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Your Favourite Top 5 Alfred Hitchcock Movies

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Looks like it's time to update the tally. So as of 12:03am, September 21, 2006, here are the latest election results:


Rear Window 24 (The new winner by a stretch!)

North by Northwest 18

Rebecca 16

Psycho 15

Vertigo 14

Notorious 13

Shadow of a Doubt 11

The Birds 10

Strangers on a Train 8

Rope 7

The 39 Steps 6

Foreign Correspondent 6

Suspicion 6

To Catch a Thief 6

Marnie 6

The Lady Vanishes 4

Lifeboat 4

The Lodger 3

Saboteur 3

Sabotage 3

Wrong Man 3

Dial M for Murder 2

Frenzy 2

Secret Agent 1

Mr. and Mrs. Smith 1

Topaz 1

Family Plot 1

The Man Who Knew Too Much 1/3*


The forgotten stepchildren:


Number Thirteen [unfinished]

The Pleasure Garden

The Mountain Eagle


Easy Virtue

The Ring

The Farmer's Wife


Harmony Heaven

The Manxman


Elstree Calling

Juno and the Paycock

Murder [and Mary]

The Skin Game

Rich and Strange

Number Seventeen

Waltzes from Vienna

Young and Innocent

Jamaica Inn

Bon Voyage

Aventure Malgache


The Paradine Case

Under Capricorn

Stage Fright

I Confess

The Trouble with Harry

Torn Curtain



* Four people listed The Man Who Knew Too Much, but three of those voters didn't mention which version.

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My favorites:


1. Shadow of a Doubt

2. Psycho

3. The Trouble With Harry

4. Strangers on a Train

5. Lifeboat (Tallulah! Love her.)


I have to stick up for "The Trouble With Harry" I love it because it's not typical Hitchcock. I actually love the dialogue the most. There's the one scene where Edmund Gwenn and Mildred Natwick are having lunch together and they have this conversation about the teacup that she went shopping for earlier in the day:


Miss Graveley: It's been in the family for years. My father always used it... until he died.

Captain: I trust he died peacefully. Slipped away in the night?

Miss Graveley: He was caught in a threshing machine


I love that scene. I think it's one of the funniest I've seen just because of the delivery of the last line.

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1. The 39 Steps (If ever you should meet a man...)

2. Notorious

3. Vertigo

4. The Lady Vanishes

5. Rear Window


Is there anywhere you can look up all the Hitch cameos in his movies? I'd love to know if there's one in The 39 Steps.



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Not a big fan of Hitchcock but two film of his I enjoy are The Birds and Mr and Mrs Smith ( a comedy with Carole Lombard).

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As with some of the others, I find it difficult to limit to just five---so to cheat I did a three-way tie for fifth place:


1. To Catch a Thief

2. Marnie

3. Rebecca

4. Vertigo

5. Notorious/NxNW/Lifeboat

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That is a really hard decision because all of his films are so good but I have to say that my favorite's are:

1.To Catch A Thief

2.Rear Window

3.The Birds

4.The Man Who Knew Too Much


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Hitch was the best. Here are my top 5:


1. Vertigo

2. Rear Window

3. North By Northwest

4. Notorious

5. Foreign Correspondent


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Wow - this thread has been going for a long time~ how did I miss it? Love Hitchcock, at his most "subtle" (for him). No gore for me!


1. Notorious.

2. Rebecca.

3. Shadow of a Doubt.

4. Foreign Correspondent.

5. Strangers on a Train.


By the way, if anyone is interested, (and I should have written down the site), but there is an Alfred Hitchcock site that gives each cameo appearance that he made in his films. Boy, did I miss him almost every time - especially the Rear Window appearance.

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Hard to choose just 5, but.....

North by Northwest


Rear Window

Family Plot

The Trouble With Harry

I love Family Plot and The Trouble With Harry so much because they aren't typical Hitchcock- both are so incredibly silly and have such convoluted plots. Did any of you who saw Family Plot not laugh hysterically when Barbara Harris put her hands over Bruce Dern's eyes when he was driving the car down the twisted mountain road with no brakes?

Did you wonder if we'd ever find out how Harry REALLY died? This movie was Jerry Mathers' ( Leave It To Beaver) debut- he was quite good, too!

As for my favorites exceeding the 5- Hitchcock loved Cary Grant for good reason- Suspicion, It Takes A Thief, Notorious.... Hitch used Jimmy Stewart well, too, not only Rear Window, but Vertigo and The Man Who Knew Too Much. I watched another of my favorites the other day- Niagara.

Regardless of how many times I watch one of his films, he was so good that I still end up biting my nails and sitting on the edge of my seat!

Too bad they can't make them as good these days.


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