898-1964)  cinematographer, director

Christian Dior  (1905-1957)  costume designer

Alan Hewitt  (1915-1986)  actor

John Doucette  (1921-1994)  actor

Telly Savalas  (1922-1994)  actor

Paul Scofield  (1922-2008)  actor

Benny Hill  (1924-1992)  comedian, actor, singer, writer

Charles Aidman  (1925-1993)  actor

Clive Donner  (1926-2010)  editor, director

Steve Reeves  (1926-2000)  actor

Wolfman Jack  (1938-1995)  radio DJ, actor

Trey Wilson  (1948-1989)  actor

Jam Master Jay  (1965-2002)  rapper, producer, actor


Radley Metzger is 88  writer, producer, director

Audrey Dalton is 83  actress

Ann Wedgeworth is 83  actress

Stathis Giallelis is 76  actor

Mike Medavoy is 76  producer

Mac Davis is 75  singer-songwriter, actor

Michael G. Wilson is 75  writer, producer

Martin Shaw is 72  actor, producer

Jill Eikenberry is 70  actress

Robby Benson is 61  actor, director

Geena Davis is 61  actress, producer

Charlotte Ross is 59  actress

Michael Wincott is 59  actor

Karina Lombard is 48  actress

Ken Leung is 47  actor

Oren Peli is 47  writer, producer, director

Vincent Laresca is 43  actor

Izabella Miko is 36  actress

Luke Grimes is 33  actor

Craig Roberts is 26  actor, writer, director

Booboo Stewart is 23  actor



Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day!

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Here are the birthdays for January 22, 2017:


D.W. Griffith  (1875-1948)  writer, producer, director

Constance Collier  (1878-1955)  actress, writer

Conrad Veidt  (1893-1943)  actor, producer, director

Sergei Eisenstein  (1898-1948)  writer, director

Ann Sothern  (1909-2001)  actress, singer

Diana Douglas  (1923-2015)  actress

Robert Halmi Sr.  (1924-2014)  producer

Bill Bixby  (1934-1993)  actor, director


Piper Laurie is 85  actress

Seymour Cassel is 82  actor

Joseph Wambaugh is 80  writer

John Hurt is 77  actor

Jim Jarmusch is 64  writer, director

John Wesley Shipp is 62  actor

Linda Blair is 58  actress

Min-sik Choi is 55  actor

Tamra Davis is 55  producer, director

Diane Lane is 52  actress

Olivia d'Abo is 48  actress

Gabriel Macht is 45  actor

Balthazar Getty is 42  actor

Sami Gayle is 21  actress



Happy Blonde Brownie Day!

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This is from The Tampa Bay Times.  It's not as good as Lawrence's list but here goes.



Rick Astley is 51.



Chris Rock is 52.

Ashton Kutcher is 39

Garth Brooks is 55



Seth Green is 43

Joe Maddon is 63



Tom Hiddleston is 51



Elizabeth Banks is 43

Emma Roberts is 26



Jennifer Anniston is 48

Natalie Dormer is 35 



Christina Ricci is 37

Judy Blume is 79



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