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Angela Lansbury - Star of the Month - Thoughts?

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To be honest, i don't really like Angela Lansbury''s films. I only liked her in 'Harvey Girls' w/ Judy Garland. I think her style is better for the stage. She does have a great voice though. I Personally don't think she should have been Star of the Month.

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Just to clarify: She's not Star of the Month. She was Star for a Day. It's Summer Under the Stars. Each day is devoted to a different actor or actress.


As for Angela Landsbury being better suited for the stage, you should watch the original "Manchurian Candidate", "Gaslight" and "Picture of Dorian Gray" before making a definitive decision.


She was incredibly gracious in her interview with Bob O last evening. Loved the wink when talking about Jane Fonda.


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This is my second attempt to reply, My first was lost in cyberspace. I regret some of you didn't watch yesterday, you missed some truly excellent movie action. Altho I think Meryl Streep is the finest actress around for the past two decades, she didn't come close to the manic mother in the remake of Manchurian Candidate. On the other hand, I've been on my computer a lot today, because I just don't see the attraction of the Marx Brothers. I sat and watched Animal Crackers, Nght at the Opera, and the one before that, and just don't GET IT. What's with Graucho's walk? Is that supposed to be funny? To me they seem like only a slightly refined copy of the Three Stooges (another waste of film). OMG I hated when they had those morons on for a while a couple of years ago. I would hear the T.V. and run in to change the channel when my grandkids were over. Of course with the choices they have now, I might not have bothered.


Back to Angela, those of you who didn't watch, make yourself sit and watch next time those movies are on, you might surprise yourself.

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> Hi,


> Yes, I agree Jessica Fletcher was a "Dark Angel" and

> Angela herself joked that if she showed up in your

> city, you better go on vacation, since somebody was

> going to die.......

> I never missed a program; it was my favourite show,

> even though it was unreal and hokey, etc. It took

> you all over the world and brought back many, many

> stars from yesteryear!


> You'd be surprised how many stars helped out others

> in Hollywood. Marion Davies & Louise Fazenda to name

> two. There are lots of stories I could tell about

> really nice people in LA. The whole Motion Picture

> Home and Fund is based on that.


> Larry


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> vecchiolarry




You say you have a lot of stories to tell.


Why don't you tell them?


I, for one, would love to hear (or read!) what you have to say.



Genevieve Annabelle

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She should be the star of the month in the future. Why not?

Other people were stars of the month that I didn't care for or think deserved it but I try to be fair and say everyone deserves to be Star of the Month at least once especially the obscure, rarely talked about stars. Their work needs to be seen. Angela has enough films to be shown to be a star of the month.


Why do some say her acting style is better for the stage?

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