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Who ever seen Citizen Kane ! doesn't the actress who played Susan sound a lot Like Judy Holiday I know it wasn't her But her voice reminded me of Judy.

What was the film she was in with Jack Lemmon? It was sad that She died young.I liked her. Wasn't she in Adams Rib also?

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"Who ever seen Citizen Kane?!"


I have!


"Doesn't the actress who played Susan sound a lot Like Judy Holiday I know it wasn't her; but her voice reminded me of Judy."


I can see how you'd hear a similarity in the voices of Dorothy Comingore as Susan Alexander Kane and Judy Holliday as Billie Dawn. They were both character voices, I assume. I've never seen Dorothy Comingore in anything else, so am unsure of what her regular timbre was. Miss Holliday's was warmer than Billie Dawn's; the strident tones of earlier Billie was to emphasize her lack of education. Also reminiscent of Jean Hagen in Singin' in the Rain ("Round tones!").


"What was the film she was in with Jack Lemmon?"


It's a delightful film called It Should Happen to You, and one with a theme that works today. At least, I assume that's the movie you're thinking of. They were also both in Pffft!.


"Wasn't she in 'Adam's Rib' also?"


Yes, she was; in the small but pivotal role of Doris Attinger.


She was brilliant; I miss her and wish that cancer hadn't taken her from us so soon.

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Addendum: Jean Hagen was Judy Holliday's understudy on Broadway during the run of Born Yesterday. The role of Singin' in the Rain's Lina Lamont was written with Judy Holliday in mind. The screenplay was written by Comden and Green, who were great friends of Miss Holliday. They would later write Bells Are Ringing for her. Oh, and today is Dorothy Commingore's birthday!

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Anyone looking for a seldom shown but fun Judy Holliday picture should look for "The Solid Gold Cadillac." It's a comedy where she plays a small stockholder in a big company who becomes a pain in their backside. She's wonderful and Paul Douglass is good as well. I'm sure anyone who likes Judy will enjoy this film.

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We took "Cadillac" recently to show it to some friends and while they loved the film the completely missed the ending changing. They even commented on the car but it was almost as if they had just watched the whole movie in color. After a minute or so they caught it but it they sure made me laugh.

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I thought I'd revive this thread since Judy is one of my new faves!

I saw her in the original Born Yesterday and loved her!! I had seen the remake first years ago and loved it so I was worried I wouldn't like the original. If I see an original or a remake I usually tend to like the one I saw first the most. But I love them both! I love the pitch of Judy's voice, very unexpected! I just recently saw her in Bells are Ringing and I so enjoyed her in it! She was truly under-rated!

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