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Trump's Biggest Whoppers

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58 minutes ago, jakeem said:

Lock his crooked. A AS up!!!   And all of his grifter in-laws, ripping the country off for their personal gain, and endangering our security in the process.

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2 hours ago, hamradio said:


She need to get the passport photo upgraded.  The photo absolutely does not look like her. :huh:


Shoot, if that was a driver license with the same issue, the cop wouldn't think the same thing?


Come on now.  You expect a 9 year old to know she needed to update her picture?!?  The passport card doesn't need to be updated when you're a child for 5 years; it's 10 for adults.  Again, how would she know that, and even if she did, she cannot do it herself at that age.  So she is being held unreasonably for something that didn't need to be done.  Btw, children that age are not issued drivers licenses.  

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1 hour ago, Bogie56 said:
The Post Most
Share:  c8e343e61ebbcb4d05d692894aa1eef7-100-105-70-8-twittertpm.png   945a5bc3c921e3a755009a0e67671ebe-100-110-70-8-fbtpm.png Sign up Read online
(Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post)
Homeless, living in a tent blocks from the U.S. Capitol — and working full-time
The rise of tent encampments is changing the face of American homelessness. Inside one, Monica Diaz struggles to keep her full-time job — and her dignity.
By Terrence McCoy


There have been many local news stories about the ever expanding tent "city" in nearby Gainesville, Florida, home of the University of Florida. The tent city (which is what they actually call it) has created massive sanitation problems, as well as being a hotbed of crime and drug abuse. It's several acres in size. 

Even in my relatively small town, there have been stories in the paper lately about sizable homeless camps springing up underneath interstate overpasses, creating trash problems as well as the attendant health and safety risks.

And all during the "greatest economy this nation has ever known".

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17 hours ago, jakeem said:

Trump's caddy, a 60-something ex-Marine named A.J., is so loyal that if someone criticizes Trump, he’ll fight him—and has



All crime bosses have a guy like this hanging around them. Don't ever say anything really nasty about the Donald near these guys or you'll wind up with a horse head in your bed.

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BREAKING: In a tweet, President Trump has ordered the US Treasury Dept.’s newly announced North Korea-related sanctions to be rescinded because, the White House says, "President Trump likes" Kim Jong Un “and he doesn’t think these sanctions will be necessary.”



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Fire, Ready, Aim:

1) Treasury Dept. rolled out new sanctions on North Korea Thursday

2) President Trump reversed them today

3) Good example of the lack of policy coordination, strategy and message discipline that sets the administration apart from others

White House rolls out sanctions against a Venezuelan bank and four "subsidiary banks" it says are used by President Maduro (who U.S. no longer recognizes) as slush funds

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John Harwood Retweeted Donald J. Trump

full-year 2018 growth was 2.9%, says govt Bureau of Economic Analysis

that was highest since 2.9% in 2015

4-quarter growth is measure Trump cites here

Q4-Q4 2018 was highest since 3.3% in Q2-Q2 2015

4-quarter growth topped 3% 4 times under Obama, peaking at 3.8% in Q1-Q1 2015

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Justin Wolfers Retweeted Donald J. Trump

This is the first genuinely bad Trump pick for the Fed. But make no mistake: It's a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad pick. He hasn't gotten a thing right in twenty years, (check the record), and the Senate should not confirm him.

Here's my challenge to any informed voter of any partisan leaning: Call your favorite economist. Whether they're left, right, libertarian or socialist, none of them will endorse Stephen Moore for the Fed. He's manifestly unqualified.

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