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Top 4 favorite Bette Davis Movies

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"Of Human Bondage" "You cad, you dirty swine! I never cared for you-not once! I was always makin' a fool of ya! Ya bored me stiff...I hated ya! It made me sick when I had to let ya kiss me. I only did it because ya begged me, ya hounded me and drove me crazy! And after ya kissed me- I always used to wipe my mouth! WIPE MY MOUTH!"

"Jezebel" "...This is 1852, dumplin.' 1852. Not the dark ages. Girls don't have to simp around in white just because they're not married."

"All About Eve" "Lovely speech, Eve. But I wouldn't worry so much about your heart. You can always put that award where your heart ought to be."

"What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?" "You mean all this time we could have been friends..."

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Of Human Bondage -Definitely her greatest performance, in my opinion. She was one of those characters that you hate but love at the same time and feel sorry for!


Dark Victory -Such a sad and tragic story. To think that things like that happen often in real life as well.


The Petrified Forest -All time favourite film but she was so sweet and wonderful and the character is just me!


The Great Lie -She was just so different and entertaining to watch in this one and for some reason I adore it.

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The Letter (gotta love a movie that begins with Bette pumping 6 bullets into some poor guy and ends (or should have ended) with the line "With all my heart, I still love the man I killed!")


All About Eve


Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?


The Bride Came COD


(do I have to stop at 4???)

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1. Now Voyager

2. All About Eve

3. The Little Foxes

4. The Letter


PS - whoever said All About Eve was the most boring movie they ever saw has clearly been educated with an air hose and an inner tube. Wit is wasted on the witless.


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