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Memorial Day! Pick the best film for each war???


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(*-ACADEMY meter) Given it's memorial day weekend & all. & TCM is obviously celebrating-it with War-Movies. Even those traitors over at AMC are also doing so. Of the top (5) major real-life wars our country USA of course has been-in, what would be your candidate as finest example/favorite & or best flick of that particular war?

Below are mine & In no-way means to sway anyone. You gals/guys are smarter of Hollywoods Golden Age then anyone on the net! (NOTE: I'm skipping revolutionary war, simply because there really has hardly been many pix on that war? You'd think there would be tons given it freed this country to begin with???) Feel free to pick more than (1) for each war. Stats. indicate WW2 has been the basis for thee most of all of our wars to date!

Civil War:-(1861 to 1865)

"Glory" (1989)


Word War 1; or as it was then called until '4l "The Great War!"-(1917-19)

"Paths of Glory" (1957)


Word War 11-(1941 to 1945)-(NOTE: I even picked (5) because of above reasoning)

"Saving Pvt. Ryan" (1998)


"The Great Escape" (1963)

"Battleground" (1949)-(NOTE: '49 was a tremendous year for WW2 flicks! "12 0'Clock High" & "Sands of Iwo Jima")

"The Longest Day" (1962)


Korean War-(Our involvement: 1950- to 1953)

"M*A*S*H" (1970)-(NOTE: Again, next to Revolutionary war, Korean has been the 2nd most short-changed in cinema)


Vietnam War-(1964 to 1973???)

"Apocalypse Now" (1979)-(NOTE: Not as realistic as a lot, but I don't personally rank films that way in general. Technique/execution)


& *"PLATOON" (1986)-(Probably most realistic!?)


Anyway, what are your picks??? If you desire more stuff on WW11 cinema-check out R. 0sborne-(Joy) posted a massive story on them. I think in Genre section?



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My favorite picks for war movies are as follows:

civil war-1861 to 1865

"Glory" (1989)

* also a recent civil war movie just released in 2002 its

a ted turner production has Meryl Streep in it and Robert

Duvall in it can't for the life of me think of the title.

maybe someone can help me out and remind me oops...!!

World War I 1917-1919 korean war-"Mash""

"Paths of glory" "For whom the bell tolls"

world warII- "The best years of our lives" "Mrs. Miniver"

"The divine human comedy" "The bridge on the river kwai"

"I'll see you tomorrow"

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I almost 4-got something imperative to the topic in a way! *JOHN HUSTON'S own personal fav. of all his work was '51's "Red Badge of Courage"-(even though it was butchered up to a strangely short length?) But it's known as the "Battle of the M-G-M Titans" also. L.B. Mayer in no way shape nor form wanted that film released. & *DORE SCHARY was all for-it. So after 27yrs. They threw the ball to the real-bosses in NYC Nicholas Schenk It's either him or me was pretty-much L.B.'s final words on the subject-(NOTE: He loved pure entertainment & wholesome family films/Americana,etc.) & *SCHARY wanted more meaning/"message," material. It actually started a couple yrs. before '51. With: the tremendous War-pix "Battleground" Mayer said nobody wanted to see a WW2 movie almost 5yrs. after the war. & even the likes of Howard Hughes-(1905-76) at RKO agreed? *DORE SCHARY thought they were wrong & obviously they were BIG-TIME!!! "Battleground," was M-G-M's biggest hit of the year! They also clashed in between on the superb crime-heavyweight: "Asphalt Jungle" Masyer detested everything about the thing. Saying "I would'nt walk across the room to even see anything like that!" But to his credit, *SCHARY was not a true showmen & did not know how to groom a star. Like a *GABLE,etc. As L.B. did. Most of u know he was fired & *DORE SCHARY-(won a screenplay-OSCAR for "Boys Town") was running the show. & after 27 years!!!

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