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Favorite Silent Film actor/actress

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Favorite actor: Charlie Chaplin....i'm pitifully obsessed :-)

Favorite actress: Lillian Gish or Marion Davies (and then all of Chaplin's leading ladies as well, Edna Purviance especially)


Its such a glimpse into the past when you watch silent movies....i get hypnotized!

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This is not an easy question to address, I have seen hundreds of Silent features, and the order could change frequently.


Traditionally, I would likely be inclined to choose Harold Lloyd overall as favorite actor. He has been a long time idol of mine, ever since I was a boy back in the late 1970's.


As for purely a dramatic actor, rather than comic, maybe I would select Ramon Novarro? Have enjoyed everything I have seen him in.


As for actresses, I'll go with Mary Pickford, as a long time favorite. Some of her lesser known features such as THROUGH THE BACK DOOR (1921), and LITTLE LORD FAUNTELROY (1921), deserve strong mention, as among the very best Silent's I have seen recently, as well.


I have developed a real passion of late, for Laura La Plante. She was great in such films as SMOULDERING FIRES (1925), and THE LOVE TRAP (1929). The only other film I've seen her in is THE CAT AND THE CANARY (1927), but I am looking for more of her movies. She had great screen presence and a vibrant engaging personality.


There certainly could be numerous other Stars on the top of my list. It kinda of depends on my mood, and what I am watching.

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i certainly can't pick just one of each. i'll make a list. they are in no particular order.


Actors: Harold Lloyd(i got the DVD box for my birthday), Lon Chaney, Charlie Chaplin, Ramon Navarro(he's such a sexy leading man), Rudolph Valentino(again very sexy)


Actresses: Marion Davies, Greta Garbo, Mary Pickford


I love The Patsy, Marion is soo funny in it. Shes awesome!

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Charlie Chaplin is by far my favorite of the silent stars as well. He was such a comedic genius. Mary Pickford is also an actress that I am fond of, but its a toss-up between her and Lillian Gish. I feel sorry for Mary and how she was always depicted as a little girl when she was really a grown woman, it must have been very frustrating for her.

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Nobody is greater than Lon Chaney. Not in the silent era, not in the golden era and certainly not in the present era. He is quite simply the greatest of all time. It bewilders me, however, that most serious classic film buffs consider him to be nothing more than a horror star.

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