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Did anyone see "Bad News Bears" on TCM yesterday? A rather odd choice to have on TCM - I didn't care for it very much. The only bright spot was Vic Morrow playing the opposing coach...he plays such a good "bad guy". TCM should have a "Vic Morrow Day"...what an amazing actor.

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I saw 'The Bad News Bears', and quite enjoyed it.


Whatever it's merits as a movie may or may not be, it was certainly a movie that set the mold for dozens of subsequent movies of the same type. With a cast of characters that have now become standard off-the-shelf stereotypes; The (evil) coach who wants to win by any means. The fat kid who eats all the time. The 'tomboy' coming to grips with her femininity. etc. etc. etc. How many of them can you spot ?



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I think it's a very good film (though I won't use the 'C' word) for a couple of reasons: it's the original (bum manager helps a bunch of losers become champions; it might also be the only good one of this type;-) and it captures SO WELL the actual kids (and adults) I grew up with and/or come across as I coach youth softball now. Kids are crude and cruel! At the time, before John Hughes, it was a rarity to find a movie about little boys (mostly, or ballplayers and their parents) that was so real. I was just such a lad myself, though 15 at the time it came out, and I spent my own hard earned grass cutting money three times to see it that Summer;-)


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Ironically in 1977 Bill Lancaster Won the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Comedy Written Directly for the Screen "The Bad News Bears".


Your right, Path. I've seen those little rascals in action, and they were crude and cruel, as the the 30 year old movie depicted. I enjoy it.

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//TCM should have a "Vic Morrow Day"...what an amazing actor.//


I wholeheartedly concur.


Did you know that Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry is available now on dvd?


It's a pity his candle was snuffed (rather literally) when it was.


More's the pity (since he unintentionally sacrificed himself for the role) that the direction of the plot of the segment of Twilight Zone: The Movie, in which he starred was altered due to the tragedy of his demise - it was to be a tale of redemption for Morrow's character, but, instead, was rewritten into one of retribution for the bigot Morrow played.


But, back to The Bears . . .


For my part, I like very much the original (as well as the remake, though not as much).


Just my take.

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