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November schedule is online

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Hi, I was just dropping in (not back) and I saw that the November/06 schedule is online.


Looks like Lucy is the star of the month, there is a salute to Ingmar Bergman and John Ford, and the rest of the first Superman serial is being shown...and the start of the Atom Man vs Superman serial.


And I am glad to see a film I have recommended in my two Challenges, 1776, is being shown.



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Good to hear from you

and thanks for the update.

I remember seeing the Superman serials on, I want to say,

the old AMC Channel. Might've been TCM though.


> And I am glad to see a film I have recommended in my

> two Challenges, 1776, is being shown.


See, they listen to us sometimes. : )


I'll have to take a peek at the new schedule and see if they're finally going to air

Vivacious Lady w/ Ginger Rogers. It's been a while since it's been on.


Best, Jeff

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Some interesting silents, tons of rare films from the early 30's and Star Of The Month - Lucille Ball (featuring two movies starring Richard Dix!!!)


Looks like November is going to be a great month - My poor Tivo will be working overtime!



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I'm thrilled with Lucy as Star of the Month. This might get me beaten up in some circles, but I've never cared for her on I Love Lucy. But I loved her as a regular movie actress, especially in "Stage Door", "Five Came Back" and "Without Love". It will be great to see all the lesser known movies she did.


And I'm guessing one of the Rob Zombie movies is "Sisters". There's a scene in there that freaks me out. I've seen it once and while the ending is really bizarre, the murder scene is terrifying. Good use of split screens though.


It also looks like there's an Arthur Kennedy night as well: Barabbas, Day of the Evil Gun and Bright Victory. I've been wanting to see "Day of the Evil Gun" for awhile, so that's great. I would love to see "Rancho Notorious" again too. Does TCM own that? It's an RKO movie, so I'm thinking maybe they do?


Anyway, November looks pretty great.

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And if the info for "1776" on this schedule is correct, then this is the original theatrical-release edit, in letterbox format. I don't think it's ever before been shown that way on TV, or available on VHS or DVD. (The VHS releases were full screen and the DVD is the inferior 166-minute director's cut). Woohoo! I'm in heaven.


Thank you, thank you, TCM!

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More evidence that TCM's programmers have read our challenge entries and used our ideas on the schedule:


Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941), The Last Hurrah (1958), 1776 (1972), and the continuation of MattHelm's Saturday morning Superman serial idea!

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