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Who Said That? (Offscreen Quotes)


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This game has a very simple objective.  Name the star, or other movie-related personnel if you will, who is being quoted, not on screen but in real life.


To start, who said this:


“I have decided that when I am a star, I will be every inch and every moment a star.  Everyone from the studio gateman to the highest executive will know it.”

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Thank-you, Starliteyes.




Which director who worked with Cary Grant said of him:


"Two of the greatest performances ever given by an actor were Cary's in His Girl Friday and The Philadelphia Story.  Cary is not really appreciated for the remarkable actor that he was. He's thought of as a man who achieved a certain elegance and savoir faire. But in truth he was a fantastic actor."


Note: This director did not direct him in either of the above films.

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Yes, I am sorry Star. I have been offline for a full week.  That is correct. Stanley Donan directed him in Charade.


Congratulations on passing 10, 000 posts.

Thanks, ColumboFan.


Who said the following?  "I'm sick of guns and beating up women.  Movies should be entertaining, not bloodbaths."

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I think this was Katherine Hepburn talking about her co-stars in The Philadelphia Story: Cary Grant and James Stewart

That is a great guess! Unfortunately that's not who said it. 


Hint: A southern belle was quoted as saying this.

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