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Okay,leave it to a man to come in and want to turn everything around,by choosing blood over banter.By the way, I'm not into movies with a lot of violence but the Godfather trilogy has always been an exception.Coppola was brilliant,and produced a masterpiece..I never get tired of seeing them.

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Godfather 2 was better than Godfather 1. DuVall's character (Hagen) is based on Sid Korsack, a Chicago-Hollywood attorney, now deceased. His brother Marshall was Chicago City Treasurer during the 1st Mayor Daley reign. Sid, is the subject of an upcoming book "Super Mob", due out in September. Ronnie Reagan fans WON'T like it! Sid also testified before the Warren Commission, in regard to his dealings with Jack Ruby!!

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Gosh boys, you're all just adorable, sounds like a real 3 way mutual-admiration society starting up.

Outraged, after you see your post, look at the time, Eastern, Central and Pacific are all printed.

My two cents are; I like Doris, but 24 hours of her would be close to 24 hours of Doris Roberts visiting my home! (For those who don't know, the Mother on Everyone Loves Raymond.)

As I stated in another thread, the old stars are long forgotten, so we have to try to find new ones to take over, and Duvall is a good choice. I don't like him in everything, but he does deserve recognition. Actors in their 50' 60' and 70's are dwindling fast, and the list is really short - we have Redford, Hoffman, Newman, Harrison Ford, and Dreyfus and I'm really wracking my brain to find a few more. Even our 'girls' are few and far between, Julia Roberts is getting up there, Sally Field, already is, Shirley MacLaine has been gone for a long time in more ways than one, help(!!!), is there anybody else out there?

Finally, Can you imagine our kids sitting around mulling over the merits of Ben Affleck, (Mark Damon will probably be there), Jake Gyllenhall, and whatever happened to Cuba Gooding(?), I know he's still acting, but in WWhat?

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