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there's an early cary grant film out there that i found on a cheap dvd set. on the back of the box it says "amazing adventure," but in the movie marqee beside the film's backing it has "for richer or poorer." i think this is one of the best cary grant films i've seen, and enjoyed it tremendously. but i can't help but wonder... which is it's true name?

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hold up... here's the box. it has two other films, "penny serenade" and "hid girl friday" but the third one it calls "Amazing Adventure." It has no year... but it does have a description...


ernest bliss is a rich young man with too little to do. not realizing the depression he's in is due to boredom, ernest consults a doctor. sir james aldroyd gives ernest a prescription that he doesn't think ernest can fill: ernest must earn his own living for one year using none of his current wealth. ernest bets him 50,000 english pounds that he can.


and that's it... in the marqee it actually says (i apoligize) "romance and riches." and grant plays along side Mary Brian. i think romance and riches is just a catch phrase, though.

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bhf1940, my wife has the same set as you. The three titles are Penny Serenade, His Girl Friday and... The Amazing Adventure. Many British films sport a different title than their American releases. Maybe this is the case here. Personally, I don't think it matters a whole lot, as long as you enjoy the movie.



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I have "Amazing Adventure", and Love It-but I gusee I never looked at the package

close enough to see that. The DVD I have ONLY has this movie on it. If you want a GREAT Cary Grant site to visit: www.carygrant.net The Site Owner, Debbie

Dunlap, was on a Part-Time, Once a week Radio Show I used to do, on :

KCXL-1140AM-Liberty, Missouri, "The BEST Radio Variety Show.....PERIOD!",

that one of my weekly formats included "Classic Movies, TV & Radio". My site is:

www.theloshman.com . I put doing the show on Hold, last March, to focus more on

the On-The-Job-Training phase of my current Job, as a 911-Call-Taker, since the show was more like a Hobby. The Station called we, wanting me to come back and do "The Classics" as an Every-Week show, on Saturdays, but I'd have to Sell

My Own Sponsorships-I don't have time to do that, AND The Show, but, I wish I'd have known about these message boards, when I was doing the show before-as

it could be heard on the internet, too-bet I could have picked up some good Call-In

Listeners, among the folks on this site.


My Favorite Cary Grant Movies are: The Philadelphia Story

Aresnic & Old Lace

The Bachelor & The Bobby-Soxer

Father Goose

The Bishop's Wife

Mr. Lucky

Amazing Adventure

That Touch Of Mink


I also think Cary should have had MORE Roles with Jimmy Stewart, and should

have had some roles with Judy Garland



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Wow, now this is an old thread! Thanks for replying... But how did you find it? The title is so general, but I've grown a bit hopefully since I posted this one. This is still one of my favorite Grant films! I wish I had a better version than the one I have. I'm looking for it to be played on TCM one of these days, I'll certainly be promoting it and recording it.


I hope more people find it, it has a great message and wonderful love story. Thanks for the links, I'll certainly have to check those out. I've never heard anything like the radio show you mentioned, so it would definately be interesting. My favorite Cary Grant flicks:


Amazing Adventure of Earnest Bliss (though I'm afraid I'm not sure what year this was. My DVD it such bad quality, it's hard to tell. I would guess late 30's but I'm not sure - I need to look it up I guess)

Notorious, 1946

Operation Petticoat, 1959

Arsenic And Old Lace, 1944

Charade, 1963

She Done Him Wrong, 1933

Holiday, 1938

Bringin' Up Baby, 1938

The Toast of New York, 1937

Every Girl Should Be Married. 1949

Only Angels Have Wings, 1939

Once Upon A Honeymoon, 1942

Suzy, 1936


There are more but that's enough for now ;)


Message was edited by:

bobhopefan1940 (because I forgot to add Penny Serenade, some of Grant's best acting IMO)

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Hi, Danny ~


I just happened to see this thread ~ I have the exact same DVD as a single, also called The Amazing Adventure. I looked it up in the Leonard Maltin guide and he has it listed as The Amazing Adventure of Ernest Bliss (1936). So I guess you can take your pick of titles. Anyway, that 1 and Penny Serenade were at Walmart for $1 and being the Grant fan that I am, I had to get them. I pretty much agree with your choice of Grant titles, although believe it or not, I haven't seen some of them. I'm renting Only Angles Have Wings later in the month, so I will finally get to see it. Of course, you know my favorite's Notorious. I have already rented that one and was tempted to keep it! But I sent it back like a good girl. Also, I have a collection of Grant films that are all 1930s which my niece gave me for Christmas. I haven't had a chance to watch them all as yet, but I will eventually.


I happened to see your post in another thread. Sorry if I upset you with my recommendations. I am just a crybaby and sometimes I need to watch a tearjerker and get it out. Anyway, I got a laugh out of Ziegfeld, when the strong man strokes the elephant's trunk. I really didn't expect that! Plus watching Wm Powell is always a treat, even if it's a sad movie.


Hope all is well with you... take care.


Your friend, Peggy.

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Thanks, Peggy. No, no... None of your suggestions "upset" me. I have just never been one to be affected by movies the way these have here lately. I'm so glad I have them on DVD, because they will certainly be worth of a second look. It feels good to cry every once in while, doesn't it? For me somedays it is inevitable. ;)


I don't know, I'm fairly new to classics and have never watch so many films that had such a reason for being made! It's refreshing, really. Plus Powell just pulls at my heart strings anyway, as you already know. :)


As for Cary Grant films, Holiday is really my favorite. I like rooting for the under dog and I think that's really what it was about. I wrote a review for it: http://www.midnightpalace.com/phpbb/nfphpbb/viewtopic.php?t=560 I loved it so much. It re-airs Mar 25, 08:00AM...


Thanks for the kind words,


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I haven't seen "Amazing Adventure" yet, but Grant's my favorite actor and I will certainly look out for this one.


The earliest film I've seen featuring Cary Grant is Blonde Venus. He has a small part in it, and he has affections for Marlene Dietrich. He's decent in it, but his best performances were certainly ahead of him.


Some of my favorite Cary Grant films:


Notorious (I think this film features Cary's best performance, but you could argue many)

Only Angels Have Wings

His Girl Friday

Mr. Lucky

North By Northwest



The Philadelphia Story

The Talk of the Town

None But the Lonely Heart

Bringing Up Baby

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Hi sweet...


I liked None But The Lonely Heart ... But thought it a bit strange the age of the character Grant played. Loved the flick, though. I have not seen The Talk Of The Town and tried to watch Mr. Lucky but never could get it recorded :( I saw parts of it and it looked like a great Grant film, hate I missed out



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I think my wife ran across it, in one of those $1 Racks, either at Wal-Mart, or one of the Drug Stores. Those are some Great Picks on your list! Yeah, I had a

lot of fun doing the Radio Show-I did a Show about Bing Crosby, on which I had

a Local Guy-who is a Community College Prefessor-Steven Lewis on, who has

the "Bing Crosby Internet Museum" Website, My Sister, Who, like Me, is Big

Cary Grant & Jimmy Stewart Fan, did a show about Jimmy Stewart, I had Debbie

Dunlap (www.carygrant.net) (Also known as "The Ultimate Cary Grant Page") on,

by phone. I had Joe Southern-of Amarillo, Texas-Owner of "The Lone Ranger Fan

Club" on, by phone. I did a Show On My Own about Shirley Temple (Even E-mailed Shirley about coming on the show,but she was too busy), I had Scott

Schechter (www.scottschechter.com), -The Nations's Leading Authority on Judy Garland and Liza Minelli on, to do a show about the Mom/Daughter entertainers, and played some Judy & Liza songs. I had a show I did the 2nd week of each month, called "EMERGENCY! Services Radio", about Fire/Police/EMS, and on

one of my first ones, had Randy Mantooth-"Johnny Gage" from "EMERGENCY!",

On By Phone-Boy, was that a THRILL-He was my Childhood Hero!


If I can line up $500 a month in Sponsorships, (that will be SOLID and Faithful, as I've had a lot of "Shaky" ones in the Past), they want me back-on, and have a

Noon-1pm Saturdays Slot coming Open, (And even though I work 3pm-11pm, that

would still get me to work on time, if it's not one of my two saturdays off, that I get every 6 weeks). Lots more classic Movies/TV To do shows about!! This Time, I'd just be doing Classics Shows every week-It's ALL Family-Friendly, as the show would be part of shows done with JPEG Ministries (www.thejpegshow.com)


But, the "Amazing Adventure" DVD was not a Hard-Shell case, just a Cardboard

sleeve-Target, Wal-Mart, CVS, Walgreens, K-Mart, almost all of them have a section of Cardboard sleeve DVD's for $1, like "Bonanza", "Andy Griffith", "The Beverly Hillbillies", some of the Classic Cartoons-"Casper" "Popeye", "Little Lulu",

I found "Sergeant Preston Of The Yukon", etc, and sometime within the last 6 months, amybe even a year ago, she found "Amazing Adventure" among some of those.


Good Luck-Hope you find it soon! John W. Losh II


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"The Talk Of The Town" is a unusual film. It's has comedic parts in it but the underlying theme is quite serious. Grant and Jean Arthur make an intersting pair. WIth the added treat of Ronald Colman playing a judge up for a Supreme Court appointment it's an interesting film to watch.


I've seen where some people think it's great where others don't care for it.



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The Talk of the Town, one could argue, is Capra-esque. There are some terrific comedic elements in the film, but it has mostly a lot of social commentary. Cary Grant and Ronald Colman have several great exchanges throughout the film.


I think it's one of Grant's most underrated performances. Jean Arthur is ALWAYS a treat to watch.

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