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HOLLYWOODS Mt. Rushmore???


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(*-A.M.P.A.S. winning star) Noted above is what I have thought for over 20 some years would actually be a very interesting topic/story. But should quite possible become an actual monument someday-(before they forget?) Thing is, as the Mt. Rushmore in N. or South Dakota, it would of course have to be limited to only (4 candidates to be erected!) & thats the most difficult part of all. You'd have to put aside personal favs. & think of the most influencial heavyweights in the history of Tinsel-Town-(when I was out there I even grew closer to such an idea, seeing it somewhere if possible between "Griffith Park 0bservatory" & the actual Hollywood sign itself!?) It should happen & this crowd on TCM is the finest judge-(not that we'd have any say in the matter, but it's fun kickin' it around anyway) Now most have favsorites & all Mine of course being *"The Great: SPENCER TRACY!" But even though he's thought of by a massive-majority of his peers as the actor's actor. Would not be on my list?

I recall a few yrs. ago & it's still being kicked around. About Ronald Reagan actually being added to the legendary mountain-(most notably to film-buffs via: "North by Northwest") But whom deserves to be on the fictional mountain-Looming above Hollywood, like the sign itself?



(Top 2 male candidates):


*"The King of Hollywood: CLARK GABLE"-(NOTE: a tight race in my book between he & *"THE DUKE" JOHN WAYNE!) Deciding factor! *GABLE was officially voted "The King" by actual movie fans in a 1938 survey. Plus I can just see his image up there, chiseled into rock above the city he was named "King" of.


(My Top 2 female candidates):

Greta Garbo-(NOTE: I know there will be some that don't agree with Garbo & especially if they did build such a monument? But it's also the mystique of it all & there would probably be a ground swell for both *BETTE DAVIS & Marilyn. As I said, very tough to decide.)

*KATHARINE HEPBURN-(Reason being for *KATE is obvious. OSCAR CHAMPION>(4 all for leading actress) & she's instantly recognizable around the globe as well)

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Man, man o man! I am a wee-bit "stunned" that nobody even had a vote on this idea-(I HOPE THAT SOMEDAY SOON IT'S A REALITY???) By the way I spoke with someone whom as I figured a little, that Marilyn Monroe-(1926-62) should certainly be (1) of the (2) female(s) on the mountain! & for those of you whom don't know this? I had no idea either until I first went out there? Burbank the home of Warner Bros.-(best tour of all!)/ Walt Disney Studios-(not theme park! That's in Anaheim 44 miles north)/ NBC & Universal City Studios, are all over the other side of the Hollywood sign mountain?

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Spencer - I agree that the choices should be all time favs, not personal favs. For the guys, John Wayne and Clark Gable are good choices, but Cary Grant and Humphrey Bogart would also be VERY strong contenders. In fact, in an Entertainment Weekly poll, Bogie was named the #1 star of all time.

As for the gals, Bette Davis and Katherine Hepburn would probably be the best choices. Marilyn would probably be picked, but she wasn't a GREAT actress, she is really more of an icon, because of her personality, untimely death, etc.

Unfortunately, in today's society Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts would probably be chosen, since most of the general public doesn't recognize the greats of the past. I for one wouldn't want to see it built, simply because the choices would be unfair based on public taste.

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1.) Clark Gable

2.) either Humphrey Bogart or maybe perhaps even Errol Flynn?

3.) Greta Garbo

4.) Bette Davis

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Thank you for posting moviejoe & my pal antarcticexile as well! However I disagree with you on the likes of a Tom Cruise,etc ever even being nominaed for such a monument! & even though I am an AFI member & all. I do disagree with them frequently-(NOTE: Like last evening & yet another "100 yrs," special) But I do think they would fear a massive backlash to no cite Golden Age Heavyweights that pretty-much defined the entire industry & or town. By the way you were correct on *BOGEY being voted by "EW." But the forementioned AFI also in it's finest of those specials "100yrs...100 Stars" Voted he & *KATHARINE HEPBURN both #1 of all-time. I feel so strongly on this matter I personally feel a petition drive of some sorts should be an idea! Cinema & It's history, are such a crossover global metaphor for society, culture of the time, place,etc. It's essentially our history as well. & the longer

they wait the less something of this magnitude becomes a reality! After all other countries like England, Paris, etc. Put up monuments of it's art/history,etc. It should not always just relate to politicians


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