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i need help finding the titles of these movies

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i need help! i'm looking for the names of three movies!

i don't know the actors names in two of them...


the first one is in color and starts out with the main male character being out on vacation or something. he seems to be very rich, seeing as he has this huge mansion where the film takes place. while he's away his maids and people turn his mansion into a hotel, and he unexpectedly comes home so the workers hurry to take down all the signs and everything. i would try to explain the rest... but it would get very confusing haha.


the second, i saw a long time ago. it's in black and white, and i can't remember much of it. from what i remember the main female character has jewels and furniture in the attick, in a blocked off room. and her boyfriend or something disapears at night and it turns out he's taking things out of the attic area. once the main female character finds out and confronts him, he tries to kill her. thats all i remember about that one.


the third movie is with fred astaire, and i believe ginger rogers. they have this amaaaaazing tap dance scene that is very long. i'm not positive, but i think it's the same movie where there's this like giant wedding cake type thing with a big curtain around it. and as it unwraps, there are people on the tower of the cake. all dressed up in different things. and once it gets to the top it closes back up.


if you guys could help me in locating the names of these movies, i would greatly appreciate it.


thank you!

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For some reason, the first one is one of the most asked questions on this board. About once a month someone will ask for the title of this movie. It's Come September with Rock Hudson.


I don't know what the second one is.


The "giant wedding cake type thing" is not from an Astaire/Rogers movie, but rather from The Great Ziegeld. The same number was used in a slightly different form in Ziegfeld Girl. Judy Garland replaced Virginia Bruce atop the cake in the latter.


To name which Astaire/Rogers movie you're thinking of we'll need more of a clue. Was it in color? Then it's Barkleys of Broadway. Were they in a deco version of Venice? Then it's Top Hat. etc....

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haha thats odd, thanks for the first one.


i think it was astaire and rogers... i remember the backround for that tap dancing scene was like a stary black backround. and they were dancing on a stage like shiny black surface. so it probably is the berkleys of broadway. thanks for your help!

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No, it's not THE BARKLEYS OF BROADWAY -- not even close.


The third movie you're looking for is BROADWAY MELODY OF 1940, with Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell, and the specific number would be the two-part "Begin the Beguine," in which Astaire and Powell dance to "classical" and swing versions of the Cole Porter tune -- on a shiny black surface with a starry black background.


I have it on DVD, and sometimes I watch just this number, over and over. The music, photography, and pyrotechnic tapping of Astaire and Powell are just dazzling.


Regarding your username: you're not Charlie Callas incognito, are you?

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thanks! i was just about to rent that movie actually haha. so i guess i'll have to go do that in the next few days.


charles callas? i'm not quite sure who that is... and i'm really curious as to why you said that haha

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charles callas? i'm not quite sure who that is... and

> i'm really curious as to why you said that haha


Charlie Callas was a big-nosed eccentric comedian who was know for his use of sound effects in his act. He was everywhere in the '60s and '70s, and was a regular on the Dean Martin roasts for a while. The last time I saw him on TV was about five years ago.


In one of his routines, he said, "I wasn't like the other kids in my neighborhood. When they got mad, they threw tantrums. When I got mad, I threw FISH!"


I once heard him change the finish to "I threw CLAMS!" So, there you have it.

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