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Bringing Up Baby mystery


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Recently, I paused the scene in Bringing Up Baby where the dog George is "playing" with the leopard in the woods.


If you run the scene in slow motion, you can see what appear to be actual wounds inflicted on the dog's side -- hair and flesh seem to be missing.


It wouldn't surprise me that at the time there wasn't much concern for animals' welfare. I'm not with PETA or anything, but I'd just like someone to confirm this.


Thank you

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I have that DVD. I too, am going to pop it in and take a look. Is that the part when they are looking for Baby in the woods, near someone's house? Or when they get near the lake? It has been awhile since I watched it. I just want to know when to stop fast fowarding it.



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Okay, this is sad, but true. I played it and paused it in a few places. Earlier in the movie, George's right and left side are nice and clean. During the "playing" with Baby, clearly George's left side is not looking good at all. I now, would not think of this movie as a Romantic Comedy. I have to wonder how the actor's Cary and Katherine could work, knowing what happen to this poor dog.

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