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Top 5 James Stewart Movies

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In no special order---"The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance".Rear Window","Mr.Smith Goes to Washington",It's a Wonderful Life",and "Winchester' '73"!!! Honorable Mention-"Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation"."The Naked Spur",and "Two Rode Together"!!!

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Love James Stewart! He was always so convincing and passionate! Here are my favorites:


Shenandoah (the part where his son is killed by the young soldier on guard duty-you can just feel a father's pain)


It's a Wonderful Life (the kissing scene with Donna Reed is the best and also the scene in the bar when he is in total despair)




Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation (Best line - How about some sun on the beach?)

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Mr. Stwert certainly made alot of memorable movies here are my perhaps lesser known movies he made that are some of my favorites. "Firecreek", "Shenendoah", "The Cheyenne Social Club", "Broken Arrow" and "Harvey" the latter being one of his best.

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Hi Chris how are ya doing . I like Rear Window

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.Mr HobbsTakes A vacation .Shenandoah and me too where he is talking to Doug Mclure about marriage,The one that he is in with Audie Murphy and Audie Murphy is his kid brother I forget the name of that one and Toomanynotes mentioned Flight Of The Phoenix I have not seen that one in years . I would love to see that one again. Hope all is well Inglis

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Hi Inglis:


Glad you're back. The movie with Audie Murphy is "Night Passage." I like that one too. It's more of a casual movie to me than some of his previous westerns. They make an unlikely pair but I like them together. "Flight Of The Phoenix" has floated around on Flix or one of the pay channels lately maybe as counter programming to the new version.


All is well. Hope you are as well.



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> Mr Hobbs is an excellent family comedy!! Jimmy

> Stewart-Maureen O' Hara made a great husband-wife

> team!!


I loved it in 1962 but I pulled out my copy of it a couple of weeks ago and thought how incredibly dated it was. Even the part where he and his son are in the boat and the son says "Gee Dad the next eclipse like this will be in 1999" Fabian sucked in it but I must say O'Hara looked great and the part played by John McGiver still made me laugh!

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1. Vertigo

2. Rear Window

3. Flight of the Phoenix

4. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

5. The Philadelphia Story


I have not seen


1. It's a Wonderful Life

2. Harvey

3. Destry Rides Again

4. Winchester' 73

5. The Shop Around the Corner

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Fabian also was a drag in "North to Alaska!! McGiver was great as the bird watcher!! Jimmy Stewart also had a one-year sitcom ( I don't remember the name) with Julie Adams (beautiful) playing his wife. McGiver was in regular on the program. This is not the Jimmy Stewart comedy-detective with Strother Martin!

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