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Your favorite person in drag

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"Nope, Mongo, you're wrong, the ugliest 'woman' in drag was William Powell as in that movie when he played Myrna's aunt when her mother visited, the one where they were supposed to be getting a divorce and he's trying to get Myrna back, and a sweater thread got caught on the record player and unwound the sweater. It's amazing how sometimes movie names pop in my head like my own name, but others I can think for hours and not remember it. (senior moments, heck)"


Anne: I know what movie you are talking about! "Love Crazy" I saw it not too long ago and loved it. It is one of the funniest movies!

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I'd say Burt Lancaster, Nick Cravat and James Hayter in 1952's" The Crimson Pirate" they all dress like the "Single Women" of the Island. And Cravat trying to hide his beard behind a hand-fan. Good Fun.....



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My vote for ugliest would be Stallone in Cobra (1986), mustache and all. He is a cop and dresses as an old woman at the beginning of the film to catch a mugger. [That's not a spoiler since it's at the beginning of the movie.] I think it was probably his best movie other than Rocky #1.

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"It's a sick thing and I really believe they need a psychiatrist. Sorry it's just not funny and very distasteful to me."


I presume that the "sick thing" you're referring to is transvestism, but movie plotlines rarely involve transvestites or dressing in drag for pleasure. Rather, they are in hiding from the mob (Some Like It Hot), in need of a chaperone (Charley's Aunt) or living during a period when women weren't allowed on stage (Shakespeare in Love). Classic Hollywood apparently agrees with you, as the drag characters in their films rarely do so because they want to, but rather are forced by circumstances. In fact, it's the character's discomfort which is intended to add to the comedy (I Was a Male War Bride).

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> Here's a photo of Lionel Barrymore in Tod Browning's

> The Devil-Doll (1936). The story goes that he caught

> a glimpse of himself in the mirror and yelled out,

> "My God, it's Ethel!"


I'll second your choice of Lionel Barrymore in Devil Doll.

That's one scary lookin' granny!

Devil Doll is coming to DVD October 3rd as part of the

Hollywood Legends of Horror box set.

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