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Hey RockyRoad! What's Going On?

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I see you are in the process of "erasing" your entire posting history from the Message Boards by editing your old posts. Wanna tell us why?


I ask, not so much out of curiosity, as to bring to your attention the chaos it will bring to the boards as the most current threads will be end up being buried deep in the Forums. If you are determined to erase all 500+ postings you have made to these Boards, it is your perogative and I have no desire to stop you. But I wanted to bring to your attention the effect on some of the rest of us with this systematic expunging of your writings.


Are you running for public office and afraid these thoughts will be used against ya?


Kyle In Hollywood

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The boards really are in a mess because of this. According to the number of posts next to his name, RR will probably be deleting over 500 posts. I think it is going to be useless trying to post anything important to the boards until this is all done because our threads will likely be gone with the wind.

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What a mess this board is! But in a way, I'm glad you started this thread. I thought something weird was happening to my computer or browser. I almost started to panic!


Is there any way to figure out what latest threads have been updated and not edited?

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Hey sugarpuss -


I don't know what to tell ya about tracking the more current threads. I tried to use the "watch thread" option on the page of each thread but, from what I can tell, all that does is change the icon on the thread listing and send you the newest posts to the thread to your email address. Learning that is what happens, I cancelled that option right away.


If anyone has any idea how to bring some coherence to this situation, please share it with the rest of us.


Kyle In Hollywood

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I think RockyRoad is gone! I hope for good. I told ya anyone who comes to cause trouble won't last long here. But there always comes someone to take their place but at least the as***** won't last long. They come on here for entertainment but as I said let them type to themselves and ignore them, they'll go away. Don't let them use to get their kicks because they have a miserable life! Let's celebrate his departure! YIPEE!

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Hope I didn't cause any additional commotion by disappearing.

I had to step away for a few days.

I haven't logged on since early Sunday.


I commend those who tried to reign in 'the general'

when he seemed out of control. There's no place for him

or a predator like "what's his name" on these boards.



Take care all, J

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