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Love Letters (1945) Aug. 16th 8PM TCM

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Don't miss this rare opportunity to watch 'Love Letters' from 1945 starring Jennifer Jones and Joseph Cotten. This is a rarely shown gem and a must see for any classic movie fan!



This movie is not on DVD and the VHS runs at around $50 factory sealed.


Here is a review on 'Love Letters' :


Movie description


Surprisingly, this Gothic romance was chosen as the favorite film of American troops stationed overseas in 1945. It stars Joseph Cotten as Alan Quinton, a thoughtful, world-weary serviceman stationed in Italy during WWII who agrees to write love letters on behalf of his less verbally adept friend Roger (Robert Sully). In the course of his exchanges with Roger's girlfriend, he finds himself falling in love with her. Roger returns to England and marries the woman and, not long after, is found stabbed to death. Alan, still bearing scars from the war, ends up in rural England and one day happens upon a woman named Singleton (Jennifer Jones). He realizes that she is the woman he wrote to, now suffering from amnesia as a result of her husband's violent death. The couple fall in love and plan to marry, but Alan must still uncover the mystery of what happened on the day that his friend was murdered and his wife lost her memory. Cotten and Jones have real chemistry, and the expressionistic camarawork of Lee Garmes is brilliant.


Editorial reviews

"...[The film has] a hefty cult, thanks to lush Lee Garmes photography, the great title tune, and two leads who always knew how to project mental anguish..."

USA Today - Mike Clark (09/29/1995)

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I just watched this wonderful movie and was struck by the music. I made the connection of the theme music and the song Love Letters with lyrics by Elton John and sung by Roberta Flack. It was a favorite of mine and now I know how it was inspired.

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Thank you TCM and tcmprogrammer for showing 'Love Letters' tonight! I've been wanting to see this movie forever and it didn't disappoint at all. What a beautiful, romantic movie. It's definitely moved into my list of favorites. And of course, I adore Joseph Cotten so it was great to see one of his lesser known movies. Thank you for also showing the trailer Monday afternoon.


I appreciate you guys for listening to the suggestions made in the random Summer Under the Stars threads and wishlists that were going around a few months ago. It's nice to know that these boards are actually read. Thanks again.

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It's a Paramount film. It may now be owned by Universal as Paramount sold a number of titles to Universal.


Either way, that may be why the film is not available on dvd. Neither Universal or Paramount are as good about putting their classic libraries on dvd as Warner Bros and Sony.

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Not every Paramount film is going to make it to DVD (at least not in my lifetime!!) And therefore I'm glad I purchased LOVE LETTERS on VHS a few years ago at a reasonable price at Amazon.


It's a beautiful print, so if you can get a good VHS copy by all means do so. It may be years before this one goes to DVD, if at all.



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I watched "Love Letters" the other night with my Mom and I vaguely remembered seeing it before, I remembered that Jennifer Jones called herself Singleton. What a lovely film! My Mom remembered that she saw Robert Walker and Jennifer Jones at a personal appearance early in their careers. My Aunt Lil, Mom's sister, was with her at the time and got their autographs, Jennifer signed hers "Phyllis Walker". Mom remembers them as a "very cute couple, she was very shy and Robert Walker was teasing her, trying to get her to laugh." See what happens when you start to watch a movie, you shake loose a memory!


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