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Shirley Temple - Please help an old lady today!


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Hi there all,


I am after information and help regarding some of Shirley Temples earlier films, especially:


The Little Princess

Baby, Take a Bow

The Blue Bird

Just Around the Corner

Little Miss Broadway

Curly Top

Now and Forever

Little Miss Marker

Captain January

Stand up and Cheer


(this is just part of what is a very large list).


They are for my nan, Edna. She has just had her 80th birthday. When she was a child and was growing up, she watched the Shirley Temple movies with her sisters and her mother, and has been looking for VHS copies ever since.


Problem is that most of her older films are unavailable on VHS in PAL format, only NTSC, which living in the UK, will require an expensive adapter/VCR to watch



I have been eagerly searching for other copies from around the world on DVD, to be watched on a multi-region player in this country, and I've tracked some of them down, but it seems that only a small fraction are available on DVD, while there are hundreds of VHS on America sites, all totally useless to me without a large cash injection (which I can not afford right now).




This is an appeal:


Please help me to help give my nan some of her fondest memories back to her.


Which film company/ies owns rights to her early films?


Does TCM plan to show any of the early films in the near or distant future?


Are there any other organisations/fan clubs which may be able to help me out in any other ways?



Any help is greatly appreciated.



(Oh and BTW, nice forum you have here)

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I just did a quick search through Google and the Amazon UK site and I see what you mean about Shirley's films being very limited on DVD or in the PAL format. Since Shirley Temple's films were 20th Century Fox products,who probably retains the primary rights to her early films, you might search further at :








and at the TCM site for the UK at




The only other place that I can think of to look is ebay. Good luck and I hope you find what you need!

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OK, thanks for that Gina.


I have already tried eBay with no luck. With any luck, I should be able to get PAL videos from Australia, and having family there who are visiting England soon, I hope to be able to show my nan some videos/DVDs, if they manage to find them that is.


Will keep you informed...

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