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Cool for TCM now also including Leonard Maltin at "Classic Film Festival"


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  I like most have seen footage of TCM's Annual "Classic Film Festival"  being currently held at both "Grauman's Chinese Theatre" & just across H. Blvd at "The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel" & noticed you folks also included longtime movie critic, author,etc  Leonard Maltin-(l950-)

& I've corresponded w/Leonard, starting back around 1986 or so, though of course then via regular ol' mail  He even sent me his reply on his all-time top ten fav. movies & with "ET"-("Entertainment Tonight"  logo on the paper!0 which is actually shot on the original RKO Radio Studios side of the Paramount Pictures lot-(Melrose & Gower)  & Mr. Maltin's top ten were/are> (*-always indicates an *Academy (AMPAS) Award winner)


 *1. "Casablanca" (l943) (Warner Bros.)

   2. "Maltese Falcon" ('41) (WB's)

  3. "Kane" (l94l) (RKO)

  4. "Singin' In the Rain" ('52) (M-G-M)

  5. "The 39 Steps" ('35) (British)

  6. "Dumbo" ('41)-(Walt Disney/RKO)

  7. "His Girl Friday" ('40) (Columbia)-(which is still located very close & called "Sunset Gower Studios" thesedays)

  8. "A Night at the 0pera" ('35) (MGM)

  9. "King Kong" ('33) (Selznick/RKO)

10th "Modern Times" ('36) (United Artists)

& "Swing Time" ('36) (RKO)


& he's always listed *"The Little Tramp" Charles (Spencer) Chaplin (l889-l977) as his Idol

with Cary Grant (l904-=l986) & *James Stewart-(l908-97) as his runners-up


& for his fav. actresses>

 *1. Katharine Hepburn (l907-2003)

 *2. Bette Davis (l908-89)

& *3rd Audrey Hepburn (l929-93) as (ironically, in same order as "AFI's 1999 poll") of all-time female movie stars


& directors>

*Frank Capra (l897-l991) behind the camera


(P.S. I recall back around '88 or so when he was a guest on "Larry King's Radio Show" & Larry questioned Maltin about the newest on his list being 1952's "Singin' In the Rain"

For the record Larry King's all-time movie is>*"0n the Waterfront" (l954) & of actors> Marlon Brando-(l924-2004) but don't yet know LK's fav. ladies of the screen? :wub:





WHOOPS, I shoulda' listed ("THAT TCM INCLUDED") as opposed ("FOR TCM,etc")  on heading

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  & all should at least check out Maltin's 4 star website (www.leonardmaltin'smoviecrazy.com)

Unfortunately, he just couldn't $afford$ to still publish his annual movie guide book-(a mainstay for me starting around 1988)

He still has a classic movie guide, I think?

& this site, for some reason says it's his "new" one, but he had 1 w/same title on the net, for yrs. But, this one is truly improved & also covers  "Classic Hollywood/Movies" & "Current Releases"  Plus, a lotta' new features


(P.S. I've always liked his annual guide over Ebert's much larger movie book, main reason is Roger-(& the stunningly also already gone too soon  Gene Siskel=-(l946-99) always teased Roger about giving everything (4 stars!) :wacko:

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Leonard Maltin has always been a mainstay at the rare film convention Cinefest for over 25 years. He is not only a film historian, but a true film fan at heart.

I know some take him to task for the movie guide, but really, it's just a "guide" for the general population, I don't know what some expect. I think they are invaluable and absolutely understand how to read between the lines.


At festivals, Maltin is always gracious to all the film buffs that try impressing him with their vast film "knowledge" and those who ask for book inscriptions. He is truly a class act.


My favorite book of his is MOVIE CRAZY that covers more esoteric film subjects than general. It's full of his personal musings rather than "ratings".

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Maltin has been to almost all of the film festivals. He does a good job introducing films or interviewing. This past Saturday he and Christopher Reyna presented a fabulous two-hour program called "A Short History of Widescreen," which included excerpts from Abel Gance and from various examples of Cinerama, Cinemascope, Todd-A-O, VistaVision, and other widescreen formats.


Maltin is personable and approachable at the festivals.

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Maltin's gonna be there?


I'll have to miss since I have some very important shelf paper to be up in my kitchen cabinets.


I hope all who go enjoy themselves!

I use floor tile instead. Much more durable than paper. 

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