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Keep an eye out for Les Demoiselles de Rochefort


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TCM viewers are in for a real treat tomorrow, with what I believe is the premier of Les Demoiselles de Rochefort, Jacques Demi's quasi-sequel to The Umbrellas of Cherbourg.  Unlike Cherbourg, it's a standard musical, with spoken dialog and people breaking out into song at intervals (the horror!).  While not as polished as the musicals you get out of Hollywood in the Golden Age, it has an up-beat tone and wonderful music.  Did I mention the music was by Michel Legrand?  Yes, he teamed up with Demi once again, and came up with a soundtrack, and tuneful tunes that get your feet tapping and your spine wiggling.  There are two plot threads that intertwine.  First concerns the goings-on of two sisters, who teach dance to youngsters for a living.  Catherine Deneuve plays one of the sisters.  Did I mention that Catherine Deneuve was in it?  Yes, she also teamed again with Demi on this one.  An extra bonus is that her real sister, Françoise Dorléac, plays her sister in the movie (neat, huh?).  Danielle Darrieux  plays their mother, the owner of the absolute coolest glass-walled bistro ever.  However, she is not their real mother.  Second, a traveling carnival/spectacle/promotional event comes to town for a weekend show.  It's run by a couple of guys, who have a couple of girls who are stars of the show.  George Chakiris--did I mention he was in it?--as I was saying, he's one of the guys, and there are opportunities for big dance numbers, and like I said, it's not as polished as Hollywood musicals, but you can sure spot Gene Kelly's influence in the choreography-not that he's listed as choreographer, but if you have Gene Kelly dancing in a movie your'e choreographing, your'e sure gonna have him in on it.  Oh, did I mention Gene Kelly was in it?  Yeah, he has a role as one of the romantic pairs that develop (of course).    But prepare yourself, it sounds like his voice was dubbed for his songs.  !.  Maybe it wasn't, but it sure doesn't sound like him to me.  So everybody is more or less discontented, and looking to the past for resolution of their problems, or the future, or an ideal, or something.  I don't want to give anything away, but is it very hard to guess how things turn out?  


Thanks a bunch, TCM!

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A gorgeous film, it only gets better with age.


Jacques Demy, so gifted, creates an enchanted world that is unique unto itself.


The cast is - sublime.


See it - please.



Below, from left, Francoise, Grover, Catherine and George:



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