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Favorite Gene Kelly Movies

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Looks as if Gene Kelly will be the Star of the Month for March 2007.


Monday/Tuesday, March 5-6 will feature:


Gene Kelly: Anatomy of a Dancer

For Me And My Gal

Du Barry Was A Lady

Summer Stock

Thousands Cheer

Words And Music

Invitation To The Dance

Les Girls


Monday/Tuesday, March 12/13:


Singin' In The Rain

On the Town

It's Always Fair Weather

Cover Girl

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Anchors Aweigh

Private Screenings: Stanley Donen


Monday, March 19


The Pirate

An American in Paris


Ziegfeld Follies


Monday/Tuesday, March 26-27


The Three Musketeers

Inherit The Wind

40 Carats

The Devil Makes Three

Black Hand

Pilot #5

The Cross Of Lorraine

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I don't think Gene Kelly has ever been SOTM at TCM - and I'm glad that they're including some of his non-musical movies in the tribute. The first time I ever saw INHERIT THE WIND I kept on asking myself - is that Gene Kelly??


I saw Pilot #5 recently, and thought it was good, too, but then I like Franchot Tone.



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I'm so excited to see Invitation to the Dance for the first time! It's the only Kelly musical film that I've not seen.


It's great that they're showing Cover Girl--I have this one on dvd, but it's not as well known as Kelly's MGM films and it has some great dance numbers with Kelly and Rita Hayworth.


Sandy K

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I just watched "Les Girls" on DVD.


Wow, where has this movie been all my life? It was a lot of fun and extremely clever. I liked the scene in which Kelly did a dance with one of the girls -- he had a rope coiled about him and she unwrapped him. Then a few minutes later, on another night, the girl got distracted and a stagehand pulled the rope, knocking Gene flat. Has a musical ever parodied itself this way?


I have to say I like this one better than "Funny Face." I like "Funny Face" right up to the time when Fred Astaire dresses like a Beatnik, and then I want to crawl through the floor. Here, Kelly did a Brando imitation in the last dance number, but it wasn't embarassing at all.


A very clever, charming movie.

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Hands down - Anchors Aweigh. It's void of Kelly's "enough about me, what about you...what do you think of me" bravado that gets heavy handed in so many of his later projects.


Singin' In the Rain is an obvious choice but a necessary one. Brigadoon's also pleasurable. Summer Stock is a delight, but mostly for Judy Garland and the 'Get Happy' finale. Her dance duet with Kelly to 'The Portland Fancy' is a high point for them both.

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It's great to see Gene Kelly during his prime.


But I also kinda get teary-eyed to see the 1994 That's Entertainment! III because it's the last thing he filmed before he died -- and also the last time he stepped into the old MGM studios.

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I have to always say Singin' In The Rain will be one of my favorites 'til I die. Usually I don't even mention it when someone asks me what are my favorite Gene Kelly films because it's almost implied!


I loved Take Me Out To The Ballgame, but I can enjoy any film with the skinny, young and generally geeky Frank Sinatra. Although even I admit he was getting a little too old for the "naive" roles here. Gene Kelly's dance with the green hat remains to be one of my favorite moments.


Living In A Big Way was a wonderful and all around great film, showcasing Kelly's acting and dancing abilities. I love any film of his where he is shown interracting with children, he seemed to look really natural with them (same goes for Anchors Aweigh).


And The Devil Makes Three was an attempt at showing more of a serious side to Gene's acting... Went over well with me. He's such a sexy man, there's no doubt to the appeal he has on screen whether or not he dances.


One of my favorite dances would have to be his dance with Cyd in Singin' In The Rain... Wow, love that one! Especially when his hat flys off... :0



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Couldn't sing,...........?


Perhaps they weren't Bing Crosby, Andy Williams,Dick Haymes, or a Mel Torme..... but I loved their voices.They were warm comfortable and romantic. They were on key. Their voices fit with the music written, blended well with their co stars and made many a viewer melt as they watched them from their local movie theatre at the time or a cozy couch today. : )

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Singin in the Rain. No question! In fact, it's not only my favorite GK musical, it's my favorite musical, AND my favorite movie of all time. I am a huge GK fan and love him in anything.


Was SO looking forward to seeing Cover Girl last night, which I have never seen, and still haven't. Sat down to watch it, saw the first 20 minutes, then the cable went out and came back on just in time for Funny Face. Rats!!!!!! I called the cable co and was put on hold for 30 minutes, only for them to tell me 'we're working on it, should be back up in 1-2 hours.'


OF ALL TIMES.... grrrrr.


Don't know when/if it's going to be shown again, but I may have to hoof it down to Hollywood Video and rent a copy.

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Hi there, Jolie! :)


I know everyone says it, but Singin' In The Rain is a masterpiece, isn't it? I dare someone to say it is not one of the best musicals of all time! You should really try to get your hands on a copy of CoverGirl... Kelly's performance was a little shaky, but still a delightful film! My only complaint was that Gene wasn't on the screen enough... ;)


Welcome to the boards, by the way!



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Thanks for the welcome, bhf! Masterpiece is the word for SITR. I never tire of watching the dances, or Mr. Kelly's genius on so many levels. And Donald O' Connor is no slouch either! Both totally amazing. Their talent is beyond description and aren't we lucky that they are captured forever on film.


I love TCM! I just recently got it on my cable company after years of begging lol. I could watch it all day long. So I'm thrilled to find these boards.

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Thanks for the welcome Brad! So glad to hear Cover Girl will be on in March! I pouted all night at missing it because some stupid equipment went down. And GK is Star of the Month next month!!!!! How exciting is that! I need to stock up on videotapes to tape every one. Can't wait!

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I have several favorite moments from Singin' in the Rain and other Gene movies. For some reason, one of them is the way he says to Debbie Reynolds, "Ohhh--you read the fan magazines..." while he's laughing at her a little bit for slipping up and admitting that!


I really like his acting as that scene continues, too; as he tells Kathy Selden how desperately he has been looking for her, you start to realize that Don Lockwood's bravado is just a front--he's really quite the sensitive guy.

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[nobr]Yes, there are great many moments from Singin' In The Rain that really stick out in my mind...[/nobr]




[nobr]Favorite performance was probably Moses Supposes, but I love the one with Gene and Cyd. It always makes me laugh when Kelly's hat flies off! [/nobr]




[nobr]I've said many times, my favorite moment is when Reynolds pops out of the cake and Kelly gives the line about Ethel Barrymore.[/nobr]




[nobr]Favorite line from the movie is probably "Here we are! Sunset and Camden..." But I also like it when Don tells Lina he'd rather kiss a turantula, there's no doubt: Always makes me smile![/nobr]


[nobr]Just a few more reasons this movie is one of the best musicals of all time... No matter how many times I see it, I find something new to like about it.[/nobr]

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Did you know that the actor who plays the befuddled diction coach is Bobby Watson, who also plays Fred Astaire's valet at the end of The Band Wagon? In the latter he does a lovely job of playing a man who is fond of the guy he works for, and is keeping a secret about the surprise the cast is planning for him. Watson was also called upon to spoof Adolph Hitler in several films of the 1940s.


"Bobby, ya know what I'm gonna do? I'm going out to the biggest nightclub I can find, I'm gonna get myself a glass of champagne, and I'm gonna celebrate."

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[nobr]Gene is VERY handsome! You know, I saw Living In A Big Way again lastnight and can't help but love that movie. I especially love the scene on the contruction site with all the children... Probably not one of Gene's most memorable movies (hardly a musical, you might say) but certainly worth a look. [/nobr]


[nobr]I also took another look at Summerstock not too long ago and really was able to appreciate it more than the first time I saw it.[/nobr]



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Singin' In The Rain is the only musical that I would list if I had to name my favorite 100 movies. Don't tell anyone, but it would even make my top 5 all-time movies, it's that good. Kelly is superb and Donald O'Connor has never been put to better use (no offense to Francis the Mule).

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