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Mister Roberts


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I haven't seen this film in more years than I can remember but it is one that has stayed with me.


Hank Fonda, William Powell, James Cagney and Jack Lemmon (Captain, it is I, Ensign Pulver!)


Does anyone know how it differs from the Broadway play? Did Fonda play Mr Roberts on Broadway. I think he did but my memory banks are filled to overflowing and valuable information keeps getting lost. Grr.


Anyways, what's your take, is this an Essential film or just one for the memories?

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Love this film it was on about a year ago. And Yes it is an Essential.Lemmion, Cagney and Fonda are tops and don't forget it was William Powell's last film.

I found a little trivia on the film @IMDb.com Try Here:http://imdb.com/title/tt0048380/trivia



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Fonda did play "Roberts" on stage before the movie. He had a long and successful run. I guess one persons essential is another's good memory so you make the call. With it out on DVD you can see it again. I enjoy the movie. I think it's a tad long but anything you can see with those four actors together (which this is the only one) is worth anyone's time.

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One of the reasons Warner's and producer Leland Hayward replaced John Ford with Mervyn LeRoy as director (under the cover story of Ford's "illness") is that, by inserting the low humor of which he was so fond, old Navy hand Ford was moving the film away from the subtle and ironic tale that had made Tom Heggen's play a hit on Broadway.


Henry Fonda played Doug Roberts during his self-imposed "exile" from Hollywood, in which he worked exclusively on stage. Mr Roberts's great stage success was a factor in luring Fonda back to movies, as neither he nor the studio really wanted to see another actor in the role. To all concerned, Fonda was Mr Roberts.

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