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Fabulous Foreign Stars!!!


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Inspired by a recent post that suggested we talk about other actors besides Tracy and Davis, I thought it would also be interesting to discuss some of our best foreign imports: Louis Jordan, Alan Deloin, Sophia Loren, and Rassario Brazzi, and Carmen Miranda, just to name a few. These great actors and actresses were in some of my favorite feel good movies, such as "Three Coins in a Fountain," or "Light at the Piazza."


---Who's your favorite foreign actor or actress?

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My favorite import: HEDY LAMARR!!!!!!


But I love Greta Garbo, Yvonne de Carlo, Vilma Banky, and Marlene Dietrich as well.

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As far as the ladies go, I'd obviously have to choose Greta Garbo, and I've also always liked Marlene Dietrich. Norma Shearer can also be considered an import, since she was born and raised in Canada - and she's one of my all time faves.

As for the fellas, Anthony Quinn comes to mind - he was from Mexico if I'm not mistaken - and one of the best Hollywood has ever had. My favorite performance of his is "Requiem for a Heavyweight." He was also great in Fellini's "La Strada," which TCM showed not too long ago. And his co-star in that - Gulietta Masina - she was good too - but she only made films in Italy. My favorite of hers is "Ginger and Fred," in which she co-starred with another great Italian actor, Marcello Mastriani.

Peter Lorre was another great import - no one could play a no-good crooked little guy as well as him.

Merle Oberon's another one - I think she was from somewhere in Africa or Trinidad - I know it was some exotic place - and I've read that she tried to hide her backround, because her birth name was "Queenie" something.

I could think up more all night, but here are a few - Vivien Leigh and hubby Laurence Olivier, and the most talented sisters Hollywood ever had - Joan Fontaine and Olivia deHavilland - they were actually born in Japan, even though they are from English decent (I think). Also Desi Arnaz - who was a pretty good actor when he wasn't playing straight man to Lucy, and running Desilu Studios.

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At the top of my list of favorite foreign stars is Sonja Henie. Although not a "great actor" in the strictist sense, she had a charming presence on the sceen that no one can deny. Anyone that enjoys escapist comidies/musicals of the 30's & 40's should check out "Sun Valley Serenade", "Iceland" and "Second Fiddle". Tyrone Power starred with Sonja in "Second Fiddle" and Irving Berlin wrote the music. The story of this movie is a parody of the long talent search David O. Selsnick conducted to find his Scarlet O'Hara.

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