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Your favorite Holiday Movies!

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Remember the Night - Stanwyck and MacMurray

A Christmas Carol - 1951

Easter Parade - Astaire and Garland

Yankee Doodle Dandy - Cagney

Planes, Trains, and Auotomobiles - Martin and Candy

A Charlie Brown Christmas

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For Christmas i love;


The Bishops Wife

Holiday In Christmas in CT

Miracle of the Bells

miracle on 34th St

It's a Wonderful life

and A Christmas Carol, Alister Simm version

A Christmas Story


Ground Hog Day; ....one in the same name


St Paddys Day;


The Quiet Man




Easter I love;


Song of Bernadette

King of Kings

Joan of Arc

Bells of St Marys

Boys Town



Independance day;







I Married a Witch

The Time of our Lives


The Canterville Ghost





Home for the Holidays

though a pretty new Hallmark tv movie I really love

Love Comes Softly

Gulivers Travels... the 1930s animated version

Parent Trap with Haley Mills

Little Women

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I've already responded with my actual favorites, but I have to mention the one I saw last night. Yes folks, it's really true, instead of watching TCMU, I watched a movie on AMC titled 'Silent Night' and was very pleasantly surprised. Linda Hamilton (Terminator) starred as a German woman who was against WWII, and when her city home is bombed, she takes her son (about 12) to their very rustic country house. On Christmas Eve day, three American soldiers burst in, one is wounded, and a couple of hours later, three German soldiers also. She insists on no guns, and after much trauma, they pool their K-rations and have a Christmas Eve dinner. A lot of other things happen, but the next day, when they leave, after meeting as enemies, they leave as friends. It was a very heartwarming movie, well made, and acted and quite enjoyable. This was one of the many made for TV movies that crop up at this time of year. It's like reading a Harlequin romance. A quick, simple story, no great lessons, just an enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours.


In the process of the commercials however, they advertised that tonight they are running the 'March of the Penguins'. For anyone who hasn't seen this movie, I highly recommend it, even with the commercials. It's better if you rent it, but worth every minute. It's not really for kids, too long, and quiet, and definitely a documentary. However, the courage of these birds is astounding. The fact of such wasted lives is confusing to me. They live to be born, and reproduce and go thru hell to do it. Totally useless and painful, but engrossing at any rate. Once again I was 'taken in' by the ads. With the kids leaving the theaters saying how cute they are, etc. I sat with the grandkids and they lasted about 15 minutes, then went to find other things to do. I said it was on tonight, but now I'm not sure if it's tonight, or Sunday, I was sleepy, but if you haven't seen it, please do, it's well worth it.



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My favorite Christmas movies are "Die Hard", "Lethal Weapon" and "Scrooged". Yes, the first two count. I like light entertainment around the Christmas season, although gunfights in a skyscraper, a karate battle on a front lawn and Bill Murray getting hit with a toaster may not seem that Christmasy.

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Thats pretty harsh stuff for the usual person like me whom likes warm and fuzzy feel good will magical seasonal movies ....For me it is hard to invision Christmas having seen those movies like die hard etc myself. They leave me with an upset basketball into the gut type feeling, instead walking away smiling and wanting to get ready for the holidays decorating the tree,showing my good will toward man.......... but........ I respect your thoughts and opinon.

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I am an absolute nut about Christmas films. I love them all. I usually watch at least one Christmas themed film per day in December. And I dont just mean the usual suspects like A CHRISTMAS STORY or MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET. I love goofy ones like SCROOGED, terrible ones like SANTA VERSUS THE MARTIANS, horror themed ones like SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT. LOL But I have to say I love all of the tv movies also. THE NIGHT THEY SAVED CHRISTMAS with Jaclyn Smith and Art Carney, A SMOKEY MOUNTAIN CHRISTMAS with Dolly Parton and Lee Majors, UNLIKELY ANGEL with Dolly PArton and Roddy McDowall. Im hooked. I just cannot get thru December without them , lol . Dorky , maybe but I love the schmaltz of the season.



Of course, when it comes right down to it, there is nothing like curling up with hot chocolate and watching MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS, A CHRISTMAS CAROL (1951), SCROOGE (the musical), MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET, ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE. Awwwww Happy Holidays everyone. :)

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The Ref with Denis Leary, Kevin Spacey, Judy Davis and Glynis Johns.


Required viewing at our house for the holidays if only for the dysfunctional family that, in the end, can come together, suggest that the overbearing mother nail herself to the cross, and the ending with the shout-out to a Charlie Brown Christmas.


What would Christmas be without Meet Me in St Louis, A Charlie Brown Christmas (anyone remember the commercials for the snowball, round ice cream balls covered in coconut) and The Ref? We also throw in Die Hard and Lethal Weapon (because we live in Los Angeles), White Christmas and Christmas Story (because at the end of the day we remember our own mothers telling us we'd put our eye out") just to cover all the bases.

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I agree with the made for TV movies, they're all so light and endearing. The Hallmark channel has some of the best ones, but Lifetime for Women had some really good ones too. Unforttunately my DishNetwork doesn't offer LFW anymore, and I miss it most at holiday time.



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Sort of off-topic: Although I did state 3 noted 80s films earlier in the thread, I do like older holiday movies as well...At least, the few I've seen. I was going to include "Meet Me In St. Louis", but when the thread said "holiday movies", I thought the OP meant it as a neutral term for movies that air around this time of year. I work in retail, so we're not really allowed to refer to our Christmas parties as Christmas parties. It was also like that in my final year of high school. We had a Christmas party in our class for the entire day...No education, just food and movies. Somebody had bought in a CD of Christmas music to play, but we were told by the school authorities to turn it off. Even the teachers seemed a little depressed by that. I graduated high school in 2001. I wonder if the rules have been lifted by this point.

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Remember the Night (1940), which premieres on TCM (at least I think it's a premiere) on Sunday, Dec. 17th!!!! First The Jolson Story, now Remember the Night!


To quote Scrooge, "The spirits have done it all in one night!"

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My Favorite Holiday Movies (since we are on a TCM message board I will only refer to movies before 1965).


White Christmas

Holiday Inn

Miracle on 34th Street

Remember the Night

Holiday Affair

A Christmas Carol (w/Alistair Simm)

Bells of St. Mary

The Bishop's Wife


I keep hoping in reading the message boards that someone will find another pre-1965 Christmas movie that I have not heard of....so I will keep reading.

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One of the best Holiday Movies that is not on VHS or DVD is"



Barbara Stanwyck

Fred McMurray


TCM is showing this on Dec 17, 08:00PM - anyone who is interested in adding another Christmas movie to their collection set your VHS recorder or DVD recorder or TIVO or DVR to record this movie. You will not be disappointed!!


I have already copied it to DVD so I can watch it anytime I want. Set your timer's now..DON'T FORGET!!


Thank you TCM for showing this little gem again.

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You can't beat Capra for Christmas. IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE and MEET JOHN DOE are not just great holiday movies. They're two of the finest films ever made. I like the CHRISTMAS CAROL with Alistair Sim a lot. One of the deepest acting performances around. I'm glad somebody mentioned THE APARTMENT. Holidays are not really the theme of the story. But they loom in the background in a beautiful, moving way. What a poetic screenplay! And, of course, BEN-HUR covers the whole Christian calendar. Birth. Death. Resurrection.


A happy season to everybody!


Red River

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The Holly and the Ivy (1952) is a British movie with a great cast led by Ralph Richardson, Celia Johnson, Denholm Elliot and Margaret Leighton about some rather troubled adult children who return home at the holidays. It evokes feeling without being overly sentimental, and I've never forgotten it, even though it's been twenty years since I've seen it.


I'm delighted that TCM is showing another favorite, Remember the Night later this month. What a shame that Beyond Tomorrow (1940) with charming performances from C. Aubrey Smith, Charles Winninger and Harry Carey is not being re-shown this year by TCM. This forgotten little story is about three rich men who live in a mansion with their housekeeper Maria Ouspenskaya. Cynical and lonelier than they will admit, they try an experiment by throwing a series of wallets with ten dollars in it out their brownstone window and see if anyone is honest enough to retrieve it and bring it to the door on Christmas Eve. They are not disappointed, but the small budget and highly skilled lead actors prevent this gossamer-like story from sinking completely into treacle. Instead, it is quite captivating and touching. If you have a chance to see it, I recommend it heartily.

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songbird, I'll have to keep an eye out for The Holly and the Ivy and Beyond Tomorrow. I love Christmas films and I've never heard of either of those.


I agree, too, that Remember the Nightis a WONDERFUL film. I have it on VHS, so I will be recording it to dvd when it's shown on TCM this month!


Sandy K

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My favorites are: Bishops Wife is awesome, then Its a wonderful life, Scrooge, Meet me in St. Louis, White Christmas and Holiday Inn. But last week and the next couple of weeks, Hallmark and Lifetime channel are also playing pretty good movies. Hallmark had a new one on last Saturday, the Christmas Card, and it was pretty good.

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