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You know. . . .


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. . . .that when there is a storm in a movie and there are people in a room, or even when there is only one person in a room, a window will blow open just after a bolt of lightning and thunder, startling the people, or person in the room, because all windows in movies when there are storms are the French door type of window which can blow open, and then someone will go over and close the window, though I don't know why they bother, because if it blew open before, it will blow open again, but maybe they do know something, because the window never blows open again after it's been shut.


. . . .that when someone comes into a room, say, in a movie, and someone has been killed in it, and the murder weapon is there near the body, the person that came in the room will immediately go over the the gun, or the knife, or the bludgeon, or whatever, and pick it up so that their fingerprints will get all over it, though I have no idea why they would do that, because if I walked into a room and I saw a dead body in it and I did not faint right away, I would immediately turn and walk out of the room and go very far away.


. . . .that when someone is running away in a movie, they will invariably stop, turn around, and look behind them to make sure that whoever is chasing them is still there, though I can't understand why they would do that, because if someone, or someones (is that a word?), is/are chasing me, I would just run as fast as I could, because the whole idea is to get away.

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You know.........................................


That whenever anyone watching a movie covers his/her eyes so the images on the screen can't be seen this is pointless when the characters talk about  what is on the screen so you till know it is there...


like in Badlands where there is a huge pet spider in a cage that Cato owns and Sissy's character asks about the spider....


But you watch the movie anyway because you are a fan of Martin Sheen and want to see everything he ever did....


which is also why you saw Apocalypse Now Redux twice on the big screen and own the dvd even though watching the violent scenes makes you feel sick

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You Know....


That when a woman wearing high heels is being chased in a film, she will:

(a.) Break a heel

(b.) Break or sprain an ankle

(c.) Fall

(d.) Get Caught by the Villain(s)

(e.) Any mix/All of the Above


You Know....


In Disaster movies, when there is Meaningful Dialogue, That Cues:

(a.) The Volcano to erupt

(b.) Earthquakes to begin

(c.) The Ship in question to Meet with Disaster(s)

(d.) The Earth to be knocked off its' axis, and all **** will soon break loose

(e.) The Swarm to hit the town

(f.) The Meteor to hit Earth

(g.) All other natural disasters to Begin


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