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> I agree with you Larry,not only was the moment right

> for Judy to win,her performance was better than

> Grace's.Grace,though beautiful,did not have the same

> dominance of the screen as did Judy.


When I was very young I really liked Judy Garland !! Now, I don't know ! But what a horrible life !! How very, very sad !!

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> I still can't get over the fact that Humphrey Bogart

> didn't even get a nomination for his outstanding role

> in "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre". Nominated for

> best actor that year was Dan Dailey for something

> called "When My Baby Smiles at Me".

> Always thought that Jean Hagen should have won the

> Oscar for her ditzy role in "Singin' in the Rain"

> instead of Gloria Grahame for "The Bad and the

> Beautiful".

> And poor Thelma Ritter with 6 Oscar nominations and

> not one win. It's criminal.


I can't believe Bogey didn't get nominated for that role, he was brilliant! Never heard of Dan Dailey, but can't imagine his performance was better than Bogey in "Treasure"

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Garland gave one of the all-time GREAT performances in "Star..." The proof's in the pudding. Try sitting through " The Country Girl" today. It's not bad-but very static. I love Kelly as a great beauty and film star , but this was like put-on-some glasses and a sweater and give me an Oscar. Kelly also won the NYfilm critics' awad that year-I guess for Dial, Rear and Country.

Jean Hagan and Thelma Ritter DEFINITELY deserved Oscars as did Lansbury for Manchurian. And Lauren Bacall should have won instead of Genvieve Bujold. And Jodie Foster for Taxi Driver instead of Beatrice Straight. What were they thinking? But I guess every so often they get it right!!-like Geraldine Page in " A Trip to Bountiful."

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Sheldon, it was French actress Juliette Binoche in "The English Patient", who beat out Bacall for the Oscar.

However Bacall did win the Golden Globe Award and SAG Award for "The Mirror Has Two Faces".


Yup, your on the money about Geraldine Page winning the Oscar for her outstanding performance in "The Trip to Bountiful". The Academy got it right that night.

And yes, Angela Lansbury should have won for "The Manchurian Candidate", although Patty Duke was mighty good in "The Miracle Worker".


Bradtexasranger, Dan Dailey was a song and dance, usually in films with Betty Grable. Also played the patriarch in "There's No Business Like Show Business".

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I don't really think that the Oscars are awarded simply on merit. They seem to be about who knows who, who's liked or disliked, who's been around for a long time, and how virtuous awarding the Oscar will make Hollywood look to the world.


A case in point is the year that Harold Russell, who was already given a special Academy Award for his great contribution to Best Years of Our Lives. His main competition that year was Claude Rains in one of his very best performances in Notorious. Due to the fact that Russell was a darling guy, a veteran who'd given so much--literally--to his country, and he was a non-actor in an excellent movie about a very relevant subject just after the war--he got the nod---a second time since he'd already gotten that special Oscar at the same ceremony.


Btw, I encountered Mr. Russell years ago during a benefit on Cape Cod & he was a great person during that brief meeting, who had spent much of his career helping other vets and handicapped individuals. Wish I could at least say that I'd seen Rains on stage but no such luck. I wonder if Claude wasn't given the nod sometime by Hollywood in part because he is said to have been a fairly reserved fellow, who hightailed it outta LA back to his beloved farm in Bucks County, Pa and later in New Hampshire after registering one magisterial performance after another from the early thirties to the sixties. It's a shame that he was never able to get the artistic appreciation he deserved. Nominated four times and no soap! And Notorious was the very last nomination in his film career.


Other competition in '47 for Best Supporting Actor was Charles Coburn in "The Green Years", William Demarest in "The Jolson Story", and Clifton Webb in "The Razor's Edge" (who was also very good).

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> If we want to talk about being robbed, let's look at

> the 1976 Best Picture. Rocky got it over Network,

> All the President's Men, Bound for Glory, and Taxi

> Driver.


That is amazing. The other pictures would seem to more "important" but Rocky probably won it for its feelgoodness(I know it's not a real word :-) )

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Ok, I can keep quiet no longer! You want to talk about ROBBED!!! Greta Garbo in 1937 for her perfomance in Camille! Luis Rainer playing an Asian? Why didn't they give it to Hepburn for Dragon Seed? The only competition Garbo had that year was Stanwyck in Stella Dallas, and even though it might have been a close call, the Academy deliberately snubbed Greta for her indifference to Hollywood and gave it to Rainer, the ungrateful wretch, who had not only won the year before, but left Hollywood before Garbo!!!


I will never get over that loss. Unbelievably unfair in my opinion, especially since she won the New York Film Critics' Best Actress Award for Camille that year!!! How good do you have to BE to win Oscar?

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