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British comedies

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What are your favorite British comic films?


I like most of the usual Ealing suspects: Kind Hearts and Coronets, The Lavender Hill Mob, and Man in the White Suit. I've never warmed to The Ladykillers, and Whiskey Galore made me laugh only once.


As for non-Ealing comedies, Heavens Above with Peter Sellers really struck me as well done. I'm All Right, Jack was also good. Smallest Show on Earth was quite charming, and Belles of St. Trinian's took me by surprise and made me laugh.

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I had forgotten about "A Private Function." That was very funny. I think that the art theater I saw it at was giving away plastic pig snouts to promote the movie.


"The Missionary" was also very good. It's a shame Michael Palin hasn't made more films.

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Just watched "Passport to Pimlico" on DVD last night.


It starts slowly, but once the premise kicks in (a deed proves that a London neighborhood is not legally British soil), the movie becomes quite funny and fascinating. However, it is how the film plays out the consequences of the idea that kept me hooked. I didn't much care about the characters, which, I guess, is why this Ealing film hasn't ever been as popular in America as the Alec Guiness ones.

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I watched "Carlton-Brown of the F. O." and had a blast. It is a Boulting Brothers satire on British diplomacy, aparently akin to "I'm All Right, Jack" and "Heavens Above."


It was very clever, and the crisis seemed a bit like a mix of Cyprus and Cuba. The cast was very capable, and Raymond Huntley gave an awful cliche ridden speech as if it were pearls of wisdom from on high. (The film had a scathing view of the U. N. by the way.) A must for all Terry-Thomas fans.

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Sorry. Didn't wind it up. The kitty jumped on the boards.


The first time I viewed The Ladykillers was the first time I fell in love

with Guinness on the screen. I have the boxed set that also has

the Lavender Hill Mob.Has anyone read his autobiographies?

Simply charming, like the man himself.


I also enjoyed The Ruling Class with Peter O'Toole.

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I remember one called, "Passport to Pimlico" which very much appealed to me. "The Mouse That Roared", similarly. I found both these plots refreshing. Make you see the world in a new way.

'The Man in the White Suit', 'The LadyKillers', 'Kind Hearts and Coronets' yes, all good.

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