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i'm sure many of you play the same game I do, by watching for mistakes on film, like the clock reading 9:00 and in a scene only a minute or two later the same clock reads something like 11:30. I always laugh when I catch one. Recently Bogie was making a drink, he took a tiny, small sip, and seconds later the glass was nearly empty. I believe the crew member is called 'script girl or boy'. It's their job to make sure these little things are kept in the proper timeline. I know there are some classic ones, anybody out there look for them?


I hope I haven't missed this thread somewhere and repeated. I did a few weeks ago.

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I know what you mean.In "High Sierra",the scene where Bogie is seeing Ida Lupino off to the bus,he puts the little 'mutt',Pod, into a wicker basket so Ida can take him with her on the bus,suddenly she boards the bus empty handed,when they show Bogie getting into his car there is no dog,no basket and the bus has left.WHAT HAPPENED ITH THE DOG?

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Having just read your post in "Hot Topics" called Editing, I thought I'd provide you with this link:




which discusses Movie Blunders. You can find another one started just this past January, if you use the search function for "bloopers".


I mentioned once before (recently) that opening a new thread before searching for an existing one with the same subject matter makes it more difficult to find the discussions already present on these boards. If you start a 'new' topic that's been discussed recently, you'll not likely get a lot of participation from those who just contributed to same in the past year or less.

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I saw a documentary about ?North by Northwest? that said the script girl forgot to call for white powder to be put on Cary Grant?s suit coat just before he got hit by the big truck, out by the corn field.


Seems that he got a lot of white dust on his suit when the airplane sprayed him. He had the dust when he came out of the cornfield, but he didn?t have it on in the close up when the truck hit him.


I never noticed until after I saw the documentary.

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?High Noon? was a film that had a lot of clock scenes. The director, script girl, and the editor had to keep the time on the clock just right because there were so many clock scenes.


In fact, the whole movie tends to take place almost in real time. Look at the clock during the first few scenes of the movie, and then watch the clock until the train whistle blows at noon.

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