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Does anyone know if any of the great shorts starring HAL LEROY are available on DVD? If so, what, where, how? Please help!


Also, I'd LOVE to find a DVD copy of the great short, THE DEVIL'S CABARET, starring future director Eddie Buzzell and Charles Middleton. I did have it on a tape, but a woman I was dating asked to borrow it, and, long story short, it is long gone.



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Oh boy -- Hal LeRoy is one of my TCM favorites! And not just because he was born in Cincinnati. I've always been partial to his slipfooted way of tap dancing, and I'm pleased to report that you can find him on the following DVDs:


His 1936 short "Rhythmitis" is available with THE PETRIFIED FOREST.


He's also part of the cast of the 1934 short "A Trip Through a Hollywood Studio," included with 42ND STREET.


And TOO MANY GIRLS (1940), which marked his last feature film appearance, is newly available on DVD as part of Warner Home Video's Lucy-Desi Collection. (I don't know if this one is available separately, though.)

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As I?m new to this performer, my collection is limited. TCM has recently shown these two Hal LeRoy short films:


Private Lessons [1934] ? Hal joins a girls dance school as instructor giving?..

Wash Your Step [1936] ? Hal sells washing machines with a song and dance sales pitch


Hopefully, TCM will continue to screen even more Hal LeRoy shorts (there are about a half dozen listed on the site) as he surely would garner viewer favor as easily as he taps across the screen.

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I haven't seen WASH YOUR STEP yet, but someday I hope...I don't know why (dumb luck, deep reserve of talent, etc.) but Hal LeRoy's shorts are - in my opinion - far above average in terms of both cleverness and entertainment value. A DVD collection seems so deserved...Especially if it included HAROLD TEEN.


I can dream, can't I?



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