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Who Said That? (Offscreen Quotes)


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This one's a little different.  The quote is from one performer speaking to another before either one of them went into the movies.  Definite bonus points if you can name both performers.


"You all think I'm so wonderful.  You laugh at my jokes.  You think everything I do is marvelous.  Well, I can't get an audition on Broadway!  And when I do get one, they don't think I'm very funny.  I can't get a job that pays!  I may be a big frog in a little pond here, but I get turned down a lot."

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Hint:  The person speaking starred in a series of musicals for Samuel Goldwyn.  The person being spoken to had her film career derailed by the Communist scare in the 1950’s.  She would later go on to do a lot of work in television, especially in a couple of hit sitcoms.


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Thanks, DJ.  I'm a pretty simple person with simple needs, so $15 million is good enough for me! 





Next:  "A lot of people have asked me how short I am.  Since my last divorce,  I think I'm about $100,000 short."

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