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Interracial Romance Information


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Not to be crude, but, do you actually mean JUST romance, or would sex do as well? If so, check out KONGO, which at the very least implies that evil Walter Huston has let the local natives have their way with the poor little white girl who is his captive - and who turns out to be his daughter. I also believe there are some serious lesbian undertones between Barbara Stanwyck and Theresa Harris in BABY FACE.

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This answer may or may not be satisfactory, but... in FOOTLIGHT PARADE (1933), the final production number features James Cagney romancing "Shanghai Lil," his Chinese sweetheart.


Anyone thinking this was inappropriate in 1933 could have consoled themselves by saying, "oh well, she isn't really Chinese. It's really Ruby Keeler in Chinese makeup."


And, though it is not strictly "precode" -- meaning it wasn't released between 1929 and mid-1934 -- the early Technicolor silent film THE TOLL OF THE SEA (1922) features a romance between the white Kenneth Harlan and the authentically Chinese Anna May Wong.


Dan N.



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Hottest interracial romance is definitely between Barbara Stanwyck and that Swede silent idol Nils Asther in THE BITTER TEA OF GENERAL YEN.

The film IS Capra's masterpiece IMO, and Stanwyck's **** dream sequence just ravishing.

The whole film is hauntingly photographed by the master J August in soft focus.

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> - can we start an inter-species thread


Island of Lost Souls (1933), Cat People (1942), and The Wolf Man (1941) might be variations on this theme. Does I Married a Witch (1942) count? At least the Bride of Frankenstein (1935) tried to keep the pairing in-house.


Maybe we should rename the thread: Forbidden Love.


Edit: Oops, forgot this is a pre-code thread. Scratch the later films as examples.



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yeah, lots of anna may wong movies. and most post-war hollywood productions that take place in japan have a white guy romancing a japanese lady.


also, i know there are atleast a few westerns where the hero hooks up with the indian chief's daughter (often played by a white actress in dark makeup), though i can't think of any titles off the top of my head.

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