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inter-species love

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Just watch ISLAND OF LOST SOULS (which by the way needs a great restoration - Karl Struss's photography is thereal. In 1997 I saw a pristine print in Melbourne, and you all don't know what you are missing). Laughton plays the perfect camp-colonial sadist. As usual, definitely over-acts.


KONGO always amazes me.


TRADER HORN, with those "savages" about to cannibalize the lovely female lead (can't remember her name and too lazy to IMDB

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Edwina Booth is indeed the actresses name, and she caught a terrible disease in Africa while filming which left her bedridden for 5 years, some sources say 6 years, , Katherine Hepburn was warned about this before going to Africa to film THE AFRICAN QUEEN, I don't know the name of the disease, it is usually referred to as "jungle fever" but Hepburn talked about this and referred to Booth in : Dick Cavett: Katharine Hepburn Part 2,


She sued MGM which did not take her cables about the severity of the illness seriously,and recieved an out of court settlement in excess of 1 million $, for a depression era jury to consider an award of this magnitude, the evidence and expert medical opinions must have been striking,


fortunately she did eventually recover, (there were false rumors of her death, Hepburn seems to be under the impression the she died during the Cavett interview) but she lived until 1991 at the age of 86

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If you enjoyed Laughton as the "perfect camp-colonial sadist" in ISLAND OF LOST SOULS, you should check him out in WHITE WOMAN, another Paramount goodie from the same year. In this one, Carole Lombard is the object of his desire. A tough film to find, but very well worth the effort.

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