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Warner Home Video recently rescued MGM's Till the Clouds Roll By from 'PD' hell on DVD. But they need to do more with some other huge titles still missing in action: Michael Curtiz's This Is The Army - which has, among others, Kate Smith singing her trademark "God Bless America." There's also Topper - a great Hal Roach flick starring Cary Grant from the 30s that MGM distributed but currently looks like its been fed through a meat grinder on a DVD by Hallmark Video. And what about a release for Royal Wedding - that great Fred Astaire/Jane Powell musical that looks painfully pale and out of focus on any number of bootlegged copies currently floating out there on home video. We need more attention paid these great and timeless classics. Who's with me on this one?!?

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I have a pitchfork and a torch and am ready to march in protest with you.


I wonder what else is in the public domain. Where can we find out? How do movies like Til the Clouds Roll By and Royal Wedding end up in teh public domain? Surely MGM would renew their rights to them, no? I'm very naive on this subject and am interested to learn more.

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I wonder who we could get to light a flame under Warner's behind. Seriously, they're doing a great job with what's being put out there so far...with a few exceptions. I'm still fuming over the deplorable transfer quality on two of their latest NON-musical offers; the Clark Gable classic Wife Vs Secretary and last years abysmal rendering of a vintage Tracy/Powell/Harlow comedy - Libeled Lady. Ah well, they can't all get the A-list treatment I suppose. Or can they?

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I'll join your parade, too! Let me march and sing towards the camera with you both, Babes in Arms-style!


Seriously, I am surprised that ROYAL WEDDING hasn't been rescued and restored by WBHV. I was thrilled with my new dvd of TILL THE CLOUDS ROLL BY, and RW has Astaire in it, for goodness sake!


Sandy K

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It's possible that WHV will be re-issuing Royal Wedding this year, possibly as part of a FA set...


Funny thing is how some people always complain when studios find new ways to extend the copyright to some of their movies. But what happens when a movie does fall into PD? The market is quickly flooded with copies that have the worst possible picture and sound...


Sorry but if that's the way it's going to be, I'd much rather copyrights were extended indefinitely...

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