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Hi, I'm new here!

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Hey, welcome to the boards. We don't deal with who's "cool" or not here. We all have one thing in common and that's a passion for films. While I think most of us lean towards classics, any film talk is welcome here. Although, there are a few folks who will disagree with me on that. I don't think there are any real rules, we just treat each other with respect even when opinions differ. You won't find the insults and name calling that you'll find on other forums here. Not to say things don't get a little hot now and then. If you adore old films, as you say, this is the place to be.

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Hah! Katie, I don't even get to watch most of the movies I tape. I expect some day, when I'm retired, to finally get to watch them all...after transferring them all to DVD (or the latest technology) of course. Having been burned by AMC, I've done pretty well in taping all the b/w movies a person could want.


BTW, RT is 'out there'! Interesting, but out there, especially the photo section and the online fascination of one poster for another's picture. It always amuses me that one poster will assume another is being honest with their picture. Ah well.


You mentioned RT is coming out with a 'music' thread -- I wonder if the denizens there like Leonard Cohen, whom I currently adore? At any rate, it seems the moderators are fairly decent, their offenses that result in banning are reasonable.


Oh, I have about 1200 movies taped that I have yet to watch. Enough for a (my) lifetime.





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> OK I've got to ask you! Where did you get your handle

> "The Slums Of Soft Focus"? Mines from Amadeus when

> his peers criticized his composition as having

> "TooManyNotes". But it's driving me crazy the past

> couple of days trying to figure out yours! :)




I read an essay once about my favorite era of film, the pre-code era, which wasn't very good, but it used this pretty awesome phrase to describe the more violent, sexual, and immoral group of films being made during that time as "the slums of soft focus".


I just wish the paper had been as good as that single phrase.

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