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10 Films That Everyone Loves But You Don't

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1- On Golden Pond 2- The Philadelphia Story 3-Lord of the Rings 4-Some Like it Hot 5-Yankee Doodle Dandy 6-Woman of the Year 7-The Sands of Iwo Jima 8-The Magnificent Ambersons 9-Little Caesar 10-For Whom the Bells Toll, and The Wild Bunch.

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1 harry potter

2 an american in paris

3 his girl friday

4 a farewell to arms

5 gunga din

6 charlie and the chocolate factory (Not to be confused with the fabulous but oh-so-forgotten willy wonka and the chocolate factory)

7 the producers

8 spider man

9 x-men (the whole superhero thing bugs me)

10 cold mountain

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> Rocky

> Lawrence Of Arabia

> The Godfather Trilogy

> The Searchers

> The Matrix

> Braveheart

> Dances With Wolves

> Top Gun

> Die Hard

> Rent


The Searchers is one of my favorite Westerns, second only to Fort Apache. The first two Godfathers were excellent, especially Part 2..

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This is so easy, go to imdb.com and click on their Top 250 Movies of All-Time. You'll find so many examples of "Films That Everyone Loves But You Don't" to choose from, that it'll boggle your mind and/or you'll quickly find the most overrated movies (of all-time?). For example,


17. Cidade de Deus (2002) - good, but come on

25. Memento (2000) - you're kidding, right?

29. Fabuleux destin d'Am?lie Poulain, Le (2001) - cute, but #29 of all-time???

32. Fight Club (1999) - ha

33. American Beauty (1999) - NO

38. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) - one of the worst movies I've ever seen

42. Untergang, Der (2004) - Haven't seen it yet

43. L?on (1994) - ditto

46. American History X (1998) - ditto again

47. The Pianist (2002) - and again

48. Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi (2001) - seen it, please gimme a break already


I think I've made my point ... that I haven't seen 4 of the top 50 films of all-time, LOL!


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"6. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"?


Everyone loves this? I thought I was the only one who loved it! It didn't seem to do well at the box office, and was ignored by the Academy. I was stunned that it wasn't even nominated for Best Art Direction. The sets, costumes, etc. were fantastic. I saw it on the IMAX screen and was positively wowed by it. Yet as I'd exit the theatre everyone would look into my kaleidescope eyes and say, "Eh, not so much..." So I had this on my "Movies that no one likes, yet I love" list.

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well, perhaps it tanked at the box office, but i thought it did well. maybe i'm in the popular vote after all! mr. burley if you haven't seen it, please watch the original! it's hard to tell in this one whether depp is footloose or just plain drunk (And i am definately a depp fan, don't get me wrong). just no comparison to the groovy gene wilder... i guess i just expected too much from tim burton.

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Please remember the theme of this thread, these are movies everyone raved about but I found wanting in one way or another. I actually came up with about 25, but whittled it down to the requested 10 - In no special order:


1. Long Days Journey into Night

2. The Producers

3 Gladiator

4. Lawrence of Arabia

5. Brokeback Mountain

6. Dr. Strangelove

7. Citizen kane

8. Clockwork Orange

9. Ed Wood

10. American Beauty.


Oddly, some of these movies I saw for the first time in the past two months, and they shot up to the top of my list immediately. In some cases, they were no-brainers, the words flowed off my pen like water, with barely any hard thinking.



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1. The Magificent Ambersons

2. The Deer Hunter

3. Intolerance (a movie no one loves but many feel they ought to)

4. Memento

5. Any Rocky movie with a number

6. The Old Dark House

7. Jules et Jim

8. Any and all Andy Hardy movies

9. Shane

10. Hammer Studio remakes from the 50's, 60's & 70's of Universal Studio classic monster movies from the 30's & 40's

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Oh, this is brilliant! Let's see if we can get past 3 pages without a fight.


The Graduate (I quote Gertrude Stein, "There is no there there")

Scarface (1983) (In theory an updating was an excellent idea, but DePalma bores me)

Shrek (mediocre animation - I didn't hate it, just think it's overrated)

Finding Neverland (great subject poorly written. Bad, but Oscar winning soundtrack)

Driving Miss Daisy (although I love all the actors in it)

Pillow Talk (It's a Doris Day thing, I try but...)

La Vita ? bella (Life Is Beautiful)

On Golden Pond (bad directing choices interfere with a fine movie)

The Great Dictator (yeah, I know - How dare I list Chaplin)

High Noon (I would've liked it if the villain had never arrived, "Beckett's High Noon")

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1. Lawrence of Arabia

2. Citizen Kane

3. Bringing up Baby

4. Waterloo Bridge

5. A Streetcar Named Desire

6. Safety Last!

7. Humoresque

8. China Seas

9. The Hurricane

10. The Wizard of Oz


I would rather chew a roll of tin foil than watch any of these films again.

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Looking at the imdb.com top 250 movie list I suspect that I would not like "The Shawshank Redemption," since I don't like Stephen King, but it's surprising how few on the list I really dislike.


I don't care for American History X (45), I thought Million dollar Baby (71) was overrated, as I did Fargo (106).


I strongly dislike Braveheart (95) and Crash (97, the 2005 film). Ben-Hur (121) is also not very high on my list.


Four others:




The Big Chill

A Beautiful Mind

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I consider myself to be a pretty open minded person when it comes to movies, but the first one that comes to mind is "2001: A Space Odyssey". I've tried to watch it--twice! But I just can't get past the first half hour or so.


Another movie I've never been a big fan of is "The Wizard of Oz." It's just never done anything for me.

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most musicals (stupid. people in real life don't just break into song)

E.T. (dumb)


Titanic (jack! rose! jack! rose!)

Harry Potter films

To Kill a Mockingbird (Zzzz. *snort* huh?)

The Godfather films

His Girl Friday

Clockwork Orange (in english please)

The Wizard of Oz (maybe while doing the Pink Floyd thing)

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Any Woody Allen Movie

The Godfather Movies

Clockwork Orange

Clint Eastwood's Westerns

Judy Garland Movies [except The Wizard Of Oz and A Star Is born!]


Jerry Lewis movies [ the ones without Dean Martin!]

The Producers

Cheaper By The Dozen [The Steve Martin ones!]

Pink Panther movies

To name a few!

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> DiCaprio's Titanic -- soooooo glad he became a

> Popsicle


> Most 'feel good' movies


> Most Robin Williams movies


> Most Jim Carrey movies


> I love this topic.


> :)


I respect your right to your opinion about Titanic, but I find your "popsicle" comment, which you've made in other threads, to be in very bad taste. It's too bad you can't state your opinion without making that tasteless remark.

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