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Your Favourite Top 5 Alfred Hitchcock Movies


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In no particular order: Shadow Of A Doubt. Notorious. Rear Window. North By Northwest. The Wrong Man.


As an aside, he is getting very popular again if my cable "OnDemand" is any measure. At this moment (off the top of my head) I can get "Rear Window", "The Birds", "Notorious", "Saboteur", "Young and Innocent", "The Man Who Knew Too Much", "Rope", and "Vertigo." There may be one or two more. "Psycho" and "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" (the latter courtesy of TCM) just expired.

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Top five? Oh, well -here are five of my favorites-so hard to choose:

1) Shadow of a Doubt

2) The Lady Vanishes

3) The 39 Steps

4) Rebecca

5) Dial M for Murder


Honorable mentions:

Rear Window, The Trouble With Harry, To Catch a Thief, I Confess, Spellbound, and Notorious

I couldn't resist! ;-)

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1.North by Northwest-2.Rear Window-3.Vertigo-4.Psycho-5.Strangers on a Train.

Saw the "Psycho" remake,for the first time last week-UGH!! Anne Heche NO SEX APPEAL-I don't want to single her out because the entire cast STUNK!! And is was in color!!

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1) To Catch A Thief

2) North By Northwest

3) Rebecca

4) Foreign Correspondent

5) Notorious




6) Spellbound

7) Psycho

8) Vertigo

9) Dial M For Murder

10) Stranger of a Train

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There aren't too many I don't like - The Trouble With Harry is one of my least favorite. Edmund Gwenn's hair played too prominent a part in that movie.


But the early ones appeal to me, like Sabotage, Secret Agent, The Lady Vanishes, and Saboteur.



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Got to agree with you "The Trouble with Harry" sucked. The most interesting part of the film is when John Forsythe cannot pay for a full pack of cigarettes so he takes a sissor and cuts the pack in half and pays for only half a pack and says he'll buy the other half later. They loved this film in France if thats any gage of how this film is. The most interesting fact was it was Shirley McLaines debut film.

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Anyone watching the election results? Here's the latest tally (as of 11:20pm; August 1, 2006 -- including Rocky's, Skimpole's & Slum's... above):


Rebecca The queen of them all at 13 votes

Rear Window 12

North by Northwest 11

Psycho 9

Vertigo 8

Notorious 7

Shadow of a Doubt 7

The Birds 7

The 39 Steps 5

Foreign Correspondent 5

Suspicion 4

To Catch a Thief 4

Strangers on a Train 4

Saboteur 3

Marnie 3

The Lady Vanishes 2

Rope 2

Wrong Man 2

Secret Agent 1

Sabotage 1

Lifeboat 1

Dial M for Murder 1

Frenzy 1

Family Plot 1


The forgotten stepchildren:


Number Thirteen [unfinished]

The Pleasure Garden

The Mountain Eagle

The Lodger


Easy Virtue

The Ring

The Farmer's Wife


Harmony Heaven

The Manxman


Elstree Calling

Juno and the Paycock

Murder [and Mary]

The Skin Game

Rich and Strange

Number Seventeen

Waltzes from Vienna

The Man Who Knew Too Much (either version!)

Young and Innocent

Jamaica Inn

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Bon Voyage

Aventure Malgache


The Paradine Case

Under Capricorn

Stage Fright

I Confess

The Trouble with Harry

Torn Curtain


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