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Settle an argument for me please!

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I know that Ted Turner was wanting to colorize many classic movies (to the horror of us all). I thought I had read he had changed his view about this. Can anyone tell me whether this issue has been solved. A drink is riding on this and the way my week is going I need one!!



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Thankfully, SusannO, although Turner bastardized many movies in the process, Alastair Sim's A Christmas Carol among them, fie on CW11 or whatever it is that WPIX is now (god help me if I don't get the term right for networks and their associates), it wasn't economically feasible to colorize wonderful, classic, gorgeous movies.


Make no mistake about it, if the morons out there (and there are some) thought colorization was a good idea, you'd see Bogart with a pale beige suit and color in his cheeks. Stupid idea, stupid implementation, and greed was behind it. Poor Turner, the rich wasn't able to get richer.


Luckily, the idiots whom Turner THOUGHT would like colorization probably didn't have the brains to admire classic movies, so it fell flatter than his marriage to Hanoi Jane.



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