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Wow Larry,


Sometimes the world really is a small place.


I was sitting in the hospital this afternoon in the surgical waiting room while my mother had surgery.


I looked up at the local news (!) and what was on but a piece about the Empress' reburial. There were shots of the processional down the street and inside the cathedral.


The whole time I was sitting there thinking "Which one of those guys is Larry?"


It looked like a wonderful ceremony but it also looked like, inside the cathedral, people had been standing for quite some time.


Love this thread by the way.

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Hi Lynn,


I was not at St. Isaac's as that is where everyone would have been standing for 3 hours during a long boring religious ceremony. I could have gone but with that many crowded in there and no air and standing -- no thank you........

In an Orthodox ceremony, you rarely get to sit down; that's why I boycott them like the plague!!!!


I was only at the other cathedral, where she was actually buried. It wasn't that crowded and wasn't very long - only an hour and a quarter.

There were TV and camera crews in there but I don't think they were filming me. They concentrated on the big guns!



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Larry, I just caught up with the last few days of postings here...it has been a wonderful read! I feel as though I was right there with you visiting all the beautiful palaces and museums. FABULOUS!


I am Serbian Orthodox so I grew up going to 2 hour services with with not much sitting down. I probably would've skipped that service, too. :)


I would love to take a trip to St. Petersburg someday. It's now on my travel wish-list after you described it so beautifully.


thanks Larry!


Sandy K

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Hi Sandy and Bill,


Thanks for the comments; I appreciate the appreciation (sounds like a song title!!)....


I'm now packing up. Didn't buy much here, only postcards and some small paintings (miniatures for presents).

Settled up all my tips for the chambermaids and the consierge, lots of kisses all round, even from the men (Russians are very affectionate).

So, I'm on my way tomorrow - Frankfurt then Calgary.


Hope all this hasn't been boring and redundant. Hope I've been of some use teacher-wise...



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Larry, your travel descriptions have not been boring or redundant. In fact, they've been colorful and educational at the same time. Some of us have even gotten a renewed interest in Russian history. Your descriptions were so vivid. When I looked at Yahoo's photo coverage of the reburial it just matched up with everything you had already written to us. Many thanks, and have a good trip home to Canada.

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Hi Dolores,


Oh brother!! if I was supposed to meet LC in Russia, I completely forgot..... I'm answering this at 30,000 feet over the North Pole, and haven't access to my daytimer at home. If I've made a social blunder with him, I may have to jump out and beg the polar bears to put an end to my disgrace!!!!



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Hello Kiddies,


I'm home!! Landed safely - - - I landed the big 767 myself!!! (I have swamp land in Florida for sale for any of you who believed that!!)........


Sailed through security and customs no problem. Really a nice trip back over the Pole. Semi babysat a 6 year old boy, who's mother had a newborn to look after. The kid, Maurice, was the politest and best behaved kid on Earth; a joy to know. I read his books to him and answered every "Why?" question he had. Do you all know there are 2 million, 700 thousand of them!!!!!!!! I was exhaused.

He wanted to know all about my laptop - of all the people on Earth to ask, he picked me, foolish boy.......

When I came on this board he wanted to know who everybody was and his eyes lit up like beakons when I mentioned "Mongo". He thinks you're neat.

He then had to go to the bathroom at the back of the plane because ours at the front was busy and recited Mongo, Mongo, Mongo all the way down.

So Mongo, you are again known around the world thanks to me.. Sorry!




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